Frequently Asked Questions

Parliamentary and Government Elections

Who is eligible to participate in the elections?

Anyone who is 18 years old or older, and has accepted the Constitution, can potentially be chosen for a government role – whether in the Parliament, in the ministries, or in other government agencies. According to the Constitution, parliamentary candidates must be at least 40 years old.

What will the Parliament do?

The Parliament is a legislative body that represents all citizens of Asgardia. Its powers include adopting law of Asgardia; appointing the Chairman of Parliament, Chairman of the National Bank, Royal Court Justices on the proposal of the Supreme Values Council, and removing them from post on the proposal of the Head of Nation or Supreme Values Council; appointing and removing ministers from post on the proposal of the Chairman of the Government; appointing and removing National Audit Office auditors from post; calling elections for Head of Nation; deciding on resignation of the Government and individual ministers; approving Head of Nation decisions to declare a state of emergency; calling referenda; and holding parliamentary hearings and investigations, including summoning representatives of governmental bodies. The Parliament comprises 12 permanent committees whose areas of responsibility correspond to the Government ministries.

What are Asgardia’s electoral districts?

The Parliament of Asgardia is comprised of 13 electoral districts. An electoral district of Asgardia is a territorial subdivision for electing Members of Parliament (MPs). Asgardian district boundaries are also determined by the distribution of the most spoken languages in Asgardia.

Twelve of the 13 districts were formed on the basis of most spoken languages in Asgardia, based on what Asgardians have indicated as their primary language during registration.

Asgardians whose languages are not represented by the 12 electoral districts may choose to join the 13th electoral district, which represents all other languages spoken by Asgardians.

Anyone who is 18 years old or older, and has accepted the Constitution of Asgardia will automatically be assigned to an electoral district which represents his/her spoken language.

What is the language principle? What languages are the basis for the districts in this election?

Asgardia doesn’t see Earthly borders, and so the electoral districts have been created not based on geographical territories, but rather based on the languages that are most popular among Asgardians, as chosen by them in their profiles.

In the current election, the 12 districts are: English, Chinese, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, German, Farsi and Hindi. The 13th district has been created for speakers of all other languages.

How are Members of Parliament elected?

MPs will be elected in a system under which the number of seats depends on the size of the electoral district. Therefore, the number of MPs selected per district will depend on the number of parliamentary seats allocated to them. The electoral districts of Asgardia will be assigned parliamentary seats in proportion to the number of Asgardians represented by each electoral district.

How do I vote for a Member of Parliament?

To participate in the parliamentary elections, you must first be a registered user who has accepted the Constitution of Asgardia. When you complete your online profile, you are assigned to a language district based on the language you chose. If you would like to be in a different district, you can make this change once, assuming that you are proficient in the language of the new district.

Then simply browse profiles and vote for those whose platform appeals to you most.

For how many candidates can I vote?

You can vote for as many candidates as you’d like; however, your votes will only count if they do not exceed the number of allocated seats for that district. If you give out more votes than the number of allocated seats, than only the most recent votes will be counted. (For example, the English district has 67 seats. If you voted for 100 candidates in that district, only your most recent 67 votes will count.)

When will the parliamentary elections end?

You can cast the votes up until 9 March 2018; however, you cannot change your votes after 1 March 2018. The final results will be tallied up by 1 April 2018.

Is it possible to take away a vote from a candidate?

Yes, during the election period, a voter can take his/her vote away and give it to another candidate up until 1 March 2018.

How do I nominate myself for a Member of Parliament?

There's no requirement that one physically resides in the electoral district one is aiming to represent. However, prospective MPs are required to have fluency in the language of the district they are running to represent. The language proficiency of the candidate will be assessed by the Central Election Committee of Asgardia.

To nominate yourself as a Member of Parliament, you must compete your campaign profile which you clearly describe your platform and the goals that you will try to accomplish during your term. All campaign information should be provided in English or in the language of your district.

Campaign profiles can be edited up to 30 days prior to the conclusion of the parliamentary elections. If a candidate changes his/her campaign profile, voters will be notified of the changes and have the right to give their votes to a different candidate.

Make sure that your profile photo is your headshot, and that you have paid the mandatory registration fee (or have given in a donation) in the amount of 100 Euros. Before to 28 February 2018, each candidate must also upload a copy of their photo identification and their CV / Resume (in English). These documents are not shared or made public -- they are used as internal documentation to verify the identity of each candidate.

How can I remove my campaign profile?

To delete a campaign profile, log in to the Asgardia.Space site. Click the profile icon in the top-right corner. Select “Candidate Profile.” Scroll down, then click and confirm “Delete.” This will remove your nomination.

