Chairman Lembit Öpik met with Asgardian Members of Parliament

On Saturday 21 July in Istanbul, Asgardia’s Chairman of Parliament Lembit Öpik met with Asgardian Members of Parliament from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran, and Morocco. As the Austrian government refused to grant these thirteen elected MPs travel visas to attend the first Parliamentary session as well as the Inauguration of the Head of Nation last month, Mr. Opik traveled to Turkey to verify their identities and welcome them into office.

Members of Parliament had the opportunity to discuss the Asgardian Act of Acts and Act of Citizenship which were adopted by the majority of the Asgardian Parliament on June 24, 2018 in Vienna. They also cast their votes for the newest piece of legislation before Parliament, the Law on Parliament.

It was crucial to meet with these dedicated Members of Parliament in person as they represent large populations of Asgardian residents and their ideas and opinions must be taken into account.

For the MPs who attended the meeting in Istanbul, this session was also an opportunity to get to know Mr. Öpik personally and to hear about his plans for the future work of Parliament.

During the meeting, Mr. Öpik briefed the MPs on the last session, discussed his current duties as Chairman and introduced both the Supreme Justice, Mr. Yun Zhao and Head of Government, Ms. Ana Mercedes Diaz. 

Sharing their first in-person impressions of a Parliamentary meeting, MPs noted the importance of direct communication with each other and the Chairman of Parliament. The MPs in attendance will be working together with the rest of supreme legislative body of Asgardia, including attending its future sessions with the help of remote access.The MPs also took the opportunity to discuss their involvement in the future activities of Parliament.

"We have always been sure that Asgardia is a great idea, but now we have seen with our own eyes that this is really so," the Parliamentarian Seref Kaplan from Antalya, Turkey expressed.

Discussing the importance of the meeting, Mr. Opik noted, “Even though Earthly geopolitics have made it difficult for Asgardia’s Parliament to meet all together in person, we are making sure that every Asgardian Member of Parliament is accounted for and heard. We refuse to accept that Earthly boundaries will keep us from working together in building the first space nation.

The Chairman of Parliament also expressed his confidence in the commitment of the MPs in attendance, saying “I’m impressed at the engagement that we’ve had here today from our MPs. I’m ready to see what we can accomplish for Asgardia together.”

The MPs who attended the session represented a wide range of different professions and experiences, united by a common desire to help build the first ever space nation. Despite the obstacles presented by the current geopolitical landscape, the Asgardian Parliament will continue to push forward with its development to make sure the best interests of all Asgardians are truly considered.