'I know my efforts in Asgardia are helping evolve humankind,' — Cheryl Gallagher, MP

Okay, it’s time for a Heart to Heart chat, dear humans...

This week has been one of the extreme contrasts here on planet Earth, with demonstrations of supreme achievement and severe suffering, savage primitive behavior and highest ideals of honor and sacrifice, sickness and health, war and peace, chaos and serenity, love and hatred, all on stark and dramatic display, all at once.   Global humanity has rarely been more challenged on so many levels, just as they triumph and overcome on others.  It is a remarkable time to be alive, (presuming one can stay alive in the current environment).  

And yet, just like the proverbial silver lining in dark turbulent clouds, there remain glimmers of hope for humanity.  That’s what the successful Nasa/SpaceX launch and ISS docking mean to me, in the context of our future in Asgardia, our space nation.  

The NASA /SpaceX launch and successful docking was a grand step closer to our future, and just the way we envision it here in Asgardia, our intention of a collaborative peaceful sustainable settlement of humankind in space.  Such a demonstration of supreme teamwork, care, attention, competence, focus, innovation, and excitement we also rarely see but always aspire to be.  There was no focus at all on people’s differences in that time and place, we observers of the launch were all fully committed to the success of this manned US NASA SpaceX joint mission and the safety and welfare of Bob and Doug. So very happy for their success.

On the other hand, on behalf of my colleagues, I would also like to express the utmost condolences and sympathy for those in suffering right now, very many people in the world today, all the people, not just the ones in the headlines but also all the still forgotten and neglected in the world, the silent sufferers.  They are not forgotten.

As our Head of Administration Lena De Winne says, Asgardia is a grand sociological experiment.  We are building a unique and new evolved social structure, aspiring to attain the highest principles of “One Humanity, One Unity”, building our societal infrastructure to eliminate racism, sexism, all the negative “isms” that are rocking our earth right now.  We don’t want or need those, we aspire to leave it all behind in favor of the exhilarating aspects of positive unity observed during yesterday’s Endeavor.

Is this easy to achieve? No. No, its not.  It’s a challenge every day.  Language, cultural differences, life experience differences, differences of opinion etc, etc, it’s a long list.

Do we know everything there is to know and have it all figured out?  No, of course not, but we’re totally working on it!

You know what, though?  We in our global digital parliament are evolving the principles humanity needs and Asgardia aspires.  Whether its our MP’s out there personally fighting Covid -19 around the world, inventing technologies that save lives, or designing our unique business and economic structures, collaborating with space institutions and those of social justice and governance, voting into law our Citizen’s Bill of Rights, now codified by our Head of Nation, as well as all our many areas of “construction” we are truly contributing to humanity’s societal as well as scientific progress within Asgardia.

We are growing our unique culture and identity, and we have no room for the strife of our shortcomings. If there is any starker reality than what is being currently displayed, it is the need to and the possibility of evolving fully out of this mess we’re in.

It will be two years this month that we are a parliament together, and I can say I really feel like we’ve grown into a fantastic, interesting, respectful global group of human beings, truly dedicated to our mission’s success, humankind’s life in space, holding that lofty vision always.   I really enjoy all my colleagues, we have such a unique friendly camaraderie, we are doing some great work and though some might observe us from the outside, and think that what we do is boring to them, I can say I’ve never had a more engaging and fascinating time in my life as my tenure here in Asgardia’s parliament, (and I’ve done some really interesting things in my lifetime!)  We have been working straight through the recent crises, without a hitch since we are already digital,

I know my efforts here in Asgardia are helping actually evolve humankind, in a real and substantial way, that’s what keeps me going here in Asgardia.  That’s a real legacy to aspire to, just as all those who contributed to yesterday’s successful mission have. What is fascinating is that we are not competing with any business, state or entity in space, we aspire to collaborate and become an integral part of these next steps for humankind’s future, and so we celebrate all peaceful space achievements, as it is aligned with our own mission.

So, this wasn’t the original point of this post, but since you are interested enough to be reading this and you are still here, consider taking the steps to join us in parliament. By-elections are coming, and we need you, we’d love to get to know you and embrace you in our mission for humankind’s ultimate success.   If you are not old enough for parliament, consider becoming a mayor of your city or town, be a part of shaping that role for Asgardia’s future.  The foundations of a new space culture are being formed right now, and you really can be part of it.  It doesn’t matter what part of the world you are from, or any personal attributes save those skills you bring to contribute to Asgardia’s success, along with your positive, intelligent, forward-thinking and patient attitude. ( PS Not strictly required, but since our working language is English, you will have an easier and more engaging experience in parliament if you have a working knowledge of English. Just sayin’.) Sound like you?  If so, you have a future here if you choose it.

At a minimum, you can actively become a part of and support Asgardia’s mission and future success by at least becoming a Resident of Asgardia. Yes, various interesting digital amenities are being designed for our active residents, but the real reason to join is to take your place in this visionary and peaceful mission that is Asgardia.  

I just felt like reaching out to you all, after such a triumphant and terrible week we have been through on planet earth.  Please feel free to contact me back, and even better, please feel free to get involved through all our many opportunities to do so.  No matter who you are, or where you live, if you believe in working for the future of mankind in space, you are welcome here.