Sag 05, 03 / Nov 9, 19 21:06 UTC
Radiation Protection vest provided by ISA
Prof. Shay Zucker and his associates search for new planets by observing the galaxy’s suns. NASA and the Israel Space Agency have signed an agreement for the use of the AstroRad radiation protection vest, produced by the Israeli company StemRad. NASA will launch the vest into space as part of ...
Oph 07, 03 / Oct 14, 19 22:50 UTC
#HappyBirthdayAsgardia #AsgardiaSpaceNation #CrazyForAsgardia #contest #win
Thanks to everyone that voted the winners has been announce and they are as follows: Freja Husdahl, Sebahattin Devecioglu, Ifeanyi, Ivan Rosel, and Mr.V #ONE HUMANITY ONE UNITY & ONE KINGDOM
Sco 25, 03 / Oct 4, 19 09:30 UTC
Things we do for the Kingdom
#CrazyForAsgardia #contest #win
Cap 19, 02 / Dec 21, 18 20:06 UTC
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