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CryptoKitties are Being Auctioned Off to Support Charity

CryptoKitties, a blockchain-supported game where players collect and trade cute, one-of-a-kind digital felines have become widely popular, and now that enthusiasm could help make the world a better place.

This month, a brand new CryptoKitty called Honu went up for auction on the site 32 Auctions as part of a real-life charity fundraiser held at the Blockchain Summit, an invite-only event presently taking place in Morocco. Honu is half-cat, half-turtle, and it’s the first CryptoKitty specifically created to benefit a charitable cause,  in this case, ocean and wildlife conservation.

All proceeds from the sale of Hony will benefit Ocean Elders and Actai Global, two nonprofits that will use the money for conservation efforts. The winning bidder had the chance to pay in either crypto or fiat currency.

This isn’t the first time CryptoKitties have gone up for auction in the name of charity. In April, Bella’s Kitty Den (BKD), the username of a fourth-grade fan of CryptoKitties and her father, launched Kitties for a Cause (K4C), a cryptoKitties community-led charity effort. In the midst of the campaign, anyone could donate a CryptoKitty from their personal collection to K4C, which then auctioned off the digital animals online. By the end of the drive, K4C raised over $15,000 for Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Although still relatively new, blockchain is already having an impact on how nonprofits raise and manage funds. Currently, people around the world can donate their computer’s processing power to mine crypto to raise money for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Because the blockchain is transparent and secure, it’s also helping nonprofits make sure that donors’ contribution goes where they’re supposed to and not into the hands of corrupt officials.

As Larry Lieberman, CEO of Charity Navigator, a company that evaluates nonprofits, explained to Bloomberg, blockchain will be one of the most important transformations of international relief efforts, without any question. These efforts will be completely updated because of the blockchain technology.


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