Ari 00, 03 / Feb 25, 19 13:09 UTC

I want to save human race and to (re-)build a nation.

For this I found a brotherhood based on the following: preserve human race, mutual assistance/help, power, wealth and love.

My interest is also/mostly to colonize an outer planet and if possible to govern it. ...

Cap 09, 02 / Dec 11, 18 01:00 UTC
My Ark-Star-ship Project


Dear people, residents, citizens, followers and simple visitors, members or not members,

Few years ago, I thought to a plan of creating an efficient star-ship which could carry thousands of people (145,000) in space into a ship at a maximum of 1 kilometer, or ...

Ari 00, 03 / Feb 25, 19 13:22 UTC
I know that, but I am alone here. Whatever I want to do, hope don't help, only actions.
Pis 19, 03 / Feb 16, 19 01:43 UTC
The kingdom is still young. Don't loose hope.
Cap 10, 02 / Dec 12, 18 20:03 UTC
it looks that no one is interested to this post
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