Frequently Asked Questions


1. I registered on the site, but didn't get an email, what do I do?

It can sometimes take emails a day or so to be sent out. Don't worry, you will get a confirmation soon. Please remember to check your spam and junk folders. When resetting your email/password, please remember that these are CASE SENSITIVE. Please check to make sure they are correct.

2. I registered and got my confirmation email. Am I a citizen now? Do I get a passport or an ID?

Registration on the Asgardia website makes you a part of the Asgardia community. Once we are recognized, we will post procedures for obtaining citizenship – they will be similar to citizenship procedures in other countries. Once you are a citizen, you will get a passport, like you would in any country.

3. I am under 18. Can I become an Asgardian?

Yes, but you need parental consent. If you have already registered as an Asgardian, you will need to re-register with the form for under 18-year-olds. You can use the same e-mail address. If you are over 18 and would like to register your children, please use the under 18 form as well for each child.

4. I changed my mind and want to de-register. What do I do?

If you would like to withdraw your application for citizenship, please email Please include the email address you initially registered with, in the body of the request.

5. My country does not allow dual citizenships, and I registered on your site. What happens now?

Asgardia will allow dual citizenship. It will be up to the citizen's home country to allow dual citizenship, or not, with Asgardia. Once recognised as a Nation, Asgardia plans on allowing dual Citizenship/Nationality via a program similar to a "Green card"/"Permanent resident card". However, it will be at the discretion of your nation of residence as to whether or not they will allow you to become a citizen of Asgardia.

6. What languages can I use to contact Asgardia support?

Support is only available in English at this time.

7. My country is not on your map. Why is that?

Please be advised that our map is borrowed from the United Nations web site.

8. What does my Asgardia ID number mean?

Your Member ID number has 3 parts:
a) first prefix is a generic indicator b) middle number is the number in which you originally registered c) last number is randomly generated. The number has no bearing on the order in which people verified their accounts, only the order in which they initially registered. We occasionally have bots register on the website. Each bot application also takes up a sequential number. Those were all cleared out/deleted. But the sequential number is a unique automatically generated number, and it does not get reset after an application is deleted. Therefore there are gaps in counting.

9. How do I fill out the online form correctly?

Please fill out the information on the registration form the same way as you would for any government-issued document. For your given and family name, please offer the name on your official government issued documents. For your user name, you may use what you wish. Asgardia will consider your gender as the one specified in your registration form.

10. When will I get my Asgardia certificate?

You will get your certificate upon completion of the Asgardia ID Verification form.

11. How will I know if I am one of the first 100,000 Asgardians?

Your Agardia ID number consists of three parts. First prefix is a generic indicator, second part is the number in which you originally registered, and last number is randomly generated. To find out if you are one of the first 100,000 Asgardians, please refer to the second part of your Asgardia ID number.

12. Will other people be able to see the photo I submitted with the online form?

The photo which is asked for is for the on-line forum. It is marked as open the same as the User Name under which all the participants will be able to communicate. When Asgardia is able to offer ID cards, we will ask for a passport photo, which will be kept strictly confidential.


1. Will I get to go to space? When will I go to space?

So far, Asgardia has plans to launch satellites and unite people from all over the world as the first space nation — but it is not yet possible to just move everyone to space. So no, there are no plans to take Asgardians to space at this time.


1. I tried to submit a picture for the flag contest, but it didn't work. What do I do?

Images submitted for the contest must be 10MB or less. Please make sure your image is less than 10MB and try again.

2. I have a great idea that would be useful for Asgardia, or I want to help out otherwise. How can I help?

The best way to make a use of your skills is to join an existing Asgardia chapter or to start one in your country, if one does not yet exist. We also suggest that you join one or a few of our Facebook groups to discuss your ideas.

3. How are the flags rated? Is there an algorithm that you use?

The flags in the contest are ranked using the Wilson score interval. Find out more about the Wilson score interval here:


1. What about religion in Asgardia? Will there be an official religion?

As a new nation based on the philosophy of human freedom, Asgardia does not take a stance on its citizens personal beliefs and will not declare a specific religion as the official religion of Asgardia. Citizens of Asgardia shall be free to worship their religion of choice or none at all. Your freedom of belief is entirely your personal choice. Of course that choice must respect the choice of others in return.

2. I'm concerned about the rights of a specific group in Asgardia (LGBT, refugees, other groups). What laws do you have to protect the interests of specific groups?

Asgardia is a new nation and all of its laws have yet to be written. We welcome your suggestions and your participation! Please feel free to raise the issues and laws that you feel are important in our Facebook groups. And yes, we do check them regularly!

3. Is Asgardia a part of any other known organization?

Asgardia is a registered trademark of AIRC out of Vienna, Austria. All Terms & Conditions listed on their web-site are applicable. Asgardia is an independent project of AIRC and has no affiliation with any entity OTHER than AIRC

4. I would like to participate in one of your contests. How do I submit an entry?

Each contest has its own official set of rules, regulations and submission requirements. For more information, please visit:


1. What about national chapters? Will each country have its own Asgardia government?

No. There are no boundaries in space and Asgardia will not establish regional governments in any country in the world. We will, however, be looking for volunteers to help us set up regional coordination centers, because Asgardians live all over the world and speak different languages. So, there will likely be a regional center where you can obtain information on Asgardia in your own language but no regional government.