Why does one need to post a photo of themselves and provide their real name?

We encourage transparency in Asgardia. You must be accessible, and you must be real. You sign with your own name, and your profile is open. If you want to be a leader, you must provide your real name and a photo of yourself as your avatar.

What is the length of a term for a Member of Parliament position? How many consecutive terms can one hold?

The term length for a Member of Parliament is five years. There is no limit on the number of terms.

What should be included on the candidate's profile page?

Asgardia gives everyone an equal chance to become a community leader. It is therefore important for one to show the community what makes him/her the best person for the job. In their profiles, candidates should clearly describe their platforms and goals that they will try to accomplish during their term. These can be written in English, or in the language of their district.

The question I have is not listed here. How can I get an answer?

Send your question to Asgardia’s Elections Office at elections@asgardia.space.


How do you register the users?

Only registered users are able to vote. We count users not based on the IP addresses, but on the registered addresses of the users. If somebody is registered as an Asgardian but enters as a registered Asgardian three times, that person is counted only once.

How were the Constitutional votes counted?

When one enters the website and registers, they are just a registered user. When one enters the voting page – that person was counted as having taken part in the voting. Even if they stayed on that page for 1 second, it was counted as having voted ‘no’ on the Constitution. We have found that in the legislation of many countries, a period for electronic voting is at least 15 seconds. Once the voting was closed (after 100,000 people voted for the Constitution), the total number of people who have entered the page was published.

The final number that determined that the Constitution was adopted was a proportion of the number of people who counted ‘yes’ to the number registered users who had entered the page and those who did not click ‘yes’, as they were counted as having voted ‘no’”.

Why was voting extended until 100,000 accept the Constitution? Who is responsible for this decision?

Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli adjusts the course of action as we progress. We are building the first-ever space nation in human history, so we are adapting as we go along.

Some tens of thousands of people, worldwide, decided to be Asgardian and found that the Constitution, the way it’s written, is resonating with them. We are the first to recognize that it might be imperfect. Dr. Ashurbeyli in his press conference in Hong Kong stated that he was fully aware that there might be things that needed improving. But the Constitution itself installs the civil process, and in this process citizens can put forward the petitions, including petitions for calling a referendum proposing specific changes in the Constitution.

The other reason is Asgardia’s satellite: no new files can be uploaded after the CubeSat is shipped off to the flight facility and until it is deployed into orbit. Because the launch of Asgardia-1 was scheduled for a specific date, and only those who have accepted the Constitution could upload files, more people were given the opportunity to participate through this extension.

When the vote reached 100,000, the final votes were counted and the Constitution was accepted.

What happens to those who vote for or against the Constitution?

There is analogy to answer this question, a saying: don’t confuse tourism and immigration. Citizens of Asgardia – those who accepted the Constitution – are akin to legal residents of a country, and those who chose not to support the Constitution – are like tourists.

If you like a country, if you want to live there, if you want to be part of that system, it’s only natural that you abide by the established regulations in that country. And in most countries, that would be the Constitution. Anybody in the first 100,000 will have the right and are welcome to exercise the right to get Asgardia’s citizenship for free.

Citizens are those who support the Constitution, the basic makeup of the country. We consider those who have voted for the Constitution citizens as in when, for example, a referendum was happening on whatever might be the subject, these people are entitled to vote. As far as we are concerned, they have declared that they are supporting Asgardia, so their vote counts when decisions are to be made.

Citizens of Asgardia have the right to receive Asgardia’s documents for free; upload their files to Asgardia-1 and future satellites without charge; nominate themselves for parliamentary and government positions; work in the government and become local representatives. Citizens can bring forth petitions, including those to update the Constitution.

After the first 100,000 have voted, every new person who has filled out the registration form still has to vote for or against the Constitution. Those who accept the Constitution after the voting closed are considered applicants for Asgardian’s citizenship.

If a person does not accept the Constitution, they will still stay a registered Asgardian and participate in forum discussions, for example. The difference is that by doing so that person either says ‘I am interested in becoming a citizen’, or ‘I’m visiting your Asgardian nation as a tourist.


Why was Asgardia created?

Asgardia was created with three top goals in mind: to ensure the peaceful use of space, to protect the Earth from space hazards, and to create a demilitarized and free scientific base of knowledge in space. Asgardia also has a long-term objective of setting up habitable platforms in space and building settlements on the Moon.

What precedent is Asgardia trying to set for space exploration? 

We believe that the creation of a new legal platform for the exploration of near-Earth and deep space is crucial to keep pace with humanity’s rapid technological and scientific expansion off-planet. ‘Universal space law’ and ‘astro-politics’ have to replace the current outdated international space law and geopolitics, where the recent advances in technology remain—so far—unaccounted for. It is also of crucial importance that space law does not become the ‘law of the jungle’.

