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  • Blockchain

    Blockchain – the New Way to Vote

    The midterm elections took place in the United States yesterday, and one state in particular – West Virginia – has something to brag about. West Virginians abroad in 29 countries voted by mobile devices in what constituted the biggest-ever blockchain-based voting test.

  • Blockchain

    Humanitarian Aid More Efficient with Blockchain

    According to the 2018 Ditigal Trends report published by G2 Crowd, one of the biggest problems for refugees and displaced persons is identity loss. Without an identity, it is impossible to get access to services. Aid groups have begun using blockchain to give displaced persons their identities.

  • Blockchain

    The Future of Retail: How Robots and Drones Will Change the Industry

    Global retail giants are using artificial intelligence and robotics in ways that are transforming the retail industry

  • Asgardia

    Can Cryptocurrency Improve Our Relationship with Money?

    While the equivalents of money existed since at least 5,000 BC, specific items in human history have been used to measure value: gold and rice, for example. While they are not money per se – what we now call fiat currency – they are nonetheless a measure of value. Traditional fiat money has value only because governments institute it and financial systems are built around it.

  • Blockchain

    What Makes an Economy Competitive?

    The World Economic Forum has been assessing the global economy for 40 years, and has recently issued its 2018 Global Competitiveness Report. One of the big conclusions is that how the economies adapt to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) will impact their further development – or stagnation

  • Blockchain

    Exodus 1 is HTC’s First Blockchain Phone

    The much-anticipated Exodus 1 is HTC’s blockchain phone, and the company has just released actual specs for it. What’s more, it is now available to sign up for preorders. The phone comes with a wallet that’s kept in a secure area “protected from the Android OS,” as reported in a press release, which can be

  • Blockchain

    User to User, Business to Business: Blockchain Has Great Potential in the Sharing Economy

    The sharing economy is estimated to reach $40.2 billion by 2022

  • Asgardia

    Using Crypto for Charity? UNICEF Proves That It Works

    An announcement by UNICEF France is changing the way we think about humanitarian aid. According to the statement, donors are no longer limited to fiat currencies if they want to assist children in need. UNICEF now accepts nine types of cryptocurrency on its website.

  • Blockchain

    Brazil Workers’ Party Publishes Government Plan Using Blockchain

    As per an announcement on October 14th on Fernando Haddad’s website, the presidential candidate for the Brazil Workers’ Party, has published his government plan using blockchain. Asgardia keeps an eye out for advancements in blockchain technology as they plan to have their own cryptocurrency called SOLAR. According to the announcement, Haddad opted to use blockchain

  • Blockchain

    Mastercard Wins Patent for the Launch of Blockchains that can Support Multiple Currencies

    Mastercard’s proposed patent for a system that would enable the launch of different kinds of blockchains, including those that support multiple currencies, has been granted. Published yesterday by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the patent states that a group or company would need to store various types of transaction information on a single platform,

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