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  • Asgardia

    A City That Recognises Your Voice? Huawei Presents New Smart City Platform

    Huawei has unveiled a new platform for smart cities powered by artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things

  • Society

    ‘How to Live in Space’: Everything You Need to Know About Space Tourism

    In his new book, How to Live in Space: Everything You Need to Know for the Not-So-Distant Future, space and astronomy author Colin Stuart gives practical advice to everyone from space aficionados to those considering space tourism.

  • Society

    The Way We Talk About Space, and Why It Has to Change

    Today’s journalists, space professionals and even governments are recognising the racism, sexism and violence behind the outdated language

  • Blockchain

    Humanitarian Aid More Efficient with Blockchain

    According to the 2018 Ditigal Trends report published by G2 Crowd, one of the biggest problems for refugees and displaced persons is identity loss. Without an identity, it is impossible to get access to services. Aid groups have begun using blockchain to give displaced persons their identities.

  • Archives

    Using AI for Social Progress – What’s Holding Us Back?

    We are about to witness of a technological boom, which we can in turn use for achieving social justice and reducing human suffering.

  • Asgardia

    Space as a Driver for Peace

    Global Leaders Discussed Peace in the Cosmos at Space 2030 Event

  • Society

    Feeling Lonely? New Technology to the Rescue

    The Conscious Accelerator focuses on the psychological well-being and does not discriminate when it comes to human suffering, with a belief that it affects us all, independent of wealth and region

  • Asgardia

    Detected from Space: Human Rights Abuses

    Human rights watchdogs such as Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Amnesty International are using satellite technology to obtain daily global coverage and monitor situations in volatile regions.  

  • Blockchain
    Asgardia Space News

    The Blockchain Law Society to Begin in South Korea

    On August 24th the Blockchain Law Society will begin in South Korea with a clear mandate to build a proper regulatory framework for the blockchain and associated cryptocurrencies. Many District Judges, lawyers and cryptocurrency experts have partnered up to create this working group that can help drive the blockchain regulations that are inevitable at some

    The post The Blockchain Law Society to Begin in South Korea appeared first on Asgardia Space News.

  • Archives

    EU’s Ecopotential Project a Glimmer of Hope in Climate Change Battle

    With many around the world feeling the effects of the heatwaves this summer, eyes are turned towards government initiatives that aim to understand and combat climate change. In addition to many events affecting humans, the rate and manner of the change also put entire ecosystems at risk, which results in fewer natural resources being available to humans. These include capturing the carbon dioxide desk, naturally purifying the water and air, providing resources such as wood and sources of food, and much more. 

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