Asgardia gives a fillip to chatter on finding a new home for humans

By Dearton Thomas Hector

In the 2014 sci-fi cliffhanger Interstellar, a crew of gallant astronauts travel through a time-space warp in search of a new home for tellurians, as earth is no longer suitable to sustain life.

If you thought living outside the green planet is just a thing of science-fiction, meet Igor Ashurbeyli, who last month announced the birth of the world’s first space nation Asgardia. He proclaimed himself to be the father of the nation state in the space and is currently working on the modalities of establishing life and a rule of law in the proposed Nation. Asgardia seems to be inspired from Asgard, which, according to the Norse faith, is one of the nine worlds and is the country of the gods. A Russian businessman and scientist, Ashurbeyli is a doctor of science in engineering and also has a PhD in engineering with specialisation in Computer Science. What he has proposed is, literally, out of the world.
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