When was the vision first born?

Dr. Ashurbeyli is a thinker and visionary who has been contemplating Asgardia as a first space nation as long as he’s been alive. He started actually working on it together with his team about a year before it was announced, but the idea itself came to him many years ago. Once Dr. Ashurbeyli had a complete picture in his head of what this nation would look like, he started implementing the idea.

Is Asgardia a part of any space agency?

No, Asgardia is an independent entity.

The ultimate goal of Asgardia is to protect Earth from space threats. Is there any scientific/quantitative data for justifying this objective?

There are seven well-documented scientific threats: sun storms and flares, known as coronal mass ejections; changes in Earth's magnetosphere that destroy the effective protective layer of our planet; potentially dangerous asteroids and comets; man-made orbital debris; changes in the climate stemming from technogenic factors and sun radiation; cosmic radiation from nuclear reactions in novae, supernovae and pulsars; and the danger of Earth infection by microorganisms from meteors and other small celestial bodies. One of Asgardia’s main goals is to protect the Earth from such space threats, in line with the level of concern highlighted by top governmental space agencies such as the ESA and NASA. The recent 7th European Conference on Space Debris highlighted this issue, with the threat of space debris affecting not only satellites, but the lives of astronauts aboard the ISS and other spacecraft as well.


As we all know, space and Earth are two entirely different environments. How can we guarantee the basic life environment in space (e.g. food / accommodation) in the future?

Asgardia is working on creating habitable platforms in a low Earth orbit. In order to preserve humanity and biodiversity of the Earth, Asgardia will organise and ensure the building of Space Arks—man-made inhabitable territories and protective platforms in space to be used in the event of threats to the safety of humanity on the Earth and for space tourism, in the absence of threats. Asgardia's long-term vision includes human settlements on the Moon and possibly on other celestial bodies.


Describe the Space Ark — is that something other groups are working toward, or is Asgardia the first? When will this project begin?

Arks are man-made platforms that the citizens of Asgardia will be able to inhabit in the future as a part of Asgardia’s territory in space. In order to preserve humanity and biodiversity of the Earth, Asgardia will organise and ensure the building of Space Arks and protective platforms in space to be used in the event of threats to the safety of humanity on Earth and for space tourism, in the absence of threats.

What does the future of Asgardia look like? The future of space exploration? 

Asgardia will be a fully fledged, independent nation inhabited on a low Earth orbit. It will start with a satellite, Asgardia-1, scheduled to be launched in autumn 2017, followed by an orbital satellite constellation launch in 2018-2019, then by other satellite constellations and Space Arks, and later by settlements on the Moon and possibly on other celestial bodies.


From what perspective are you believing that now is the right time for setting up space nation?

We believe that the creation of a new legal platform for the exploration of near-Earth and deep space is crucial to keep pace with humanity’s rapid technological and scientific expansion off-planet.

Is Asgardia a commercial project?

Asgardia is the first-ever space nation. As any nation, it will set forth a structure that allows for revenue flow in order to fund its operations.

Will Asgardia have its own space research agency?

Once the government structure is in place, formal allocation of responsibilities will be conducted in order to ensure the most efficient task distribution between various entities in key disciplines.

Will Asgardia plan to build its own spaceship?

While it is not in Asgardia’s current plans, it cannot be excluded. In the short term, Asgardia plans to outsource launches to launch providers.

Will Asgardia participate in international space research?

Yes, by providing equal space research opportunities to any person on Earth regardless of their country’s space program. In doing so, Asgardia hopes to accomplish more than simply by participating in ongoing research. It will open the doors to space research for every talent.

Do we have a tool to track the Asgardia-1 satellite around Earth?

Satellites can be tracked on http://heavens-above.com/ on-line and by using a phone app such as Night Sky Tools.


What is the name of the first satellite Asgardia intends to send?

The name of the first satellite is Asgardia-1.

What type of satellite is it?

Asgardia-1 Satellite is a CubeSat that belongs to a category of nanosatellites (1-10 kg). It is named so because it made up of cubes, each 10cm x 10cm x 10 cm in size.

What is the size of Asgardia-1 Satellite?

It will be 2U -- which is 2 cubes.

What does Asgardia-1 contain?

It contains data storage of 0.5 TB with the database of Asgardia’s legal documents, national symbols and database of all the citizens who accepted the Constitution. It also contains files uploaded by citizens.

What can we send to space?

After accepting the Constitution, every citizen of Asgardia can send a file of a defined size (usually an image or a text).

