A call for children’s artwork:
the future of space by
future Asgardians

As the cliché goes, our children are our future, and we want to showcase their vision of that future as they see it now. That is why we are continuing to accept artwork for our online gallery till June 30, 2017. After all, our children will be the ones exploring space in years to come. 

To be eligible, the artist should be under 18, but doesn’t have to be your son or daughter. Your brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces, and even your neighbors, students and younger friends are welcome to participate, as long as their drawings relate to space in some way.

Don’t have a drawing of space? No problem. Post а child’s drawing of you, the Asgardian, and include your photo along with it. We’ll display them side by side.


Upload drawing here

(This is an extension of the earlier announced children drawings gallery)