Gender Equity.  Now and Beyond

An analysis of the data from the questionnaire of Level 2 verification has demonstrated that the average verified Asgardian is a male between the ages of 18 to 35. He is a technophile and uses a smart phone. He speaks English, Russian, Chinese or Turkish and is a frequent Facebook and Twitter user.

A demographic study of Asgardia also found that only 16% of verified Asgardians are women.

Throughout time, women have contributed a great deal to science, art, and political development in spite of the rigid gender discrimination they have faced in the past.  The first female cosmonaut, Valentina Tereshkova, flew to space in 1963 and was followed some 20 years later by the next generation of female astronauts. By now, 60 women have been to space. Currently, women are heavily involved in the business of aerospace, alongside their male peers.  

Modern society allows women to have access to obtaining a good education, to vote and to be elected, and to hold leadership roles in businesses and politics. Modern women have taken interest and  assumed responsibility in leadership positions in space exploration and other global issues. Women participate in solving legal, scientific, ecological and ethical problems that the exploration of outer space puts before humankind.

Asgardia is a prototype of a future society that stems from past achievements and it has a long-term vision. Women and men alike will build towards their advancement and for the benefit of generations to follow.

What would it take to show women all over the world that Asgardia is a welcoming and promising place for them? What would encourage them to join?

Please answer the questions and share your ideas.