Ari 23, 04 / Mar 19, 20 03:10 UTC
Well, the coronavirus has caused all schools in Kansas to close for the rest of the school year, so I will have a lot more time to be here on Asgardia! Everyone stay healthy and safe!
Leo 26, 04 / Jul 12, 20 16:33 UTC
We are living into a new world unfortunantelly
Ari 23, 04 / Mar 19, 20 19:18 UTC
I did yesterday after hearing about it on your podcast! Keep up the great work!
Ari 23, 04 / Mar 19, 20 16:35 UTC
If you have time in your hands and want to join a thriving Asgardian Community, join the Nation Builders!
Ari 23, 04 / Mar 19, 20 03:01 UTC
Now that Ana Mercedes Diaz resigned, do we know who the new Prime Minister will be? I've been doing a little research but haven't found anything about it. Thanks, and have a great evening everyone!
Ari 23, 04 / Mar 19, 20 19:16 UTC
Thank you, I will look forward to the event!
Ari 23, 04 / Mar 19, 20 19:15 UTC
Muchas gracias por la información.
Ari 23, 04 / Mar 19, 20 18:21 UTC
Quien designa al primer ministro es el jefe de la nación vamos a esperar
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Oph 14, 03 / Oct 21, 19 00:45 UTC
I was super excited when they came out with the sols on the website; however, there hasn't been really any change in relations to their function. The only major thing we can do right now is donate sols to content creators we like. I'm completely fine with that; however, I ...
Sag 03, 03 / Nov 7, 19 03:25 UTC
I agree, I feel creating an economy, even a small one, will be much more efficient than asking for a large sum upfront, then 100 euros every year after that. I am lucky to live in an area that is wealthier; however, many aren't so lucky and 1100 euros is ...
Oph 20, 03 / Oct 27, 19 20:03 UTC
Our community is great
Oph 19, 03 / Oct 26, 19 06:18 UTC
We should create our own economy, and in that way generate taxes, incomes for this New nation not just ask 1100 Euros out the pocket, for example I have a BPO company, maybe another Asgardian need my services We contract online under Asgardian laws and payment process through Bitcoins or ...
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Vir 00, 03 / Jul 15, 19 04:13 UTC
Asgardia has many goals, however, some of the major ones are 1. Having a human be born in outer space, and 2. creating Asgardia's infrastructure in space via satellites and machines on the moon and other planets and natural satellites. However, do we know even a rough estimate of when ...
Lib 24, 03 / Sep 5, 19 02:41 UTC
I agree, everyone wants things to take off at lightspeed, but Asgardia is still a fairly young/new nation, and there is so much that needs to be done legally, and that's a bunch of what Parliament and the government are doing: getting recognized by other countries and the U.N., creating ...
Vir 00, 03 / Jul 15, 19 22:42 UTC
Most people have no idea how to contribute to Asgardia, other than taking part on here or in the Facebook group. Most people want things to speed along at light speed. We wont be going to space for 20 or more years. Asgardia needs money
Vir 00, 03 / Jul 15, 19 05:28 UTC
You can always go to official Parliament forum to ask questions and they should be able to answer your questions if possible with their busy schedule?
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Leo 19, 03 / Jul 6, 19 01:14 UTC
I am currently 16 years old, and I only know English. While going through the Asgardian forums, I see all these other languages, and I feel bad that I can't understand what they are saying. I have been taking Spanish Class at school, though my pace seems slow to me. ...
Leo 20, 03 / Jul 7, 19 10:43 UTC
Tips are hard to give as each individual learns by different stimulation What people where tought in school by bruteforce repetitive methods , may be very inefficient for the vast majority I personally (as the only tip i can give you out of own learning experience) would be: - grab ...
Leo 19, 03 / Jul 6, 19 14:06 UTC
Cool, so did your friend have any troubles with getting vocabulary mixed between the 18 languages while learning them? How long did it take for your friend to then master all 18, did he start them all at the same time then master them months and years apart? Sorry for ...
Leo 19, 03 / Jul 6, 19 14:03 UTC
oh, cool, I didn't realize that! Thank you!
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Leo 01, 03 / Jun 18, 19 17:54 UTC
Happy Unity Day! I hope everyone is having an amazing day! This is Asgardia's third birthday, which is amazing. To think, a single idea, criticized for being unrealistic, and impossible, has now been reality for three years! That fact, just astonishes me! This Nation can do ANYTHING that we set ...
Leo 01, 03 / Jun 18, 19 20:19 UTC
Happy Unity Day to you, Kyler!
Leo 01, 03 / Jun 18, 19 19:41 UTC
Happy Unity Day to you and all Asgardians
Leo 01, 03 / Jun 18, 19 19:14 UTC
Happy Unity Day!
Can 05, 03 / May 25, 19 00:14 UTC
I was thinking of a sort of business/history collecting proposal for Asgardia. What if they had virtual cemeteries. A person pays, let's say 100 solars or 100 euros, and they get "x" amount of space on an Asgardian satellite or server (mb or gb) and they can upload pictures of ...
Can 07, 03 / May 27, 19 23:57 UTC
The vision Kyle is that sooner or later We will be able to re create the vision of what is shown in famous Superman series, coding and storing in 5D our loved beings who have lived in quartz crystals (Karl Er visit the photonic projection of his father Jor Erl ...
Can 06, 03 / May 26, 19 03:27 UTC
It's very interesting how far we've advanced and how humanity was able, even without communications with one another, create written languages. It's as if we are following an "advancement tree" and all civilizations will achieve a certain skill before moving on to the next stage of civilization.
Can 06, 03 / May 26, 19 03:23 UTC
Excellent vision my friend Fernando!!
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Can 02, 03 / May 22, 19 17:27 UTC
Name Being Sent to Mars
Signed my name up to be sent to Mars in 2020! It's free: ***Thank you rejgau for making a post about this earlier, I wouldn't have found this without his post!***
Can 03, 03 / May 23, 19 21:11 UTC
I'll look for it and join next time I have free time (I have 32 hours of work the next 3 days, so I wont be on much). Thank you for telling me about the group!
Can 03, 03 / May 23, 19 06:36 UTC
My name has already landed with the previous mission ;-) Why don't you join our "Asgardia General Official" Facebook official group?
Can 01, 03 / May 21, 19 20:41 UTC
Is the marketplace suppose to not have anything for followers? Or is the page empty for everyone? Whenever I click on it, it always just leads me to an empty page with links to social media platforms. This then has me confused on where people are getting solars? I would ...
Can 03, 03 / May 23, 19 15:16 UTC
In question of the Asgardia Market are already working with some proposals, we hope that they leave soon to help our Recidents. If you are a visitor I invite you to join, have more participations, do not be afraid we are here to help in the best possible way,.
Can 02, 03 / May 22, 19 23:14 UTC
Thank you!! I forgot about the Twitter page, I'll make sure to turn on the notifications :)
Can 02, 03 / May 22, 19 21:08 UTC
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Can 00, 03 / May 20, 19 16:59 UTC
The government has stated that they plan on making investment options for different projects that they will be doing. However, the source of which I had received the information didn't have much information about the topic outside of that. Has anyone else head anything more about this? Would they sell ...
Can 01, 03 / May 21, 19 19:16 UTC
Currently it's just not profitable or in the interest of people to invest as literally, there is nothing physical happening, I hope this changes as time goes on because we can't continue believing that we will eventually get there if we do nothing to actually increase investment and a reason ...
Can 01, 03 / May 21, 19 19:13 UTC
Yeah, I know they were wanting to make a group of like 10,000 satellites (don't quote me on that number) to make a world wide internet connection via satellite for everyone to have access to for cheap. This is one of their main goals, so I assume we would start ...
Can 01, 03 / May 21, 19 18:15 UTC
The thing is, investment is crucial. The ISS is worth at over 150 billion usd, and they're only receiving that money for the research and experiments that they conduct. If Asgardia wishes to establish a presence in space we too also need to conduct research or provide some sort of ...
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Gem 15, 03 / May 7, 19 01:57 UTC
Hello fellow Asgardians, Unfortunately I took about a month break from the internet as I focused on getting to the end of school. Thankfully, I am back, and when I returned I found so much change! I have read a lot of articles to try and catch up, and have ...
Pis 23, 03 / Feb 20, 19 23:52 UTC

