Pis 17, 04 / Feb 14, 20 10:25 UTC
But there will be space steamers....
As you probably already know, I am interested in the application of steam in the propulsion of units moving in our solar system. Contrary to appearances it is not an issue from the Scientific Fantasy. In the third quarter of 2020, the Polish company "SatRevolution" intends to place SteamSat ( ...
Pis 17, 04 / Feb 14, 20 10:45 UTC
That too.
Pis 17, 04 / Feb 14, 20 10:38 UTC
Steam-power and space-debris.
Pis 13, 04 / Feb 10, 20 20:07 UTC
Aqu 17, 04 / Jan 17, 20 20:30 UTC
Because it's still Friday...
A photograph of historical value. And on it... an original and innovative technique of temporary restoration of IBM's laptop with the help of carpentry clamps and Scottish music. A technique with a certain level of effectiveness... ...I think the sounds of Bagpipes are particularly useful (...or maybe not?).
Pis 14, 04 / Feb 11, 20 19:00 UTC
Aqu 17, 04 / Jan 17, 20 19:50 UTC
Because it's Friday...
Creative use of tableware elements in the operation of household appliances. On your own example. Or maybe you have your own experience in solving problems with household appliances?
Aqu 18, 04 / Jan 18, 20 11:19 UTC
There's only one problem. The knife (locking lock) must be washed by hand. :-)
Aqu 17, 04 / Jan 17, 20 14:34 UTC
ESA- advanced work on obtaining oxygen and metals from lunar regolith
In Noordwijk, the Netherlands, ESA (European Space Agency) has launched an experimental oxygen production plant. Due to the planned new stage of manned conquest of the Moon (and later Mars), there has been a change of supply concept. It was decided that it would be cheaper and safer to obtain ...
Aqu 17, 04 / Jan 17, 20 09:39 UTC
Inspired by the moving entry
And this is my place of work (a picture from a few weeks ago, taken by some malignant.) In everyday life a "battery" is rather not necessary, although it can be useful. And the coffee is without a refill :-). And it is nice to know that you are somewhere... ...
Cap 17, 03 / Dec 19, 19 20:04 UTC
Faith that gives you the power to survive.
What support is needed to overcome fear and to rest on a fiery chariot, carrying human beings into the realm of darkness, cold and eternal silence of space. Photo Credit: (NASA/Bill Ingalls)
Cap 17, 03 / Dec 19, 19 21:34 UTC
Space is the realm of the spirits, we should bring our good spirits toward it true a new space-humanity.
Cap 17, 03 / Dec 19, 19 21:08 UTC
If religion promote love, enlightening, peace and charity, all the blessings are welcomed
Cap 15, 03 / Dec 17, 19 12:37 UTC
Cap 14, 03 / Dec 16, 19 13:28 UTC
Do not regret your lips...
We're... We're... Tired of the gray. Misunderstood. Lonely. We are sore in the crowd of indifference. Huddled together in the darkness of misunderstandings. Full of shadows. We suffer.... And yet it is enough to just lift your head and in the omnipresent smog of gloomy, fearful and overwhelming reality, just ...
Cap 08, 03 / Dec 10, 19 13:59 UTC
Olga and getting to know the world
This is how Olga Tokarczuk, this year's Nobel Prize winner, writes about her first encounter with the mysteries of space: "...radio later became my great childhood companion; from it I learned of the existence of the cosmos. Turning an ebony knob shifted the delicate feelers of the antennae, and into ...
Cap 10, 03 / Dec 12, 19 13:08 UTC
A sense of inevitable defeat is inherent in my life... ;/ However, I did not read "The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes - and Why"
Cap 10, 03 / Dec 12, 19 11:37 UTC
Thanks for the share. Similiar thoughts here. The (human) world seems to rot away with every day. It looks like ppl (incl. myself) only learn by deep crisis. And my feelings are that this collective crisis is approaching closer every day. "Per aspera ad astra".
Cap 09, 03 / Dec 11, 19 09:15 UTC
But sometimes, when for a moment, you'll stop... Your time has leaked, through less and less efficient hands.... Poor eyesight no longer reaches the stars. Only in the soul, something else is playing quietly... But. Maturity with a pinch of humility towards the phenomena of this world, especially when accompanied ...
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Cap 05, 03 / Dec 7, 19 15:55 UTC
European copper mines in North America
The large copper mines that were most likely founded by light-skinned sailors in the centre of North America were connected by a transatlantic shipping route to Europe, where the Bronze Age reigned at that time. Hundreds of thousands of tons of ore have flowed through this sea route over thousands ...
Cap 05, 03 / Dec 7, 19 16:31 UTC
Yes, a shortcut via space would be needed at least for the download part.
Cap 05, 03 / Dec 7, 19 16:28 UTC
It's an interesting idea. Nevertheless, the transfer is strongly dependent on the level of development of the teletechnical infrastructure.
Cap 05, 03 / Dec 7, 19 16:18 UTC
Small idea, lots of us have 24/7 internet. What if we would share a piece of that internet to poor countries. We could do the same with computing time and data compression, as examples.
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Oph 14, 03 / Oct 21, 19 07:31 UTC
.. Again, look at the hands of NASA engineers...
...and see (live) how JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) in Pasadena is building a rover for the mission MARS 2010 (since June, the rover construction is already quite advanced): https://mars.nasa.gov/mars2020/mission/where-is-the-rover/
Oph 10, 03 / Oct 17, 19 17:19 UTC
We are passing away
It is sowing time and harvest time. A time of lush flowering in life-giving rain and a time of withering. We are passing. We're leaving. Among relatives and yet lonely in suffering ... We fall asleep. Sometimes only in the dark, which is a distant announcement of the pre-dawn, the ...
Oph 10, 03 / Oct 17, 19 19:55 UTC
Just. A matter is a worth deeper reflection.
Oph 10, 03 / Oct 17, 19 17:48 UTC
Very poetic with a hue of melancholy. At certain age we realize our personal dawn and this adds to our lives colour and experession. On the other hand we experience existence and non-existence with every day waking-up and every night falling asleep. So its very natural to be AND not ...
Oph 10, 03 / Oct 17, 19 15:06 UTC
Department of Dialogue with Aliens?
How about the Department of Dialogue with Aliens? We know that aliens exist. Scientists, including those from NASA, say that the meeting may take place soon. And what about us? Are we ready for this? Maybe it would be worthwhile to set up a team of experts. Or maybe our ...
Oph 17, 03 / Oct 24, 19 19:39 UTC
Не плохо. ))
Oph 10, 03 / Oct 17, 19 20:35 UTC
Perhaps it is worth fighting to create a "department for contacts with intelligences other than homo sapiens"? https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/civic-initiatives-173/topic/department-for-contacts-with-other-25395/
Oph 10, 03 / Oct 17, 19 20:11 UTC
Yeah... yeah. However (as you probably know, Francis Crick, Fred Hoyle) some scientific discoveries indicate the possibility of interference of "someone" in our genome. Nevertheless, you're right, a fascinating subject. Worth working on.
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Sco 25, 03 / Oct 4, 19 09:54 UTC
Wrocław invites you to
"World Space Week" is an initiative whose goal is to promote science and technology, in particular issues related to the conquest of space. This event was initiated by the United Nations in 1999. At the moment, it is the largest international open space event. An international popular science initiative is ...
Vir 08, 03 / Jul 23, 19 08:51 UTC
Today is a good day
Today is a cloudy day, but in the soul there is something cheerful playing there. And all this thanks to a nice correspondence received from asgardia.team. I read in it how important and necessary I am and that it is high time for me to actively participate in the life ...
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