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On 13 June 2017 (24 June 0001), preliminary voting commenced on the Constitution of Asgardia, its national symbols and Head of Nation. Asgardia’s official voting day – 18 June 2017 (1 Asgard 0001) is Unity Day, a national holiday in Asgardia.

Today, on 13 July 2017 (26 Asgard 0001) we inform you that voting will close on 18 July 2017 (3 July 0001).

Anyone who votes on before the closing of voting:

  • Is considered a citizen of Asgardia, and receives an ID and passport of Asgardia free of charge
  • Can upload and swap their files on the Asgardia-1 satellite without charge, as well as has the right to free storage of files on all future satellites and spacecraft for as long as Asgardia exists – for forever
  • Can nominate themselves for a leadership position of any level in Asgardia, and vote for leaders of all levels
  • Can nominate themselves for Parliamentary position in Asgardia and vote for Parliamentary candidates
  • Can work in Asgardia's government and localities
  • Can become an ambassador/consul/representative of Asgardia


After the close of voting on 18 July 2017 (3 July 0001), anyone who passed the second verification but did not accept the Constitution remains a verified Asgardian and can participate in forum discussions, but does not receive the above-mentioned rights.

After 18 July 2017 (3 July 0001), anyone (who is already verified or newly registered) who accepts the Constitution will become an applicant for the Asgardia’s citizenship. Citizenship will be granted based on the Law on the citizenship of Asgardia, which will be developed by Asgardia’s Parliament during the next six months.

We ask that you relay this information to as many people as possible.