Sco 14, 02 / Sep 23, 18 02:57 UTC

Not going to lie, I think everything on here is fascinating. Matter of fact, it’s so intriguing and vast that I have the need to explore and learn about what this is all about. I can only assume that this was the way it was for everyone else when ...

Pis 03, 03 / Jan 31, 19 21:02 UTC
As a new member I am very excited to see where this goes and how far we can take it. I believe that, through working together, humanity is capable of great things. Maybe we can become one of those great things? Who knows?
Cap 16, 02 / Dec 18, 18 19:12 UTC
Yeah, Space Citizenship being a real step towards getting full benefits and making it all "official". Asgardia has made some huge steps since I became an active member here.
Sag 16, 02 / Nov 20, 18 05:36 UTC
I'm excited to see what's next!
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