Decree №25 On the rules for accepting donations by Asgardia

By this Decree, Head of Nation declared:

  1. The acceptance of all donations is halted as of the date of this Decree.
  2. Those who have donated any amount since Asgardia’s creation until the date of this Decree are exempt from payment of the annual fee in 2019 (0003). For Asgardians who have not made a donation between these dates, the annual fee will be determined by the Parliament of Asgardia.
  3. The first Golden Hundred Thousand Asgardians must confirm their participation and pass the current level of verification until the end of 2018 (0002), after which they will be exempt from paying the annual fee in 2019 (0003).

Decree No 25

Report on received donations

If any questions regarding the benefits of "Golden Hundred Thousand" or first donors, please write to