What company will produce the Asgardia-1 satellite?

Asgardia-1 Satellite was produced by NearSpace and will be integrated and prepared for launch by Texas, US-based Nanoracks LLC.

Does this mean that those companies are part of Asgardia and all Asgardia satellites will be built by them?

No, these companies were chosen because they specialise in building and launching satellites. Asgardia will choose companies that meet its requirements for each particular satellite.

When was it launched into space?

Asgardia-1 was launched in November 2017 from the Wallops flight facility in Virginia, USA. It was first launched to the International Space Station (ISS) on the OA-8 Antares-Cygnus vehicle, and in December 2017, it was deployed into outer space. It is flying in low Earth orbit (LEO), approximately 400 km from Earth.

Does it mean that Asgardia depends on Orbital ATK and will always work with it?

This means that Asgardia is contracting launch services from a company which specialises in delivery into orbit. For every satellite, the most fitting company will be chosen, depending on the specific requirements of Asgardia.

Is the satellite flying under Asgardia flag?

Asgardia’s flag was selected after the final launch preparations of the Asgardia-1 satellite. Therefore, it only displays Asgardia’s logo.

What is the lifetime of the satellite?

It is expected that Asgardia-1 will remain active for more than a year. Typically, CubeSats stay active between 5 and 18 months, depending on the solar activity.

How will Asgardia-1 be removed from the orbit?

CubeSats are generally not removed from orbit; some of them naturally lose altitude and burn up in the atmosphere.

Can I see a satellite from Earth?

You can see the Asgardia-1 Satellite from Earth using special equipment. However, the ISS can be seen from Earth with a naked eye. For as long as the Asgardia-1 is inside Cygnus as a part of the ISS, you can observe it from Earth. To find out how to see it from your geographic location, visit http://www.heavens-above.com, choose your location and select dark time of the night when there are no clouds. The ISS is visible as a bright star passing over the sky.

Who and how controls and monitors the satellite?

Asgardia-1 is controlled from the Mission Control Center in Houston.

How do we know that it is ok?

There will be regular ‘health status’ checks of the satellite delivered by the Mission Control Center.

Will any data be sent to the satellite during the flight?

It will be possible to make occasional updates of the data on the Asgardia-1 satellite during the flight.

How many satellites will Asgardia have?

Many, eventually. Asgardia-1 is just the first satellite, marking the beginning of the permanent presence of Asgardia in space, as it was announced by Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli on 12 October 2016.

Can it be hit by an asteroid?

Theoretically, anything can be hit by an asteroid - in space and on Earth.

Is the satellite considered a territory of Asgardia in space?

Asgardia-1 is considered by Asgardia to be its territory. Asgardia is committed to working with the international legal community to achieve recognition of this status.


What ideals is Asgardia aspiring toward? What human history is Asgardia trying to rise above? 

Asgardia aspires to serve all of humanity, regardless of the personal welfare and the prosperity of the country where our citizens happen to be born. Ultimately, Asgardia's goal is to create a mirror of humanity in space, but without Earthly division into states, religions, and nations.


In order to be a valid citizen, what are the conditions?

Anyone over the age of 18 who agrees to Asgardia’s Constitution may apply for citizenship. They then have the right to submits their digital files to Asgardia’s first satellite, Asgardia-1.


I got my citizenship. Are my children considered citizens of Asgardia?

As per Asgardia’s Constitution, any child born to at least one citizen parent is considered a citizen of Asgardia by virtue of birth. A child born before the foundation of Asgardia may become a citizen at the request of their parent(s) who are citizen(s) of Asgardia.

How does my current citizenship affect my citizenship in Asgardia?

Space citizenship of Asgardia is a special type of citizenship and does not constitute dual or multiple citizenship for the purposes of Earth nation citizenship. A citizen of an Earth nation becoming a space citizen does not confer multiple citizenship status unless otherwise stipulated by an international treaty to which Asgardia is a party.

Could you please explain passports and IDs?

We are working on creating the Parliament, creating the government, and creating the banking system and the national currency SOLAR. The ID card at this point is the card that will be a fully protected, chip-integrated card that would eventually allow you – when they are available – to receive services Asgardia will provide, and to operate within the currency system.

We will start issuing passports as booklets for traveling only when we have reached the recognition with other states as a state that they recognize Asgardia’s passport as a valid document for crossing national borders. We are very realistic, this is a long-term goal.

IDs and passports would only be received in person. We are now asking everyone, and it’s at your own discretion, to fill in your profile. This data needs to be correct. When you decide to claim your documents, you would be asked to present yourself to the ambassador of Asgardia or a consul or a national representative (this title has not been decided upon yet). Documents are taken very seriously. In the long run, it is planned to have six permanent embassies around the world, per number of continents.

