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Asgardia.space is offered and operated by:

Asgardia NGO/IUFV Asgardia, 
International Non-Governmental Research Organisation on Space - Asgardia
Stubenring 2/8-9
1010 Vienna, Austria
Phone: +43 1 364 92 68
Email: director@asgardia.space

ZVR-Zahl 880019736

Head of Nation: Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli
CEO, Vice-President: Ana Mercedes Diaz

Postal and billing address:

Asgardia NGO,
Stubenring 2/8-9 1010 Vienna, Austria

Statute of the Association

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Name, Location and Area of Activity:

The association is named "International Non-Governmental Research Society on Space - Asgardia". It is based in the city of Vienna, is internationally oriented and extends its activity in the state of Vienna.

Purpose of the Association

The purpose of the Association is to provide and carry out basic and applied research and development activities, particularly in the following areas:

  • Philosophical research
  • Legal Research
  • Engineering/Technical research

Technical research covers, in particular, the development of Satellites, the development of spacecraft and control systems, avoiding threats to people from the air/space.

Those include but are not limited to:

  • Compilation of studies on the properties, characteristics and processes of mutual influence of natural and artificial factors and emissions in the aerospace industry.
  • Promotion and implementation of fundamental research in the field of space.
  • Cooperation with Universities and other research facilities in the field of air and air transport space technology.
  • Development and maintenance of expertise; creation of expertise for the aerospace industry.
  • Promotion of research, both materially and ideally, members of activities that focus on the fulfilment of tasks in science, research and management in the field of aerospace research and other scientific and technical fields.
  • Establishment, maintenance and administration of research institutions.
  • Implementation of immovable and movable operating equipment.

The association's activities are non-profit and in accordance with the of the Federal Tax Code.

Means of Achieving the Purpose of the Association

The necessary material resources are acquired by the following means but are not limited to those:

  • Collection of membership fees and fees
  • Earnings, from events, trainings and publications
  • Donations

The revenue shall be paid exclusively to the association for the realisation of the association purpose.

Types of Membership

The members of the Association are divided into ordinary, extraordinary and honorary members:

  • Full members

    Full members are those who participate fully in the work of the association and in the scientific work.
    Full membership fee is 15,000 (fifteen thousand) Euro.
    Fee is charged to the member once the decision to grant membership is taken.

  • Extraordinary members

    Extraordinary members are individuals, legal persons and entities that promote the association's activities mainly through donations or support through donations. These do not have any other obligations and no voting rights, they promote the association's activities mainly through payment of an increased membership fee. Membership fee in defined on a case-by-case basis.

  • Honorary (associate) members

    Honorary (associate) members are those persons, organisations or companies who have acquired special merit for the Association, whether they belong to the Association or not.

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