Ari 08, 04 / Mar 4, 20 00:52 UTC
Good article exploring the ramifications of spreading our seed to the stars.
Tau 14, 04 / Apr 7, 20 17:45 UTC
So useful 👍🏻
Aqu 24, 02 / Jan 24, 18 03:49 UTC
Link for Preceding Post

Oh and here is a direct link to the prologue to "How to Start a Revolution" (the previous blog) if you want to save hunting around!-----------

Sag 10, 02 / Nov 14, 18 07:02 UTC
Добрый день ВСЕМ ! Честно говоря в космос я не верю , пока сам там не побываю). Тем не менее , если люди туда стремятся я иду вместе с ними . НО кроме космоса существуют еще и Паралельные миры , в которые попасть проще. Просто надо найти естественный Портал и ...
Aqu 24, 02 / Jan 24, 18 03:42 UTC
My First Novel in Space!

Figured I might as well attempt the first astrally published work of fiction, so posted the prologue to a novel series I have been working on for a couple years up on the satellite. More in the multi-dimensional vain than space based per se but certainly encompasses such. It ...

Aqu 03, 02 / Jan 3, 18 01:18 UTC

One of the most interesting things happening as 2018 opens are the increasing official disclosures on UFO’s, unknown metals and the like from official US sources. None other than the NY Times has led the pack with authorized releases from the defense department and other offices. This has been ...

Pis 04, 02 / Feb 1, 18 17:43 UTC
It raises some answers but more questions, and more fears but it is necessary. What doesn't come out in the wash always comes out in the rinse.
Cap 27, 01 / Dec 29, 17 04:13 UTC
Since we're in orbit

Well enough lurking around outside the airlock! Might as well come in from the cold!

I first stumbled upon Asgardia the day of their official opening up and signed up right away (number 1043 it looks like). Corresponded with the initial crew for a ...

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