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Startup Friday. Week 03.08-10.08

Startup companies can significantly impact economic growth. Often startups help create more jobs, and of course, more employment means a stronger economy. Not to mention that startups can often foster the next big innovation and transform the cities they operate in.

Asgardiais always interested in researching and promoting startup companies that could help them further their goal of setting up habitable platforms in low-Earth orbit and ensuring the peaceful use of space today. Thus, today’s theme examines four intriguing startups related to space, technology, and blockchain.

HyBird is a London-based technology and drone company that specializes in autonomous industrial inspections using AI on highly-tolerant uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) fit for extreme environments, where it is unsafe for humans to go.

This technology could help Asgardia as they aim to create a space nation open to all with habitable platforms on low-Earth orbit. As it could scope out potentially dangerous places in space and help keep Asgardians safe. 

While HyBird develops both hardware and software to deliver autonomous extreme environment inspections, another startup that could help Asgardia accomplish their goals is JetSpecie. 

JetSpecie aims to create a space launch system by conducting an initial coin offering (ICO) to raise the necessary funds. The first phase of the JetSpecie’s project will issue JetSpecie tokens which are based on the Ethereum platform. Phase two will be using the funds from the ICO to build the space launch system, and phase three will be the actual launch. 

The best part of JetSpecie’s goal is that they aim to always provide the service of deployment of the fixed weight of payload delivered to standard Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Meaning 1 JetSpecie = 10 kg to LEO, and this could help Asgardia lower the cost of bringing supplies to space. 

Meanwhile, another startup that could help Asgardia move closer to their objectives is Infinite Foundry, located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They are the first cloud platform where users can 3D design and virtually test a product directly from the browser. The company offers two primary services Simulation as a Service and Design as a Service, in addition to 3D scanning services that accurately map the entire planet using 360º laser scanning, and handheld laser scanning for areas that are difficult to access. 

Lastly, founded in August 2013 by Dr. Ir. Bert Monna, Dr. Ir. Steven Engelen, and Drs. Cor in’t Veld, Hyperion Technologies B.V. is an independent company, which builds products mainly for small spacecraft. The company is based in Delft, Netherlands and aims to deliver high-performance ADCS and related systems, in addition to spin-out products including miniaturized payloads, as well as payload processing platforms, which could obviously be of use to Asgardia in setting up habitable platforms in low-Earth orbit and ensuring the peaceful use of space for all.