Directive №2 Council of Ministers or Cabinet 2019

The current DIRECTIVE is in effect from the moment of its publication.


This document is intended for the Ministers of Asgardia as a guideline for the workflow of the Cabinet.

I. The Council of Ministers, National Executive body of the Government of Asgardia, is formed.

II. The Council of Ministers shall be composed of: the Prime Minister, who will preside it, and all the Ministers. Attendance to the Council of Ministers is mandatory, except for excuses of major reasons and previously justified by the Prime Minister.

III. Meetings of the Council of Ministers may be held in person or electronically.

IV. Meetings of the Council of Ministers shall be ordinary and held once a month, or extraordinary.

- The Prime Minister will summon extraordinary meetings. When any of the authorities of the Nation deems it necessary to call the Council of Ministers for an extraordinary meeting, he/she will previously request it in a reasoned manner to the Prime Minister, who will then proceed to make the call.

V. Other authorities of Asgardia with the Right to Voice may attend Government meetings, upon prior request made to the Prime Minister.

VI. Government meetings will be chaired by the Prime Minister and when he/she can not attend, these will then be held by the Deputy Prime Minister or Minister, appointed by the Prime Minister, for the purpose of that specific meeting, whether it is ordinary or extraordinary.

VII. Minutes will be taken in every Government meeting. The Secretary of the Council of Ministers, an Administrative function of the Government, shall record said minutes.

VIII. It is the competence of the Council of Ministers to discuss all the matters related to the priority areas of the Nation, at the end of which the conclusion corresponding to the execution of everything concerning each of the matters submitted to the Council of Ministers will be approved.

These conclusions will be the general framework of all the achievements of the Government’s authorities, according to the subject matter.

IX. It is the responsibility of the Council of Ministers to previously consider the draft laws that will be presented to the Parliament by Asgardia’s Government, to facilitate coordination among the ministries involved.

X. Any other competence not attributed to any of the executive bodies of the Government of Asgardia and that are framed within the matters referred to as the priority areas.


Directive №2 Council of Ministers or Cabinet 2019

Ivan Cheberko