MP Interview - Bridget Kielas-Fecyk

Member of Parliament, Bridget Kielas-Fecyk, is a member of the Safety and Security helping draft the laws, rules, and regulations to ensure the safety of the Asgardian people both in cyberspace and in actual space.  She kindly spent some time answering some questions about why she joined Asgardia, the work she has done so far for our Nation, and her vision of the future of Asgardia.

When did you become Asgardian and why, what was your motivation?   

I became an Asgardian back in 2016 when Asgardia first began.  We didn’t even have a constitution written back then, just a web site, really, and a dream.  Heh, and the site was not exactly all that user-friendly.  But it was very exciting!   Why did I join? Curiosity mostly. I heard of Asgardia through a friend and the idea of helping build something like Asgardia, the dream they had and their view for the future excited me so I joined, and I never looked back.

What is your vision for Asgardia?

My vision for Asgardia is a very simple one.  To watch Asgardia grow.  To go from the tiny seed that it is to the mighty tree that it could become.  To watch it spread its branches wide and become the foundation of whole new worlds.

What makes you volunteer your time and effort to the creation of this Nation?

I love Asgardia.  I know I could put a huge paragraph of my dreams and ambitions, but really, that’s all there is to it.  I love Asgardia.  I’ve loved the nation ever since I became a member back in 2016  and I still do to this day.

Our readers would like to know you better. What can you tell us about yourself?

Well, there’s not much to tell.  My name’s Bridget as you already know, and I’m a Member of Parliament for the Safety and Security Committee.  I live in a medium-sized town called Shawano in the state of Wisconsin in the United States of America.  I like studying the various sciences, amongst these being engineering, botanical science, architecture, terraforming techniques, and theory, reading medical journals – especially about vaccinations, etc.  I have far too many hobbies to list here, admittedly!  I sometimes chuckle due to how many I have.  Other than that, I love to keep busy and I am constantly curious about the world around me and I enjoy learning anything I can about, well, anything I can learn about.  

What is the biggest challenge that Asgardia has at this moment?

The biggest challenge for Asgardia, right now?  Getting more members to be paid residents and improving our public image. Or, more to the point, getting more people to know who we are, fully.  We’ve been a pretty quiet group, relatively speaking.  And we’ve not had as many opportunities as I’d like to see for getting our name into the public.  With the current viral outbreak, it’s even more difficult.  However, I am confident we will be able to overcome this challenge.  Of course, we do also have our detractors, but most of that stems, in my humble opinion, from a simple lack of understanding as to who, and what, Asgardia is, and how young the nation is at this time. 

Do you believe Asgardia will be recognized as a nation?

Yes, eventually, we will.  However, I do think that this will not occur for a long time yet.  Asgardia is, when you think about it, a very young nation.  It’s taken us years just to get to the point where we are now.  We still have a long way to go.  There is also the problem, unfortunately, that Asgardia has no holdings on Earth, of land that is.  And, on Earth, it will be difficult to get other nations to recognize us as they only tend to recognize that which has land here that they can point to and go “That is <nation here> territory”.  But, in time, yes we will.

What is your biggest satisfaction working for Asgardia?

My biggest satisfaction working for Asgardia is knowing that I’ve helped this tiny nation grow. I was here, quite literally, from the beginning.  From before it had a constitution, which I had the honor of watching, and helping, the document being written.  And being able to be amongst the first to accept it once it became freely available to do so.  To help “tend the garden” as it were, by being one of the ones that get to lay the bedrock for this lovely dream that will, one day, become a recognized nation.  And of working with everyone and learning from them.  And, I hope, being able to teach them, too.

Can you share any exciting plans that Asgardia has in the making right now?

Yes. Provided that the nCoV-19 pandemic passes and allows for it, there’s going to be a fair booth at the Shawano County Fair in Shawano, Wisconsin.  I’m heading up the fair booth and looking for donations to get some of the supplies such as banners.  Questions, comments, and ideas for the booth are very much welcomed.  Here is the go fund me we’re using for it.

Why did you choose your committee?

Because I’m a Prepper.  I know that sounds unusual, but preparedness and security is something that I’ve had quite a bit of experience in.  In the Safety and Security Committee, my main view is Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Management / Mitigation of that emergency.  In a nutshell, I’m doing what I’ve always done, I consider emergency situations that could arise and make sure that we have a plan of action.  And yes, that includes plans for preparing for pandemics in space.  I enjoy working for security, it allows me to help others consider what it means to prepare for emergencies both here on earth, and in the future when we are off-world.

How are you helping to create Asgardia?

Simply by being myself.  I am encouraging people to dream, plan, and work together.  By working with the Parliament to help put together our first laws, and just from being here since Asgardia started, that’s all I’ve ever done, really, is just be myself.  I’m encouraging people to dream, to imagine, to join us and help us develop the future.  Because that is how this nation will continue to grow and flourish.  By encouraging people to dream, to plan, to work together, and to move forward.  Engineers, botanists, architects, chemists, physicists, people in the medical sciences, IT people, people who know how to work with the various laws of the nations so that we may work with those nations, and even politicians!  All of these people are so very necessary.  So while I am helping create that whole, really I’m just a very tiny part of it all.

Would you encourage anybody to be an Asgardian? After all, everyone on Earth belongs to a nation already.

Yes, I would encourage anyone and everyone to be a part of Asgardia.  Yes, everyone on Earth does belong to a nation this is true.  But a lot of nations on Earth are at each others’ throats these days. The fights are over resources, lands, religious ideologies, political ideologies, and a myriad of other excuses that they use.  Families are torn apart just because one part of the family lives across one border and the other part of the family lives on the other side of that border.  Asgardia isn’t like that.  

The reason I would encourage it, because it gives people the chance to have a nation where it doesn’t matter what they believe, how much, or how little, they have, where they live, who they are, what language they speak, etc., they are one nation.  Their families are not divided by borders and artificially induced divides but allowed to come together.  People are allowed to work together, peacefully, for something better.

We, my generation that is, are not likely to ever get into space.  That will be to our children, our grandchildren, and our great-grandchildren.  And that is why I would deeply encourage all people to be a part of Asgardia.  To give this nation as a gift to our descendants. To give them a chance to have more than we have.  To be able to dream bigger than we could ever imagine.  To not be held back by such divides but have the chance to truly strive forward.  

Yes everyone belongs to a nation already.  And many love their nation quite a lot, even if they may deeply disagree with their leadership or the direction their nations may be going.  And they may even accept the sometimes very deep rifts and divides that so many nations have both within each, and between each, nation.  But, as I’ve said before, wouldn’t it be better to be able to offer a chance for our descendants to have more than that?  To not have to worry about such divisions?  Asgardia, truly, is that chance.  They just have to reach out. be willing to join and help grow the tiny nation, working together, accepting this gift we offer them. That’s all.

Rebekah Berg