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Orbit Logic: Software for mission planning, scheduling, & space situational awareness

Orbit Logic is a company that Asgardia has been watching for some time now. The company programs software for mission planning, scheduling, and space situational awareness. Now in its growth stage, Orbit Logic is celebrating its 5th year being awarded a spot on the Inc. 5000 list, with a rating of #3864. The Inc. 5000 list is a ranking of the fastest-growing private firms in America and being included on the list makes Orbit Logic a definite company to watch in Aerospace, scheduling, and software.

Orbit Logic supports analysis and operations for aerial/satellite imaging and space/ground networking. Their operationally proven software products create better plans faster with fewer resources, more insight, and less risk.  The software is highly configurable for desktop, web, mobile, and onboard and supports analysis and operations for domains including aerial/satellite imaging and space/ground networking.

For over 15 years, Orbit Logic has developed and deployed advanced mission planning and scheduling solutions. Orbit Logic’s operationally proven COTS products include Collection Planning & Analysis Workstation (CPAW), STK Scheduler, Order Logic web app, UAV Planner, SpyMeSat and SpyMeSatGov mobile apps, and Autonomous Planning System (APS) flight software. These products have demonstrated Orbit Logic’s expertise in aerospace planning and scheduling across a variety of platforms and domains.

Orbit Logic prides itself on the flexibility built into their technology with the ability for mission planners, engineers, and operators to define and configure systems, constraints, and scheduling goals. A suite of high-performance algorithms quickly calculates a deconflicted plan for even the largest of scheduling problems. The execution ready plans can be visualized with 2D and 3D map displays or integrated via file or programmatic API for near real-time, mid-range, or long-range planning. Any level of automation can be specified with Orbit Logic solutions to support a variety of operations concepts for any mission phase.

Orbit Logic services enhance the mission planning and scheduling software. Services include mission specific software product configuration, product integration, program specific algorithm development and tuning, custom user interface and report development, process flow customization, project specific add-ons and new feature development, mission planning consulting and analysis, operations concept definition, automation refinement, and scheduling scenario development.

The strength of their solutions is in Orbit Logic’s planning software expertise and the unsurpassed capabilities of Orbit Logic’s base scheduling software. Programs use Orbit Logic scheduling software because of the unique ability to break down, validate, deconflict, and optimize a configurable and extensible space based scheduling problem. Their value proposition lies in the strength of their COTS software products and their extensive experience working closely with integrators and end users to build turnkey mission planning solutions based on these products.  ​​

Asgardia will certainly continue to watch Orbit Logic closely as they continue to develop their unique Aerospace software.  


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