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Asgard 6, 0001 / June 23, 2017
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Asgardia’s First Leadership Elections begin on June 13, 2017

Our elections will soon be underway, and we need LEADERS! Will you be the next leader of Asgardia? Do you want to have a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand supporters and more? Nominate and promote yourself to get votes. You can soon be the one making decisions that affect the first-ever Space Nation!

To nominate yourself as a leadership candidate, you must upload your personal photo as you user picture and fill out the required fields in your profile.

You can nominate yourself or vote for others

How the Voting Process Works:

As a leader, you are able to:

  • Share ideas with your group

  • Receive donations from individuals and organizations

  • Unite with other groups based on geography, ideas or interests

  • Vote for next-level leaders

  • Trendsetters and Ambassadors can apply for grants and send scholarship proposals to higher leadership

  • Ambassadors can apply for Ministry or parliamentary positions

  • Engage more and more people in Asgardia, setting the foundation for free thinking, creative research and an unprecedented future space presence