One of the biggest premises of Asgardia is that there are no borders. When one looks at the Earth from space, you do not see borders - you see blue, you see green, you see yellow of the desert. You do not see borders. Borders exist on the maps and in human minds. So, it is also for that reason that only boundaries of the continents are visible from space. There will be six embassies, one per continent, in Asgardia. But we will be working to create a local representations and of course do our best to help people to sustain their interaction with us.

How do I receive an ID?

Upon joining Asgardia, one gets a certificate. Once they accept the Constitution and vote for the national symbols (the flag, the anthem and the coat of arms), they are entitled to receive an ID card, a formal document in the form of a plastic card. It will also serve as your banking card once the SOLAR, Asgardia’s currency, is rolled out.

Make sure to keep your ID number private as it provides identification of your person and allows you to receive the services Asgardia will provide. More details on how to receive an ID will be available in the future. You will have to show up in person with valid documents verifying your identity. The next step to receiving an ID will be to receive the passport of Asgardia.

When can I get passport of Asgardia?

One can get the passport of Asgardia after the statehood is formalised. Follow www.asgardia.space for new details.

Will passport of Asgardia be virtual or real?

It will be a real document, like any other passport.

Can I travel with my passport of Asgardia?

Asgardia is working on this. Indeed, the eventual goal is to allow international travel with passport of Asgardia.

At what age can I get a passport of Asgardia?

Any citizen of Asgardia will be able to get a passport.

Both me and my partner are citizens of Asgardia. Will our child get a birth certificate of Asgardia?

Once the statehood is established and administration is in place, yes.

Will there be an embassy of Asgardia in my country?

There will be embassies of Asgardia on each continent.

Can I refuse my citizenship after I have accepted the Constitution?

Yes. Accepting the Constitution entitles you to get an ID and become a citizen once statehood is established. It does not oblige you to do so.

Will Asgardia limit the number of citizens?

At this point, there are no plans to limit the number of citizens.

Do I need to be a scientist to join Asgardia?

No, members of all professions are welcome in Asgardia. However, those with a scientific background are likely to get the most out of partnerships and grants offered in Asgardia.

Does Asgardia have social awareness program?

Asgardia’s programs are in the work. Please check www.asgardia.space for updates.

What is Asgardia’s religion?

Asgardia is a religion-free society. Each member of Asgardia is free to practice any religion on Earth, as long as it is peaceful and within the legislation of their country of Earthly citizenship.

I am transgender. Will I have my rights protected?

Asgardia is a society free of any prejudice, including that based on gender.

Do you have any educational programs for disabled?

So far Asgardia has not defined any specific educational programs. Once educational programs are defined, they will be available online for everybody.

Will Asgardia become a member of Olympic and Paralympic Committees and participate in Olympic and Paralympic Games?

Asgardia plans to apply for membership in the International Olympic Committee.

What will be the official language(s) of Asgardia?

The working language of Asgardia is English. Asgardia’s official languages are 12 languages most frequently chosen by citizens of Asgardia in their profiles. Asgardia guarantees equality of the official languages, and that is why all official documents are published in those 12 languages.


Will Asgardia have land on Earth?

Asgardia might buy land and property to have a location for running its operations.

When will Asgardia settle an orbital station?

The long-term vision of Asgardia is to have habitable platforms in space. This is one of the core goals. Asgardia’s second core goal is to build protective shields for the entire planet Earth from any space threats.


What is the voting age?

Voting age is 18, Asgardia’s legal age of adulthood.

Who is Asgardia looking to have run for office? What roles are available? What is Asgardia modelled after?

Asgardia is looking for leaders to help set the foundation for free thinking, creative research and an unprecedented future space presence. Asgardia is currently looking for future Members of Parliament and other government officials. For more information about the election process, please visit Asgardia’s election page.

Can we start local events?

Of course! Please go ahead and start local events – this is why we place such a focus on having local leaders. If there are major events for the local community, Asgardia will look into ways of supporting them. We encourage you to meet other members of Asgardia.

Why is the democratisation of space important? 

This is an important topic because it brings to light often unrecognised disparities between the most industrialised nations and the rest of the world. Today, only 20 countries on Earth out of about 200 have a space presence, and have, for example, plans to mine in space and lay claim to a monopoly of valuable resources that can be harvested off-planet. In line with the Outer Space Treaty, Asgardia aims to ensure that 1) the exploration and use of outer space is indeed carried out for the benefit and in the interests of all countries and of all humanity, and 2) that outer space is free for exploration and use by all states. In short, we believe that new space law has to equally protect the interests of every human being on Earth.

