Historic announcement to all Asgardians: Citizenship Fee

As Chair of Parliament, I am pleased to finally announce Parliament has endorsed the Citizenship Fee* (Citizen Law With Amendment). This means we can take the next step in our journey towards settling in space. Your opportunity, should you choose to take it, is to help us make this next giant leap for humankind.

The Parliament of Asgardia recently held the first digital Sitting of any Parliament in human history. At the Sitting, Parliament overwhelmingly supported the 100 Euro Citizenship Fee* (technically a ‘Resident/Citizen’ fee*). This annual Citizenship Fee* was introduced at 18.00 7th November, 0002 (18.00 11th November 2018 earth calendar).

It opens the gateway to commencing our economic, political and scientific activity, working towards the goal set by our Head of Nation, Dr Igor Ashurbeyli: a permanent Moon settlement by 2043.

You may continue as a Follower of Asgardia at no cost. However, contributing the Citizenship Fee* means you are part of that elite community actively building the history of humanity’s next adventure, as we reach out beyond our home planet to new horizons.

Our Citizenship Committee and the Ministry for Citizenship are developing the model for Citizenship. This includes identity documents, bilateral arrangements with Earth nations and full access to cultural, political and economic opportunities in Asgardia. These are real benefits, based on the values of free enterprise and public service.

The plan is to launch, in 2019, new services and ways of communicating and developing Asgardia’s currencies – the Lunar, available exclusively to Citizens of Asgardia and intended to bring various tangible benefits to its holders; and the Solar, available to everyone who wishes to use it as their spending currency. The Citizenship Fee* is entirely dedicated to national expenditure towards our goals. You are therefore contributing to the future of our nation - and our species.

To become a Citizen, you must first be a Resident. Applications for citizenship will be dealt with according to the order in which applicants became Residents. Citizenship is a necessary condition for those who aspire to participate fully in the life of the Space Nation of Asgardia worldwide - and beyond.

The Head of Nation has decreed the first 100,000 Asgardians who signed up for Asgardia and accepted the Constitution are exempt from the payment until 3rd November 0003, (November 9th 2019 earth calendar). You can see your personal number on your certificate in your profile. If you are one of the first 100,000 and you have not yet accepted the Constitution, you may still do so until the end of the 2018 earth calendar year to maintain this privilege.

We have come very far in just two years. I invite you to join us in the next step in our evolution as a nation and as a global society. You can pay the Citizenship Fee* HERE.

I remain, as ever, in your service and in the service of Asgardia.

Lembit Öpik

Chair of the Parliament of Asgardia

(See in PDF)

*  Please note that the 100 Euro referred to in the text as the "Citizenship Fee/Residents Card 2019" is a voluntary payment from you to the Association as sponsor. The money will be used to support the purposes of the association ‘Asgardia’. The association is a research association that supports and promotes projects that serve and promote the purpose of the association. The contribution will not be refunded. The Asgardia Independent Research Center (AIRC), (FN 407576 b) in cooperation with  Asgardia NGO (ZVR-Zahl 880019736)  undertakes not to make any specific consideration in respect of this payment. The association is registered at Stubenring 2/8-9 1010 Vienna, Austria
The complete text of the association's statutes can be found on the homepage: https://asgardia.space/en/page/ngo--asgardia-

Jessica Zeitz