Work is underway to form the first Asgardian Government

Asgardian Prime Minister Ana Mercedez Diaz and her team are working around the clock to carry out interviews with a global cast of applicants.

The work of forming Government can be a challenge. Over 3,500 applications were submitted for the various ministerial positions available in Government. Over the past weeks, Head of Government, Ana Diaz and her team have been sifting through the applications to select the most qualified and eligible candidates to take to the next stage of the process in joining one of the 12 following ministries:

  1. Citizenship;
  2. Culture;
  3. Equity & Resource;
  4. Finance;
  5. Foreign Affairs;
  6. Information & Communication;
  7. Justice;
  8. Manufacturing;
  9. Safety & Security;
  10. Science & Environment;
  11. Trade & Commerce;
  12. Youth & Education;

Asgardia is a Nation that has close ties to Science, so it is understandable that the most sought-after ministry position was the Ministry of Science. Due to the more unique and complex nature of work undertaken, the Ministry of Equity & Resource had the fewest applications.

The first thing that is considered during the review of the candidates were the demands outlined in Asgardia’s constitution that specify candidates must:

  1. Be aged between 35 and 60 years;
  2. Have relevant academic degrees;
  3. Have professional experience in the relevant area;

Successful candidates received an email inviting them to take part in an official interview with key Asgardian Officials and members of the Head of Government’s team.

“The importance of the process of selection of Ministers lies in generating credibility and confidence in its results. We reviewed CVs and conducted interviews. At the end of this process, the candidates we consider that will serve the nation, to the best of their abilities, will be presented to Parliament for their final approval”- Prime Minister Ana Diaz said.

Each candidate interviewed was evaluated not only on their professional experience, but also on their understanding of the concept and vision of Asgardia, sharing of the values, commitment and availability to perform the work, their organizational skills, team working capabilities and their general attitudes.

Interviews were held with applicants from all over the world including the United States; Russia; India; China; the United Kingdom and many more countries.

The next step will be to enter a round of conversations with the authorities of the nation, in both consultation and constitutional procedure, to select the best people to become the ministers for Asgardia. Following that, the candidates will be presented to Parliament for approval.

This is incredibly important for the nation as these first ministers will take the lead on the path to gaining recognition as a Nation and receiving acknowledgement from international organisations.

On the importance of this process for Asgardia, the Prime Minister added: “For Asgardia the choosing of the Ministers is extremely important because together with the Presidents of the Parliamentary Committees they make up the Government of Asgardia according to its Constitution: fundamental element to achieve its recognition as a Nation, before other nations and International Organizations.”

The candidates that have successfully passed all stages of the process and who have shown the necessary qualifications, aptitude and attitude for the position will be presented to Parliament for the next session in autumn.

However, for those that might not have been successfully selected to be put forward for the ministerial position, the Government recognises that there is plenty of talent in Asgardia with Ana Diaz commenting: “In addition to the Ministers we will have an interesting number of people who could occupy other positions as Vice-Ministers, Coordinators and Assistants.”

With the final interviews being concluded, Asgardia takes another stride towards becoming a fully recognised and independent Nation.