Oct 19, 02 / Oct 26, 18 12:12 UTC

Are we programmed like advanced A.I.? Maybe we are more related to A.I. then “they” let us know 🤔.

Oct 21, 02 / Oct 28, 18 16:08 UTC
Yeah, but I think more and more people are ”waking up” from this mass psychosis that we been living under för a long time. Now they are talking about indigo children, crystall children and blue-ray children. And that they have a higher frequency. They are more spiritual and some say ...
Oct 21, 02 / Oct 28, 18 13:14 UTC
On the science part it is ok, but the part that learns us is like being in a box. You have to learn that, you have to succeed in that, you have to do this job, you have to earn money, you have to listen to falls promises, you have ...
Oct 21, 02 / Oct 28, 18 11:51 UTC
So, enlighten me! All the way since birth we listen, feel (touch) and see what others do. We store all that information that helps us develop and grow. You can translate that information to numbers. What do you think it is if not a advanced A.I.?
Oct 19, 02 / Oct 26, 18 10:57 UTC
Time traveling

We are living in a multidimensional reality and travels through different timelines and dimensions. Time is both an illusion and a tool.

Oct 19, 02 / Oct 26, 18 07:46 UTC
Peace, love & understanding

With communication we can accomplish peace & understanding for one and other.

We want to live in a reality where we are alouded to love and beeing happy.

Together we can go far.

Oct 19, 02 / Oct 26, 18 07:22 UTC
The real Matrix

Our life are filled with numbers. It’s a huge program that we are part of.

“Welcome to the machine”

Oct 19, 02 / Oct 26, 18 07:12 UTC
Trueman show

Are we living in a reality produced by programmers?

Are we actors in our own life?

Let’s play “the game of life - Earth experiance”

Oct 18, 02 / Oct 25, 18 20:59 UTC
Parallel universes

Do we live with parallel universes around us?

Yes we do!

Oct 18, 02 / Oct 25, 18 20:46 UTC

We don’t always need a “spaceship” to travel to space. For some space traveling we just need to meditate, dream, have a near death experience or doing hypnosis.

We can travel between worlds in our “mind”.

Safe travel

// Richard ...

Oct 18, 02 / Oct 25, 18 17:48 UTC

I had some interesting moments exploring the Arcturians and listen to some messages.

What do YOU think about the Arcturians?

Oct 18, 02 / Oct 25, 18 17:39 UTC
Captain on my boat in the earth experiance

Understanding the symbols and metaphors of life.

“Captain of a boat” (controller of your own body)

I been sailing the waves of life in 40 years. It’s been calm to stormy. It’s been raining, snowing, sunny & darkness through the four seasons of Scandinavia.

Oct 18, 02 / Oct 25, 18 16:26 UTC
Proud asguardian warrior

I’m a proud asguardian warrior fighting for peace, love and understanding. I believe in truth. But I also sometimes think truth needs to be protected from evil forces. We are warriors of the world.

Fighting for true brotherhood, sisterhood, friends & family.

Oct 18, 02 / Oct 25, 18 17:17 UTC
Oct 18, 02 / Oct 25, 18 16:47 UTC
Warriors who fight with kind souls and not with aggressive weapons.
Oct 18, 02 / Oct 25, 18 15:47 UTC
Viking Spirit & touristambassadour

Im a viking spirit from the north.

Im proud of beeing born and raised in the countryside of Sweden with alot of mountains, lakes and forests around me. I grew up partly on my stepdads, fathers farm and partly in a familyvilla area close to a city. ...

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