I just posted what I think are the three most important things the government needs to tackle next. Here's the link . You can vote if you agree or not on the forum as well, and leave any comments with what you think the three most ...

Ari 03, 03 / Feb 28, 19 19:59 UTC
You ask questions whose answer is in the effort of each human being to take care of the planet, Asgardia is an option that tests abilities and intellect of all of us, nothing is taken for granted, the important thing is to recognize that the same planet gives us answers ...
Ari 01, 03 / Feb 26, 19 20:29 UTC
Si eres asgardiano sigues sus pasos y puedes conocer su objetivo y objetivos a corte y largo plazo
Ari 01, 03 / Feb 26, 19 13:39 UTC
Ok. I would say something but, you say it all. and, what is the goal? do you know? the goal is Asgardia, not Asgardia achieve a gold, the Earth will kick us out, is time for frozen, again, is normal, natural thing of the planet, she does not care about ...
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Pis 19, 03 / Feb 16, 19 18:28 UTC

I just posted my first forum post about the possibility of starting Asgardia Community Programs which can help fund the Asgardia government. My suggestion was the Asgardia Honey Bee Initiative. If enough people are interested in starting this, we can get together and try to form how the Program ...

Pis 18, 03 / Feb 15, 19 18:27 UTC

This is my first post, and I am extremely excited! I found Asgardia only a few days ago, though my fascination and love of space has been with me my entire life. Asgardia is an amazing country, and I can't wait to be part of it. I love to ...

Pis 24, 03 / Feb 21, 19 13:52 UTC
I might look into getting that book. Law fascinates me as it seems as though the majority of the populus doesn't understand law, and shy away from trying to comprehend. I think I will remain in this state of legality unless I have my parent(s) become citizens (won't try to ...
Pis 24, 03 / Feb 21, 19 08:37 UTC
Welcome to Asgardia. In my interpretation, with a weighing analysis (to put in a balance of constitutional fundamental rights for and against), the rights, derived from the fact of being a minor, are more important, therefore the balance is heavier for this side, protection , for being a minor. So, ...
Pis 21, 03 / Feb 18, 19 13:23 UTC
Thanks for your support! I am trying! Fingers crossed.
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