What are the different branches of Asgardia’s government?

Governance of Asgardia is exercised by its separation into the legislative (Parliament), executive (Government) and judiciary (Supreme Space Court) branches.

Why did Asgardia decide on being a constitutional monarchy, a ‘Space Kingdom of Asgardia’? Why not a democracy?

To be clear, Asgardia is a democracy—it’s extremely important that Asgardia’s governance is directed by the citizens of Asgardia. Governance of Asgardia will be exercised by its separation into the legislative (Parliament), executive (Government), and judiciary (Court) branches. The Head of Nation shall be the head of the Government, and not of the other branches. The current Head of Nation, Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli, will hold the post for the next five years. After that time, a new Head of Nation will be elected. Asgardia’s particular governance is admittedly innovative, but similar structures of governance can be found elsewhere on Earth.

Will Dr. Ashurbeyli step down once his five-year term ends?

It is the intention of Dr. Ashurbeyli to serve the first term, because he has set up Asgardia the space nation. It is the product of his lifetime of work and vision, and dream and imagination. Let’s be very clear: every penny, every cent spent on Asgardia up to date and still for quite some months to come is the investment by Dr. Ashurbeyli. Not a single person, not a single company, not a single entity has spent a penny on funding Asgardia. This is all funded from the resources of Dr. Ashurbeyli.

Therefore, he feels responsible to see Asgardia through to the level where it is self-sustaining, where it is solid and running. Again, in his best judgement, this will take up to five years. Indeed, he is intending, as he has said – and for this reason this is in our Constitution – that the first Head of Nation has his five-year term. Dr. Ashurbeyli has many visions in many domains.

Dr. Ashurbeyli said it in Hong Kong: he is setting goals that he wants to see through in his lifetime. He has had a lot of scientific and engineering achievements in his career. As an engineer, his personal motivation is to create something that comes to completion, that works. He wants to see results of his work in his lifetime. That is why he is setting a goal of creating a habitable platform on low Earth orbit because this is a goal he's convinced he will see through personally.

If Asgardia is focused on fairness, why is it monarchy?

Some of the greatest democracies in the world are monarchies (UK, Liechtenstein, the Netherlands, Sweden, etc.). It is a perceptional misconception that a constitutional monarchy is a bad thing. The Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy and yet the most liberal country of the world, setting the humanistic trends not only for the European countries, but for the entire world.

We modelled Asgardia’s governance structure from ideas taken from existing nations around the world--many leading world democracies were an inspiration. At the same time, history shows that no society is perfect. Therefore, Asgardia is conceived to be a new form of society.

Does Asgardia have any political parties?

No, Asgardia will not have any political parties.

When does Asgardia become a member of the United Nations and other international organization?

Asgardia continues to work on its recognition by the United Nations.

What is the plan how to become recognized by the UN?

It is a two-step plan. The easiest way to explain is to talk about Israel, a nation that declared itself as state. They have reached recognition with other states and when the sufficient amount of recognition was achieved, Israel became a member of the UN. Once the Government is elected and the Minister of Foreign affairs is appointed, one of the priorities will be achieving mutual recognition with Earthly states and applying for membership in UN.

Will there be Cabinet of Ministers of Asgardia?

There will be 12 Ministers.

Will Asgardia have a President and Prime Minister?

Asgardia will have a Head of State.

Will Asgardia have diplomatic relationship with Earth countries?

Asgardia will develop bilateral relations with the countries on Earth.

How can I get a government employment?

Vacancies will be published on www.asgardia.space.

What are national holidays of Asgardia?

Asgardia’s national holidays are Asgardia’s Birthday (5 October/12 October), Asgardia’s National Unity Day (1 Asgard/18 June), and Year Day (31 Dec).

Can I create a petition?

Yes, please go to the petitions page to do so.

Will Asgardia have its own environmental program?

Yes, Asgardia will work toward protecting the space environment.

Will Asgardia have a diplomatic service?

Yes, there will a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and there will be embassies on each continent.

Will Asgardia have any medals or awards? For what merits can the citizens be awarded?

Yes, there will be medals and awards. Please follow updates on www.asgardia.space.

What will the leaders do to improve the public image of Asgardia?

We strive for a democratic society, which is why leadership is set up the way that it is. It is up to the leaders to present their programs and promote them. We believe that good ideas get votes.

Is there any jurisdiction in space currently?

The Outer Space Treaty was issued in 1967, but at the moment, approximately 20 countries with direct access to space programs are taking individual, often uncoordinated steps. There is a risk of the space domain becoming the Wild West. That is why one of Asgardia’s goals is to streamline, to bring together the notion of how a space nation can be a prototype for future humanity by setting forth the legislation that aims to make the use of space peaceful, protective, and open to all human beings.


