Asgardian Residence: Everything You Need to Know About it in 2020

What do residents of Asgardia get? The benefits, privileges and the opportunity to participate in the life of the first Space Nation

About the Nation of Asgardia

Asgardia is the first Space Nation that seeks to ensure the peaceful use of outer space, protect Earth from extra-terrestrial threats, and create a generally accessible scientific knowledge base in space. The long-term goal of Asgardians is to learn how to live outside Earth by creating the first settlements in space and on the Moon.

Anyone can contribute to the achievement of these lofty goals by becoming a Resident of Asgardia. Thanks to the Residence fees, Asgardia can focus on its three key priority areas: the establishment of nationhood, the creation of projects in the field of science and technology, and the strengthening of Asgardia's economy.

Residency of Asgardia. Fundamental Principles

The amount of annual residence fee is 100 euros. Upon payment, a citizen of any state becomes a resident of the Nation of Asgardia and is granted the following basic rights: the right to vote in Asgardia’s elections and be elected to Asgardia’s bodies; the right to work and start a business in Asgardia. Residents of Asgardia can also take advantage of the benefits that this status gives (for more details, see the section "What opportunities Residency gives").

Each Resident of Asgardia receives an Asgardian ID card, which serves as a multifunctional document with a QR code.

In the future, Residents of Asgardia may become Citizens of the first Space Nation. Applications for Citizenship are to be considered in accordance with the procedure in which applicants acquire Resident status. Citizenship is obligatory for full-fledged participation in the life of the Space Nation of Asgardia.

The application for Resident status begins with filling out the Application Form, in which the applicant submits their personal data.

The identification of Asgardia's residents will be carried out using mobile biometric identification systems in the representative hubs, which will open in 26 countries.

You can find step-by-step instructions on how to become a resident here.

What opportunities does Resident status give?

You will be the first to receive the passport of a Citizen of the first Space Nation.

Residents of Asgardia will be recognized as Citizens of the state as a priority. The number of Residents in Asgardia is limited, and not everyone will be able to get this status.

Bilateral agreements with other countries that recognize Asgardia as an independent state will make travel with Asgardian documents feasible. Be the first in line for an Asgardian passport!

You can make decisions and build a political career in Asgardia

A Resident of Asgardia may be elected to the state bodies of Asgardia and influence the future of the Nation. Residents can also take part in the voting.

Create relationships within our community

There are more than 1200 residents of Asgardia today and more than 1 million people — Asgardians — share its goals. These people are the social elite — people who see prospects for years to come, hold important posts in state bodies, own businesses, work in senior positions in large companies. You can establish contacts with the most successful and forward-thinking people from around the world.

Participate in events

Get tailored access to all Asgardian events. Every year we hold conventions, exhibitions, meetings around the world, uniting businessmen and investors, scientists and students, people of art and show business.

Start a business

Presently, Dr Igor Ashurbeyli, the Head of the Asgardian Nation, is approving a package of documents on Asgardia’s franchises in various areas and corresponding draft license agreements. They will be presented to the new government, which will be formed by November 1, 2020. Later on, authorized representatives of Asgardia among its Residents will get the right to implement franchises. They will be able to use the Asgardia brand in their projects.

Carry out scientific research

Residents have the right to submit for consideration of Minister of Science of Asgardia any research projects that they would like to carry out in close cooperation with the Government of Asgardia and other residents of the state.

Asgardia's plans: how will the nation be developing?

Asgardia is set out for comprehensive development in various areas — including scientific research, strengthening the economy, opening up diplomatic missions in other countries, and much more. We want to share some of our plans with you.

Scientific research and the birth of the first child in space

Scientists from all over the world are working together to achieve Asgardia's main goal – the birth of the first human child in space. Asgardia's economy is funding this study. With becoming a Resident, you are helping pave the way for life in space.

26 new regional hubs of Asgardia

We plan to open 26 regional hubs of Asgardia in different countries around the world. Pick up your Resident ID card and you will be able to meet with representatives of Asgardia and discuss the latest scientific breakthroughs, get involved in local activities and buy Asgardia’s exclusive merchandise for Residents.

National currency

Residents of Asgardia can obtain its currency — the Solar —  for the services they provide. Are you a scientist, a lawyer, an entrepreneur? Share your skills with other Asgardians and earn Solars for your work. Solars can be used both for paying the annual Residence fee, and for services among Residents of Asgardia. The national currency can also be converted to euros at a stable rate of 1:1!

Making connections

Business and science should be pursued side by side. Asgardia connects researchers with investors, and scientists with representatives of the space industry. We organize international events (for example, ASIC — the Asgardia Space Science and Investment Congress), which bring together experts in the field of astronautics, physiology, aerospace engineering, molecular biology and space law. Our goal is to build a better future for humanity.

Space law

Asgardia is creating a common framework of space law for all of humanity. Together with the world's best experts, Asgardian legislators are drafting laws that ensure the peaceful use of outer space. In 2021, Asgardia will hold its first Congress on Space Law. We invite you to join this historic event!

Volunteer Center

We can only reach our goals by working together. Asgardia welcomes active people who are willing to work for the future. Volunteers help build our nation faster. Join us and make the world a better place. Volunteers can apply for the status of honorary Residents of Asgardia.

You can apply to the Volunteer program via email at or on Asgardia’s official Discord server!

Become a Resident