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We welcome Asgardian citizens to upload your files to А for transfer to the Asgardia-1 satellite! Files storage will also be available on other Asgardia satellites and platforms in the future.

All Asgardians who were not in the first 100,000, but became citizens before the Hong Kong conference on 13 June 2017, can send up to 200KB once they’ve accepted the Constitution. All citizens who joined Asgardia after 13 June 2017 receive 100KB.

Please post only your own or copyright-free material. Asgardia respects copyrights, trademark rights, and other intellectual property rights.

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Tyrantis shijiazhuang

For the great journey.

Tyrantis shijiazhuang

For stellaris

Asgardian 1114081 Mineral Ridge

One small step for man one huge huge step for humanity. Am so excited to be a...

Veii Vienna


Reybel Huauchinango

Larga vida y prosperidad

Reybel Huauchinango

Asgardian 1113655 Braintree

Donkey cock

Bogdan Kolodii Lviv

Victory420 United States San Leon

Happy to be a citizen of Asgardia! Super excited to see what the future holds...

Josh Hawley Camas

Asgardian 1033323 Nottingham

Mehrab Ali Khan Karachi

Mehrab Ali Khan Karachi

I love Asgardia, I am happy to become citizen of Asgardia, I am first Mayer ...

Graifos Marin

osandeep01 Visakhapatnam

osandeep01 Visakhapatnam

Hi! Myself Naga Sandeep oruganti and I am from India. Like everyone else or ...

Axthur Puebla

Aquellos que buscan la inmortalidad dejan plasmada su esencia en el mundo

Edstein Dad es salaam

Simone 19 Mantova

Salmo. Di Davide. Il Signore è il mio pastore: non manco di nulla; su pasc...

OutcastOfDarkness Kennewick

Lara Chua is the love of my life <3

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