Asgardia has hundreds of thousands of residents spread across various cities around the globe. Tens of thousands of Asgardians reside in some of the largest cities, but it is not uncommon for these residents to be disconnected and not even acquainted with each other. They don’t know who they can turn to with questions or suggestions, and what to do to implement their ideas or communicate them to the entire nation of Asgardia. The answer to this is the creation of strong local communities where residents of the Space Nation who live in the same city can communicate and coordinate their activities. Mayors will become the leaders of such Asgardian communities. They will connect the residents of the Space Nation in their region, and become a portal through which residents will liaise with central government bodies of Asgardia:  the Head of Nation, the Government and the Parliament, as well as our entire global community.


Good idea! The mayor is a leader of the local community. He or she is the person who will represent Asgardia in the local media, and network on its behalf with local businesses, universities and professionals in your region. The mayor communicates directly with the Administration of the Head of Nation, the Parliament and the Government of Asgardia.

Go to the elections page, click “Become a mayor” button and fill out all the required fields in the pop-up window for a new candidate registration. Then, all you have to do is pay your registration fee (€100), and you are officially a candidate.

It is important to fill out your registration form precisely and completely. This is the information your voters will use to decide to vote for you. 

- First, the basic information: your name; where you live; your photo (your front-shot, without any extra details like your pets, children, friends, etc.).
- Secondly, a document to confirm your identity (ID, diploma, driving license and so on).
- Finally, links to your profiles in social media (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and others).

Then, write your platform.
Here, it’s all up to you. Be creative, persuade your fellow Asgardians to give you their votes. Think of why one would want to choose you. What value can you bring? What is your vision, your ideas, agenda?
Remember that your programme needs to be well structured and easily understandable. To make sure it’s good you can show it to your friends or family and ask them to retell it.

Then you need to go to the elections page and see who has put forth their candidacies. You will immediately see all the candidates with links to their profiles and campaigns. If you wish, you can immediately vote for the candidate by clicking the “Vote” button. If you clicked the “Vote” button by accident or decided to vote for someone else, press the “Vote” button for the candidate of your choosing.

On the same election page. Click on the icon of the candidate who interests you, and their platform and a link to their profile will open in a new window on your screen. When you visit the candidate profile, you can write a comment under the campaign text, or ask the candidate a question. Well, that’s easy. Just click the plate of the candidate who caught your attention or tap the Platform link located in the lower part of the plate. 

It’s pretty easy. Here’s our step-by-step guide.

If everything is done correctly, then the Central Electoral Commission will count all the votes, the Head of Nation will confirm the results and there will be a person in your city who can help all Asgardians in your region with everything that concerns our common goals and building a new Space Nation. It's possible that it’ll be you or someone you voted for.