Does Asgardia have its own currency?

Asgardia will have its own currency, with the SOLAR as a unit of currency. The SOLAR is registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

Describe the SOLAR. What is this currency and who is it available to?

SOLAR is Asgardia's official monetary unit -- a cryptocurrency that will be freely exchangeable into all main Earthly currencies on the free market on the Earth, in accordance with Asgardia’s laws. The National Bank of Asgardia will also be a lender of last resort.


Will Asgardia’s currency be real or virtual?

Asgardia’s currency will be virtual.

Will Asgardia have business and individual taxes?

The government encourages the development of private business by establishing an appropriate tax and governmental insurance system. Private business is regulated by the law of Asgardia. There will be businesses within the jurisdiction of Asgardia, and once the businesses are running and utilising the infrastructure and benefits of Asgardia, they will be subject to taxes. There will probably be banking taxes as well taxes for operations in Asgardia’s currency, the SOLAR. However, individual taxes are going to be voluntary -- people can decide what amount of tax they would like to pay.

Does Asgardia have a bank?

Yes, Asgardia has its National Bank, which is responsible for the exchange rate, circulation and stability of the national currency and the liquidity of the banking system. Activities of the National Bank are regulated in accordance with the law of Asgardia. The National Bank supports the development of the banking network of the national and private banks, and regulates the conditions and profitability of their financial activities.

Financial support is a key challenge. How do you address it? How does Asgardia’s financing work?

From its inception in October 2016, Asgardia has currently funded entirely from private funds. After the final parliamentary elections results are announced on 1 April 2018, it will be up to the Parliament to determine the sources of funding for Asgardia. Dr. Ashurbeyli will continue to fund the other government bodies – the Government, the Supreme Space Court, the Prosecutor’s Office and the National Audit Office – until at least 1 July 2018. After that, the Government and other agencies will themselves determine their working conditions and will present their budgets for confirmation by the Parliament. Dr. Ashurbeyli will also continue to fund the Administration of the Head of Nations, the General Affairs Department and the Supreme Space Council until at least the end of 2018.

Is there an online payment system in Asgardia?

Asgardia will be using various existing online payment systems in order to make payments.

How can I buy stock shares of Asgardia?

Stock of Asgardia AG will not be sold on the stock market, but starting on 1 July 2018, stock shares will be available for sale on the basis of bilateral sale and purchase agreements.

Can I donate to Asgardia?

Donations are accepted on the Donations page. You can give an anonymous donation, or you can choose to be listed among our donors on Asgardia.space. In either case, you will receive gifts for your donation.


Can I register a business in Asgardia?

Yes, Asgardia is open to registering businesses. Asgardia encourages all citizens to use the business services and products of other citizens. This will be beneficial for developing Asgardia’s economy.

Will you have a business directory of Asgardia that lists all businesses, as well as their locations around the world?

It is up to community, and we will be happy to provide the locations on our website. Please coordinate this with your local leaders.


How can members of Asgardia get involved outside of participating in leadership roles?

Asgardia is open to start-up companies, so bringing your business into Asgardia’s jurisdiction will help the economic growth of Asgardia. We encourage people to get to know each other and connect to their local community, so that we can build an even larger global community.


Will Asgardia have business taxes?

The government encourages the development of private business by establishing an appropriate tax and governmental insurance system. Private business is regulated by the law of Asgardia. There will be businesses within the jurisdiction of Asgardia, and once the businesses are running and utilizing the infrastructure and benefits of Asgardia, they will be subject to taxes. There will probably be banking taxes as well for operations in Asgardia’s currency, the SOLAR.


Can I join Asgardia via social media?

Yes, Asgardia welcomes everyone to stay connected on social networks, including FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

Does Asgardia have its own magazine?

All aspects Asgardia are covered by ROOM: The Space Journal, a prominent and well-established magazine in the professional aerospace community. You can subscribe to the print or digital version on www.room.eu.com.

Will Asgardia have its own TV channel?

Yes, Asgardia plans to eventually launch its own TV channel.

Does Asgardia have its own radio?

Yes, there is a station called Voices of Asgardia. Asgardia welcomes initiatives for more radio stations.


Will Asgardia support medical research?

Asgardia is open to any research proposals that have scientific merit.

Does Asgardia have a fitness mobile app?

Asgardia is open to supporting app development and is currently discussing this with professionals who volunteered to build such an app.

Are there are plans to make a healthcare facility for members of Asgardia?

