MP Interview - Ugur Aydin

Asgardia's Member of Parliament and Culture and Citizenship Committee member, Ugur Aydin, kindly agreed to answer some questions about why he joined Asgardia and the work and relationships he has forged since joining.

When did you become Asgardian and why, what was your motivation?

In 2016, I had heard some unforgettable news. A project in the history of the world. But this project was also a project launched to exist outside of this world. I met Asgardia with the announcement of our founding father, Igor Ashurbeyli. Wow I said. What a cool name. Asgardia Space Nation. It was nothing like anything I heard before. For this reason, I thought I should register without delay. And I managed to register. I am the 345th Asgardian citizen who approved our constitution. This makes me feel much better.

What is your vision for Asgardia?

One day I think I'm somewhere, in a space base, in the control room of the launch pad. I want to be there with them to send our citizens to our facilities in space. Maybe I will count down. Or they give me the task of pressing the launch button. This is exactly the vision of me and the Asgardia Space Nation. We are a concrete community that has truly found our identity and is moving towards the external world, which is our target, with certain steps.

What makes you volunteer your time and effort to the creation of this Nation?

Faith. The infinite universe is calling us. Maybe we should leave our world to its natural state in the future. I imagine our world is just like an agricultural greenhouse. As long as the growing world population lives in the world, this will not go further than being a problem. We fully understood this in this last covid19 pandemic. In this context, Asgardia is a structure that meets the expectations expected of it.

Our readers would like to know you better. What can you tell us about yourself?

I am an inventor and designer. I have been designing patented projects to save people's lives for 15 years. My area of interest and patents are on the seat belts used in vehicles. I have participated in many competitions and I have semi-finals. You can watch what I am doing on Youtube  . I write novels and stories. I write short and long stories. They are published on the Internet . I trust my hands. I make models. I have developed a character named Raydin for our nation and I interact with our citizens to develop this character. I created a file called Digital Space Library for our citizens to create social space on page and enable them to publish the works they produce. I think this will be a good attempt for all of us.

What is the biggest challenge that Asgardia has at this moment?

The only obstacle ahead is the realization of artificial gravity. After this stage, everything will actually be much easier. After the first birth planned in space, we will have entered a new life. And we will see that these seemingly difficult plans that we are talking about are not really difficult at all, only the procedures and steps follow each other over time. Each action is a harbinger of another innovation. And let's not forget that people have been going to space for years, and astronauts have been living there. In short, everything is possible.

Do you believe Asgardia will be recognized as a nation?

Asgardia Space Nation is the result that comes when I write Space Nation on the Internet. I think this is a topic that is not very open to discussion. States or important communities will want to be closer to us over time. I think many important people, the nation and the community are secretly following us. I am feeling.

What is your biggest satisfaction working for Asgardia?

I made new friendships from different countries of the world. This is not like friendships on social media. As if I knew the entire parliament long ago. This is a different excitement and this excitement means generating new ideas.

Why did you choose your committee?

I am a member of two committees. My first committee is the Citizenship committee. The second committee I have chosen is the Cultural committee. It is incredible to serve on the committee led by two strong women(Ariadne and Cheryl). I want to be side by side with people and to be in constant sharing with them. My biggest dream is to listen to the problems of our citizens and create something with them. For this reason, my message box is always open and our citizens can message me at any time. I love to chat and listen to citizens, to cure their problems.

How are you helping to create Asgardia?

Weekly, monthly, digital and super zoom meetings are very important to us. As long as there is regular participation in these meetings, we can provide the flow of information that can take the Asgardia Space Nation further. And we reached a certain level in our meetings. On the other hand, very important ideas and opinions are shared by our citizens on the pages. This formed flow of information will take us towards the target.

Would you encourage anybody to be an Asgardian? After all, everyone on Earth belongs to a nation already.

Of course, anyone can be a part of the Asgardia Space Nation. I had invitations and I sent them to many people. I remember I had no invitations left. But it does not matter. Being positively interacting with people provides positive energy to other people. This is a synergistic way of inviting. Goodness is contagious. From here I openly call to all citizens of the world. Asgardia Space Nation has taken its place in history. Please accompany us on this journey.

Rebekah Berg