Tau 27, 03 / Apr 21, 19 12:38 UTC
Hey guys, does anybody know what means the number of free uploads which is limited to 5 and levels we have being attributed ?
Gem 04, 03 / Apr 26, 19 12:03 UTC
В своём профиле, можеш ввести свой ник: https://asgardia.space/en/user/profile/edit/
Gem 04, 03 / Apr 26, 19 11:35 UTC
That are basics???? Is oxygen included to the set of basics?
Gem 04, 03 / Apr 26, 19 11:33 UTC
Opened everybody's profile. Nodoby else to upvote for me. Each of you already level 3. NOBIDY ELSE CAN EVEN REACH YOU. what sort of halifat do you create?
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Ari 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 15:40 UTC


A rendering of a possible lunar habitat, featuring elements printed in 3D with lunar soil. European Space Agency/Foster + Partners


This concept involves identifying, extracting and processing ...

Tau 27, 03 / Apr 21, 19 12:10 UTC
What do you mean by stability?
Tau 27, 03 / Apr 21, 19 09:21 UTC
When mastering the moon, it is important not to harm the Earth. If we change the stability of its orbit by excessive actions, various unpleasant things can happen!
Ari 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 20:28 UTC
Yes, as long as these robots will be able to identify, extract and process their own rocket fuel :)
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Ari 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 15:24 UTC

In one very small (and thus limited) but interesting study, Qing Li, a professor at Nippon Medical School in Tokyo, measured the activity of human natural killer (NK) cells in 12 men’s ...

Ari 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 20:51 UTC
Bacteria and insects, yes.
Ari 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 20:22 UTC
Are animals and insects would be part of this ?
Ari 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 19:08 UTC
If humans plan to live in space outside earth, they should first setup a natural environment and make it part of the living quarters.
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Pis 25, 03 / Feb 22, 19 13:47 UTC

SpaceX вывела на орбиту три космических аппарата, в том числе израильский лунный аппарат, представляющий первую финансируемую из частных источников лунную миссию, сообщает CNBC.
SpaceX запустила ракету-носитель Falcon 9 в четверг в 20:45 (04:45 мск пятницы) с базы ВВС США на мысе ...

Pis 25, 03 / Feb 22, 19 14:58 UTC
now we wait for the moon landing
Pis 23, 03 / Feb 20, 19 23:26 UTC

The planets may get top billing in the solar system, but they are far outnumbered by the moons. There are hundreds, and they come in all kinds of varieties, like a cosmic tray of ...

Pis 23, 03 / Feb 20, 19 23:21 UTC

In late 2015, in the Chilean desert, astronomers pointed a telescope at a faint, nearby star known as a red dwarf. Amid the star’s dim infrared glow, they spotted periodic dips, a telltale sign that something was passing in ...

Pis 23, 03 / Feb 20, 19 23:15 UTC

Astronomers believe that most of the planets in our galaxy that have Earth-like temperatures are likely to be tidally locked. Because their ...

Pis 09, 03 / Feb 6, 19 13:39 UTC

Magnetic north has never sat still. In the last hundred years or so, the direction in which our compasses steadfastly point has lumbered ever northward, driven by Earth 's churning liquid outer core some 1,800 miles beneath the surface. Yet in ...

Pis 09, 03 / Feb 6, 19 21:29 UTC
My second short cut of this first short cut is that we could say the same about the sun, with its sun spots cycle and the moving of the suns magnetic fields resulting in different heat outputs.
Pis 09, 03 / Feb 6, 19 14:35 UTC
To make a very fast short cut here, if the magnetic fields are moving then the convections in the lava are also changing with a result of changing directions of the earths crust, plates and belonging vulcano's.
Pis 07, 03 / Feb 4, 19 16:56 UTC

How often are we told not to share our passwords?

Well, customers of Canadian crypto exchange QuadrigaCX wish its founder, Gerald Cotten, had ignored this advice. Cotten, who reportedly died in December 2018, took with him a costly piece of information — the password to access the ...

Pis 09, 03 / Feb 6, 19 13:27 UTC
Да, об этом сейчас уже многие пишут. Cегодня в Твиттере прочитала, что такая практика была "необычной". Но и кто бы мог подумать, основателю было всего 30 лет!
Pis 08, 03 / Feb 5, 19 23:59 UTC
Так они и будут передоваться по наследству так сказать, умер или освободился от должности, передай пароль приемнику. Второй образец пароля должен находиться у самого доверенного хранителя.
Pis 07, 03 / Feb 4, 19 18:13 UTC
Часть криптовалюты, обычно, храниться в так называемом, холодном хранилище - это автономный цифровой кошелек, предназначенный для хранения биткойнов. Он не подключен к интернету,что защищает его от несанкционированного доступа, кибер-хакеров и других аттак, которым подвержена система, подключенная к интернету. В данном случае тот, у кого был доступ к такому хранилищу скоропостижно ...
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Aqu 27, 03 / Jan 27, 19 21:41 UTC

Scientists have spotted repeated blasts of radio signals coming from deep in space.

The breakthrough is only the second time scientists have seen such a repeating radio burst. It both deepens the mystery and offers a potential opportunity to finally understand what ...

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