There are currently no plans in the works to make healthcare facilities, but it’s a possibility in the long term.


Does Asgardia have art galleries?

Yes, there are virtual art galleries in Asgardia. Check them out on www.asgardia.com.

Are there any contests in Asgardia?

There have already been a number of contests in Asgardia, and there will definitely be more. See www.asgardia.com for more details.

Are there any famous artists and authors among members of Asgardia?

It is a personal choice of every individual to publicly disclose their identity and professional credentials.


I want to become a volunteer for Asgardia. How can l apply?

Volunteering for Asgardia is currently being managed by a group of volunteers who support our community and social media initiatives. Send an email describing your skills and experience (or a CV/Resume) to volunteers@asgardia.space to be considered for upcoming opportunities.

How many hours should I dedicate to working as a volunteer?

We ask for one hour each day. Many positions require 5-15 hours per week.

Is there training for volunteers?

Training is provided in several specialities that support our growing nation. After training, a volunteer may choose to help manage global community and social media initiatives, or to assist their local community chapter.

What would I do as a volunteer?

There are many positions available for community volunteers to help support Asgardia’s social media, community chapters or project development. Volunteer positions will be posted on www.asgardia.com.

Do volunteers get paid?

Currently, our volunteers do not get paid for donating their time and experience.

Can I get promoted as a volunteer?

Asgardia is a meritocracy – people who volunteer to do more work and take on more responsibilities will have an opportunity to be promoted.


How do you address legal compliance?

Asgardia is fully committed to the rule of law, giving respect to the laws of other states and international law. The citizens of Asgardia also remain subject to the laws of their respective Earthy countries. It’s in the best interest of Asgardia to remain an internationally responsible nation as it wishes to attract wide recognition in order to become a state.

What does Asgardia plan to implement in the development of space legislation?

Asgardia is in constant communication with the professional aerospace legal community. Some of the most prominent industry professionals are among Asgardia’s consultants.


What are the guidelines for filing a petition?

All petitions are subject to verification and moderation. File your petition through the official Asgardia petition submission page. Petitions that do not meet the form and content requirements will not pass the moderation process and will be rejected.
Any citizen of Asgardia over the age of 18 can file a petition. Only petitions submitted/published under real names and with recognizable photos of the poster’s face will be accepted.

  • These are people that have shown an interest in Asgardia and have registered on the site but limited their registration to providing basic details.
  • Create a statement of intent. Be clear in the statement of what you are asking to be changed and why, as well as how you want it to be changed.
  • Use meaningful pointed explanations. Petitions without clear evidence will not be considered.
  • Verify to whom and/or where it will need to be submitted. Does it go to the Head of Nation, or Parliament, or to a Ministry? For faster processing, make sure to address it to the right authorities.
  • Petitions have to be submitted in English. You can include any other language. If accepted, the petition will be reviewed in English. In case of discrepancies, English has precedence over other languages.
  • You can submit an image with your petition if it is relevant to your petition.
  • You can promote your petition through the Petitions forum or the Facebook thread in the Asgardia General Facebook group. Please avoid spamming.
  • After your petition has passed moderation, you have 60 days to gather 1,000 signatures from the citizens of Asgardia. Once you have 1,000 signatures, your petition will be closed and forwarded to the appropriate government branch. It will result in a decision by a respective authority or a call for a referendum. More information on this process will become available soon.

My petition was rejected. What are the grounds for rejection?

  • Your profile does not reveal your identity (no photo and/or fake name)
  • It is a duplicate petition
  • There is no statement of intent
  • There is no addressee
  • It focuses on meaningless suggestions (e.g., those that in no way affect Asgardia or its purposes)
  • It focuses on unrealistic suggestions (e.g., something that is not yet technologically possible)
  • It focuses on suggestions that require funding far beyond the scope of the budget of Asgardia (unless you yourself are offering to provide the necessary funding)
  • There is no English version of the petition
  • It uses obscene vocabulary
  • It calls for or incites acts of terror, violence, or attempts a coup
  • It contains ultimatums, threats or blackmail
  • The image in your petition is copyrighted

If your petition did not pass moderation, you will receive a notice. If your petition does not reach the required number of votes within 60 days, it will be closed.


What is a resident?

These are people that have registered on the site, filled in all the required fields on the profile page and have accepted the constitution.

What is a follower?

These are people that have shown an interest in Asgardia and have registered on the site but limited their registration to providing basic details.

Can I delete my account?

Yes, you can permanently delete your account. However, deleting your account cannot be undone, and you will not be able to retrieve any of the content you’ve contributed to Asgardia. To submit a permanent deletion request, please contact our team at support@asgardia.space.