Decree №37 On presenting National Award of Asgardia

Considering the decision taken by the Supreme Space Council at its 3rd meeting of 4 Scorpius, 0003 (13 September, 2019) to confer the Asgardia National Award — Golden Medal “For achievements in space exploration”, taking into account the great contribution to the exploration of outer space, I hereby take the decision to award the following laureates:

  • Dr. Mark Belakovsky (Russia) 
  • Dr. Michael Gillon (Belgium) 
  • Dr. Robert Thirsk (Canada)

The awarding ceremony shall be held as part of the Asgardia Science and Investment Congress in Darmstadt.

Decree №37


Decree №37 On presenting National Award of Asgardia, 09 Scorpius, 0003 (18 September, 2019)