Lockheed Martin Develops a Lunar Habitat Prototype for NASA’s Lunar Gateway

At their Cape Canaveral, Florida-based facility, Lockheed Martin has developed a lunar habitat prototype for NASA’s Lunar Gateway, which is scheduled to launch by 2024, according to the Denver Business Journal.

In the fall of 2019, NASA intends to award a contract to build the Gateway platform, which will function as a command center or outpost for astronauts to perform robotic lunar missions from the moon’s orbit.

Talking about the Lunar Gateway habitat, Rob Chambers, executive in charge of strategy and business development for human spaceflight at Lockheed’s space business, said that rather than seeing it as a destination, it should be thought of like an airport.

Chambers added that in some ways, the Gateway is an extension of Orion that sits at the moon where we go and dock to it.

The report stated that in March, NASA intends to choose a vendor to develop the Gateway’s solar electric power and propulsion system, which should deploy in 2022.

Finally, NASA requested industry feedback on cargo delivery requirements for the lunar habitat in October a month after it issued the final solicitation for the Gateway’s propulsion element.