Interviews with the first Asgardians

Today Asgardia surpassed one million registered followers. We asked some of  our first residents who became a part of the Space Nation almost two years ago  about their own experience.

We asked them three questions:

- How did you find out about Asgardia?

- Why did you decide to join?

- What are your hopes for Asgardia's future?

Jacques Drappier,  Belgium, Owner of JDR Consult, former Vice-President of Flight Ops and Training at Airbus.

- I was at the press conference in Paris when it was launched.

- It looked like a real innovative idea that was socially justified.

- Maybe slow down a bit, be a bit more realistic.

Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu, Romania, astronaut, former chairman of UN COPUOS.

- I worked very close with the team of ROOM space journal and with the organizers of Asgardia.

- I liked the idea of a space nation, organized in a special way comparing with the existing states and nations.

-I recommend that ASGARDIA will use only good professionals for different positions in Parliament and Government. In this way wise decisions will be taken and the future of Asgardia will be successful.

Clive Simson, UK, managing editor of Room, The Space Journal

- I'm a big supporter of a dream of a better future (SpaceX, Tesla motors, international space society, Mars one).

- I figured why not sure it sounded like a crazy idea but mоst ideas are considered crazy at first.

I tend to be the patron saint of lost and or hopeless causes even if this doesn't work maybe it could lead to something better.

- Be more democratic take risks listen  thoroughly.

Benjamin Jones, UK

- I joined Asgardia to be part of a new wave of civilisation living in Space. 

- This presents a new and vibrant challenge to a community that would be essentially cut off from certain restraints shackling us on Earth. 

- In many ways we would be as citizens very much free of the bondages of Earths politics. Free to carve a new path of community and organisation with new laws in a bid to be fair unto all who have taken the leap to live in Space. 

Gary Mayer, USA

- I think the idea of a nationless state or effective world government are the only solutions to the ongoing lack of strategic human goals. 

- My primary thought is that to make Asgardia a idea that will work, we will need to get more capital and guidance behind it.  There are many people who have the capital (Bezos, Musk, Gates and others) that need to be sold on this idea.   They could also be the key to the technology needed to get a permanent presence in space.  I believe that we don’t have the luxury of trying to develop rocket lift capacity for the purpose of regular travel from the gravity well into NEO and a different technology needs to be developed to decrease reliance on the resources spent on lift.  

- The only way for solid forward movement is to build factory capacity external to the earth itself.

Andy Smith, UK

- I don't remember exactly. It may have been a news link from somewhere like the BBC, it may - and possibly more likely - have been a comment or link on Reddit, or similar zeitgeist internet information disseminator.

- It cost me nothing and I believe in the dream of a human society unshackled from the bondage of race, religion, and the plethora of other criteria that our selfish nature creates when it sees fit to divide and deride for its own selfish ends.

- Don't run until you are able to walk. Design what is right for now and the foreseeable future, but be prepared to re-design when something better presents itself.

Christian Lee, USA

- Sure, here it is. I actually found out about Asgardia on a science and technology news website that I looked at daily. Their newest article the day Asgardia’s registration process started was about Asgardia. So I checked out the website. 

- Everything it stood for seemed really amazing, and it was backed by accomplished people, so of course I applied to become a citizen.

- As for recommendations for the future of Asgardia, I would recommend that it find a more effective way to generate money, because any nation needs money to sustain itself. With a better source of revenue, there’s no limit to how far Asgardia can go.

Federico Santamorena, Italy

- If I recall correctly, someone talked about it on Facebook. I saw that the counter was less than 100 and I thought: "Well, being one of the first members could be important in the future, let's register for Asgardia!"
- Asgardia seems to be the first "prototype" of what polises are in Diaspora, a novel by Greg Egan, no it is no surprise that in about 200-300 years Asgardia will become the first virtual nation with human minds uploaded in it.
- Even if Asgardia turns out to just be nothing more than some CubeSats in space and a forum on the web, it's the first step to create a distributed human presence in space and let people understand that "hey, if you live on that asteroid, the Earthly governments can't say anything about what you do" (well, maybe besides basic human rights).
Of the same importance is letting people know that Mars is habitable, and we don't really need to live on Earth forever.

 Michael Doherty, UK

- I saw an article in the news, on the web, and subsequently found it on Facebook as a result.

- I joined because it’s not everyday you get to become part of a new nation, and especially a nation of space.

