During a recent Q&A session online, Lena De Winne, the CEO and Vice-President of NGO Asgardia, addressed the question of ID cards and passports.

“Once the process of Constitution voting is over, it will be one of the next steps of the Administration, to look into the ID cards, and eventually passports,” she commented.

She warned that the process will take some time: “It will not be extremely fast. It will be done very properly, very meticulously to make sure that what is done works and it works universally, and it’s totally secure.”

Who can receive and ID card and a passport, and why is does it take a while? De Winne explained: “It will be only possible to receive ID card, and eventually a passport, to those who have voted for the Constitution and have identified themselves as real people. This is one of the reasons why we are still running the voting. Our IT team is verifying that those who voted are actually real people older than 18 and have voted only once. That's why those votes that are not valid are deleted. Once this is all done and checked and verified and the results are published, those who have voted and been recognized are entitled to request ID card and eventually a passport. But they will have to present themselves and identify themselves with the existing documents. It will be a lengthy process, but it will be a totally transparent and valid process.”

Documents will have to be picked up in person, she said. Asgardia plans to have embassies on every continent, because “it's philosophically representative of what Asgardia stands for, because from space you do not see the borders. The borders are drawn on the maps, the borders are in our minds. Asgardia, as the first in world history space nation, is standing up for the unified humanity through space and its vision from space,” De Winne said.

She acknowledged that for logistical purposes, “we will have to see closer to the date which other locations might require representation or consulates.”

De Winne said that passports will come later, and ID cards are more important, as they “will be integrated with the National Identification, like banking system and social security system. This will be a process which will be happening in parallel with the development of the Solar as the currency.”

She also said that passports (especially used as travel documents) are “absolutely amongst our goals. That will happen.” But for now, she said, ID cards will happen sooner – “they have more practical purposes.”

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