Asgardia Space Nation News & Update: Project Head Wants A UN Recognition As Independent State

By Tony Park
A space nation project put forward by a team of researchers, attorneys, philosophers and entrepreneurs is seeking recognition from the United Nations (UN) as the first independent space nation in history.
This development was announced yesterday by Russian scientist and innovator Igor Raufovich Ashurbeyli . Named after one of the Nine Worlds of the Norse mythology, Asgard, the Asgardia space nation is scheduled for deployment into orbit in August 2017. Asgardia will develop its own laws, governance, and regulatory bodies. The project's focus group will file an application to the UN to declare Asgardia as a country. Asgardia's orbiting satellites will be governed by its own systems of community and regulations. According to the website Tech Times, Ashurbeyli heads the project for the Asgardia space nation. He is the self-proclaimed "Founding Father of Asgardia." He is a co-founder the Aerospace International Research Centre in Vienna, Austria, who is leading the project.
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