Sep 18, 20 / Sco 10, 04 18:37 UTC
Financial Pool for the POOR & Elderly

Eventually everyone is going to age- even us Citizen's of Asgardia. Unfortunately, people are going to unexpectedly happen across hard times. Both of these situations come with the need for assistance in one form or another. And as Citizens of Asgardia, it is our duty to care for our fellow citizens when they need it. I believe in a nation that deeply supports the wellbeing of Humankind, so it is my idea that we should create a "financial pool" or "holding account" that the wealthier among us can donate to. Even if you do not consider yourself to be wealthy, but want to donate to support other humans who are going through hard times, this would be the way to do so.  This money or "SOLARS" should be handled by a "SOCIAL SERVICE" type department. Much like a "non-profit" that you would find in America in the earthly world. The SOLARS or money would be allocated to the poor and elderly who need assistance and apply for it. The assistance should be considered on a first come, first serve basis and only be available once per calendar year to give all who are needy a chance to be helped. If you believe that we should care for the poor and elderly among us in this way, please vote for this petition to be reviewed! "Many hands make light work..." Together our voices become heard. Let's join hands and advocate for the less fortunate! PLEASE VOTE!!!!!

Sep 29, 20 / Sco 21, 04 15:50 UTC
In the first day of the petition being active we received 4 upvotes! What an accomplishment! THANK YOU to each of you who took the time to read and sign. Please SHARE SHARE SHARE the petition to make it's existence known to all on our platform. The poor and elderly ...
Oct 2, 20 / Sco 24, 04 17:41 UTC
Please please SIGN THE PETITION along with upvoting!!!! But understand those two things are NOT THE SAME so both must be done!!! Thanks to all!!!
Oct 2, 20 / Sco 24, 04 17:42 UTC
We must get to 1000 signatures within 60 days and that’s no easy task but I love a challenge!!!
Oct 3, 20 / Sco 25, 04 06:36 UTC
PETITION FOR VOTING not working, can only upvote.
Oct 3, 20 / Sco 25, 04 12:41 UTC
Hi Paul, sorry for the confusion. At the top you should see the word “support” that’s the button you neee to click to vote. It should say “vote” but it doesn’t haha. Hope this helps!
Oct 3, 20 / Sco 25, 04 12:47 UTC
I've been saying this to them for a while now. I'll keep pushing to get that button changed!
Oct 3, 20 / Sco 25, 04 06:52 UTC
Press the word support at the top.
Oct 3, 20 / Sco 25, 04 12:41 UTC
Thanks Daniel!! Super helpful!!
Oct 3, 20 / Sco 25, 04 15:44 UTC
In a wonderful way, this is an amazing petition for someone like me who is involved with the leadership of Asgardia, but who needs extra help.
Oct 3, 20 / Sco 25, 04 15:50 UTC
Connect to the financial ark documentation for emphasis.
Oct 4, 20 / Sco 26, 04 01:48 UTC
Will do, Wilky.
Oct 4, 20 / Sco 26, 04 01:47 UTC
Dearest Wilky, thank you for commenting. It is my wish to address everyone's need for help! I thoroughly believe that if we all participate, we can take care of each other so that everyone's needs are met and then some! I am sorry to hear you are needing help but ...
Oct 5, 20 / Sco 27, 04 23:08 UTC
Its a good idea... i am considered poor.. but i was able to pitch in the 122 dollars for citizenship. We have to pay for this thing to exist too... so a payment plan for poor people would be okay also. Like 10/month for 13 months.