Decree №17
On the final results of the elections to the first Parliament of Asgardia

Asgardia’s Parliament is now just steps away from its purpose as a fully functional legislative body. Head of Nation Igor Ashurbeyli issued Decree No. 17, in which he summed up the results of the initial voting period during 1-9 March 2018 (04-12 March, 0002) and the by-elections during 6-16 May 2018 (14-24 May, 0002).

On 24 June 2018 (07 Asgard,0002), the first-ever parliamentary session will take place in Vienna, where the IDs of the elected members will also be checked. With the Parliament finally formed, Asgardia will now continue to form the other bodies of government.


The preliminary list of the Members of Parliament based on the results of the elections

The Protocol of the CEC on the results of elections to the first Parliament of Asgardia

The Protocol of the Counting Commission following the review of election results to the first Parliament of Asgardia