Candidate for Mayor David Gandil: " Asgardia must be a nation where citizens were happy to live in freedom and peace"

Asgardia is electing its mayors, and today we are continuing our series of interviews with the election participants. We will talk with the different candidates for mayor from different countries around the world. We do not specifically select candidates to be interviewed; any candidate who would like to tell about themselves and their campaign to the entire nation of Asgardia has now this opportunity.   Contact us via email at, with the subject line "interview" and your interview can be the next one. 

Today we glad to introduce to you Mr. David Gandil - the candidate for Asgardia’s mayor from Angers, France. 

- Tell us about yourself; who you are; why did you become a resident of Asgardia?

- My name is David, I'm a father, I'm 24 years old and I live next to Angers (in France).

I am a volunteer in lot of associations (scouts, religious and military order, safeguard of castel ...) and I'm a bodyguard of a France's Prince. Passionate about poetry, history, genealogy, mysteries and religions, I'm interested by the spatial origin of the Humanity and by the theory of the Hollow Earth.

Descendant of a king of France, my family tree goes back to 10.000 years ago, before Jesus Christ. I am descendent (according to legend) of Annunaki's gods, Egyptian's gods, Greek's gods and Nordic's gods (like Odin, a god and king of Agartha/Asgard).

- Why have you decided to run for the position of Mayor?

Asgardia must be a nation where citizens were happy to live in freedom and peace. A Nation outside the Earth, inside and outside.

I would like to be Mayor to be able to speak on behalf of the Kingdom of Asgardia, to be happy and proud to be representative of Asgardian citizens. With my responsibility, I will be able to communicate more easily with the other mayors, those who are elected on Earth. And I will be able to create a group of Asgardians to speak about our future.

- What contributions do you hope to make to your local community during your term as mayor?

- We must bring to each person the Light (love, joy, peace) with a common value of Kindness, Truth and Justice. Every citizen must help local associations, meet our new neighbors, do good deeds every day and spread the joy around them. I will create an association to hope a united and solidar local nation. Children must also bring knowledge of their environment and space. I want to be a mayor who show the light.

- What problems are Asgardians in your district(city) facing and what would you do to help?

Locally, many people stay at home in front of new technologies (television, laptop, computer, video games). There will be two issues: getting them out of their homes to meet their neighbors and discovering nature and/or developing the virtual reality that will allow everyone to be what they want to be, create everything they want and to meet other people in the virtual world and then in the real world.

- What do you think are the most interesting projects that could be realised in the future by the space nation Asgardia?

For the Asgardian Nation, its future will certainly be in virtual reality. Like the Oasis in Steven Spielberg's movie "Ready Player One". We will meet citizens in Asgardia, a world (a nation) between the Earth and the Universe to be free and happy. First virtually and then thanks to flying cars and holograms. Before that, we must show our presence on Earth and unit us.