- Asgardia must always remember that despite our nation being in space, our home is Earth, and we must work to safeguard our planet for future generations so that the human race can expand and use space travel for the progression and expansion of the humanity.

Gary O'Hanlon, UK

- I didn't know I was one of the first few! I heard about Asgardia on reddit or twitter, then in the press/online, as it became more of a story.

- The only way to ensure the survival of the human race is for some of us to leave planet earth and start slowly populating the moon, the planets and eventually other star systems. Asgardia is a opportunity to, at the very least develop a framework for society away from earth. Asgardia's scope is impressive and ambitious, I joined to be part of whatever Asgardia was to become, it was and still is the only significant player.

- Encourage greater use of the forums, this is where much of the magic will happen. Sell branded products, get the message out.

Siyabonga Bhengu, South Africa

- I think I found out about Asgardia through Exopolitics.

- I've always been intrigued about whats out there, and I saw Agardia as a once in lifetime opportunity to belong to a group of individuals who want to explore something new and unheard of in our lifetime.

- I would recommend that we make Asgardia the pinnacle of human evolution, it should be an example to the whole world in terms of governance, politics, science and religion.

Jacob Smart, UK

 -  I found out about Asgardia from an article while browsing on the Tech Times website.

- The idea that someone was creating a nation in space very much appealed to my keen interest in space exploration, the potential for something that could change the way we as a species develop by ensuring our survival and facilitating our expansion throughout the solar system.

Asgardia also appealed due to the idea that we could reform society in a more civilised and modern image, free from the petty conflicts of the world’s nations that so often pose a threat to global stability. Movements like this are the future, and I definitely wanted to be a part of that.What recommendations regarding the future of Asgardia would you give?

- My recommendations in regards to the future of Asgardia are to always be bold as we move forward, never refuse an opportunity just because it's difficult, as the most difficult decisions require the strongest wills, and I believe we have the willpower to not just make history but shape the future.


Sean Reimer, USA

 - I first found out about Asgardia while visiting some of my favorite science related news websites and I decided to look further into what it was all about shortly after reading about it.

 -I decided to sign up that same morning, as I thought it would be an interesting little group to be a part of, though I did not expect it to grow as much as it has, I am nonetheless happy for all involved. 

 - I believe having a rough timeline for future goals and making big plans will be important for the future of Asgardia as not just a grounded entity, but a full blown nation one day.


Colin Jenkins, UK

 - I read about it in various online news sites and decided to investigate further - the power of Google!

- I am tired of all the tribal, national and international in-fighting and would like to see a world where people do not judge others by their race, educational level, gender or "position in society".

 - Asgardia needs to learn from the current world situation and try to implement the good bits whilst losing the bad bits. A tall order, I know.

Ronald Walker, UK

- I found out about Asgardia through a newspaper.
- I joined because space and the unknown out there as been one of my interests for years.
- The main thing is to interest the youth of today as they are our future.

Donald Denson II, USA

- Thank you for the honor and privilege to share my thoughts with our fellow Asgardians. I first learned of Asgardia from a news article that spoke of Dr. Igor Ashhurbeyli's dream and idea to found Asgardia. 

- I have always dreamed about being a part of something greater than ourselves and this world. Dr. Ashhurbeyli's foresight and vision to build a nation that transcends the boundaries of our world was something I could not pass up. 

- The future of Asgardia must stay true to its vision, constitution, and future of humanity. Constant vigilance to continue moving forward without stagnating and returning to the mistakes of history. Asgardia  must become the shining beacon of freedom and light for all the world. As space exploration and technology advances Asgardia must work to build Dr. Ashhurbeyli's dream of the living sustainable space station and exploration of space. My last recommendation for Asgardia and it's Citizens is actually a question. One hundred years from now what legacy do we want to have four our children, fellow citizens, and humanity? You are the future of Asgardia. 

Chris Draper, UK

- I found out about it from reading about it in a UK newspaper. 

- I thought it sounded like a interesting idea and signed up right away. I'm interested in seeing how far the idea goes and if it can become something much bigger in the years to come. If it does, then I'm glad it got in early.

- I just hope that people keep a keen interest and actively participate. So I think that Asgardia should do whatever it can to keep people engaged. Make it relevant, interesting and fun. 

Vanessa Schemoelle Tan, Singapore

- I came across the message in Google, so I click and find out what was it.

- I think the idea of space nation is quite interesting and cool, so I joined.

- No recommendation at the moment.