Can 07, 03 / May 27, 19 17:26 UTC
In one of my previous post I tried touching the concepts of dimensions. Okay there are three . single dimension(1D) , double dimension (2D)and triple dimension (3D). For life forms that lives in first dimension knowns only length,that is flat object/view. They don't know or don't have prebuilt capacity to ...
Can 08, 03 / May 28, 19 07:52 UTC
Great! Also, you received an interview proposal from SpaceCitizenNews in your asgardian mailbox here. Can you check?
Can 07, 03 / May 27, 19 18:18 UTC
Hi Ivan, glad to see your participation. Sure I will come up with detailed post on the forth and above dimensions.
Can 07, 03 / May 27, 19 18:09 UTC
What about the forth dimension that adds momentum and existence to the equation? That surely should be the topic of another one of your posts, Goutham!
Can 03, 03 / May 23, 19 03:07 UTC
Mission Mars
Thanks Rejgau and kyler for making informed about this by your post. Signed my name up to be sent to Mars in 2020
Gem 19, 03 / May 11, 19 18:26 UTC
What makes our world, what assures that we are alive? The Five senses. Sight , smell, touch ,hearing and taste . With all these senses we assure our self we are alive. Where is the world then? Is it around us? Everything is seen, heard, smelt, felt and tasted inside ...
Gem 20, 03 / May 12, 19 17:57 UTC
Very well! :D
Gem 20, 03 / May 12, 19 13:35 UTC
Oeps, that is alot of work for nothing. I hope you can refund it all. Maybe we will have an official announcement about this with maybe some solutions.
Gem 20, 03 / May 12, 19 13:24 UTC
I booket two tickets, wanted to go with my dad. Need to cancel fly tickets, hotel, and i too requested vacation from work. :(
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Gem 17, 03 / May 9, 19 17:44 UTC
Hi Asgardians friends I would like to learn the concept behind different statuses assigned on the profile of our asgardians . I came across few . Newbie follower, New follower, Resident, Active resident, Engaged resident, mayor candidate, mayor,Parliamentarian. Mayor candidates are contestants and mayors are elected members,apart from this Residents ...
Leo 11, 03 / Jun 28, 19 13:46 UTC
Also, why are they charging for the citizenship? Who are the actual citizens? The ones who have paid for citizenship gets some benefits and right to vote. What about others who have just become an Asgardian member (if I may call so)?
Leo 01, 03 / Jun 18, 19 01:42 UTC
same question) need to clarify it somehow.. ie my status is New Resident. what does it mean? there is a question mark link near it, but doesnt work..
Gem 19, 03 / May 11, 19 02:56 UTC
Yeah, explanations of different features is what Asgardia is struggling with most when it comes to Communications. They really need an updated Questions and Answers page, and a thorough explanation of what new features do whenever they come out with them.
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Gem 15, 03 / May 7, 19 04:12 UTC

Hi Let's make Asgardia Great...

Gem 15, 03 / May 7, 19 12:37 UTC
Thanks for upvote katana
Gem 15, 03 / May 7, 19 10:05 UTC
Thanks for upvote Anton
Gem 14, 03 / May 6, 19 17:27 UTC
DID YOU KNOW? Our belly button (NABHI ) is an amazing gift given to us by our creator. A 62 year old man had poor vision in his left eye. He could hardly see especially at night and was told by eye specialists that his eyes were in a good ...
Gem 15, 03 / May 7, 19 21:51 UTC
Interesting. I always thought belly buttons were "innes" or "outties" solely on the doctor, and not the individual baby. Is there a genetic trait that scientists know of that determines this characteristic? If so, would it be a recessive trait? If it is, I wonder if there are different cultures ...
Gem 15, 03 / May 7, 19 14:06 UTC
Yeah this is practically proven cure. You can try if you would like to.
Gem 15, 03 / May 7, 19 13:12 UTC
Seriously? I use only oils for my skin but never in belly button. Actually I practise sth different. I keep my hand on the middle of pain and meditate. Just this.
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Gem 13, 03 / May 5, 19 07:50 UTC
We Humans Always lives in Past, There no Concept called Present...
Brains are bizarre. There is much we don’t know about the critical operating mass between our ears, and the little that we do know raises more unsettling questions about our perception of the world than most of us would care to contemplate. Take, for instance, the fact that we are ...
Gem 13, 03 / May 5, 19 16:53 UTC
Hi Kyler, thanks for leaving your thoughts here. In the first place Humans have ability to see/visualize much more than what we actually do . But intensionally these type abilities are blocked or I would say limited for almost all the humans for the same reason that you quoted above. ...
Gem 13, 03 / May 5, 19 12:55 UTC
This is an interesting concept. I wonder what it would be like if we lived in the present then? What if there's a lot more that we actually could sense, but it's simply too much for the brain to filter in within that duration of time, so it simply throws ...
Gem 13, 03 / May 5, 19 08:58 UTC
Hi Dirk, thanks and glad to see you share your thoughts and experience on this concept. Yeah if you are a lucid dreamer, its a doorway to visualize the future. Also by proper meditation we can train our brain to separate myth from truth as and when or even before ...
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Gem 12, 03 / May 4, 19 03:22 UTC
Today May 4, 2019 Amavaysa is one of the most important days of the century. This particular day is a Saturday with Amavasya or No Moon along with planetary configurations which are amazingly beneficial for mankind. On this day there are certain important times when we should sit and meditate ...
Gem 12, 03 / May 4, 19 03:17 UTC
Today May 4, 2019 Amavaysa is one of the most important days of the century. This particular day is a Saturday with Amavasya or No Moon along with planetary configurations which are amazingly beneficial for mankind. On this day there are certain important times when we should sit and meditate ...
Gem 11, 03 / May 3, 19 18:09 UTC
Hi Asgardians in chennai. This is Dedicated community for Us. We can collaborate, share and discuss on topics on self improvement and Asgardia's improvement. Follow this link to join . I welcome you all.
Gem 10, 03 / May 2, 19 17:16 UTC
Hi my Asgardian friends I have a small though to share with you all just to know am I alone in this thought process . OK let me first like to know the response for these questions as it will be good to know. 1. Have you ever kept a ...
Gem 11, 03 / May 3, 19 09:06 UTC
Hi thanks for reading my post and making it lively by discussion. First of I would like to bring to your notice that its my personal view that I framed from few of my own experiences. As my post name says may or may not. My inputs that I listed ...
Gem 11, 03 / May 3, 19 06:16 UTC
Can you answer these questions related to your theory. First if all this is true and a advanced spieces is the cause of this what do they have to gain by do this. Second what id your view regarding deliberate vs accidental vs natural in this theory, how do you ...
Gem 11, 03 / May 3, 19 03:14 UTC
Hi Ivan, perspective changes with each and everyone. But somehow you found my article interesting in one way or other. :-)
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Gem 06, 03 / Apr 28, 19 17:03 UTC
Hi Asgardians . I am using this wonderful portal of asgardia. For me its an unique concept of engaging like minded people together .So that the portal can do more productive planning and commissioning of new concepts that can be really worthy for both the space nation as well as ...
Gem 07, 03 / Apr 29, 19 09:08 UTC
Thank you ☺️ 🙏
Gem 07, 03 / Apr 29, 19 07:33 UTC
Yeah well said Marcus...
Gem 07, 03 / Apr 29, 19 00:26 UTC
Yes I was just thinking the same thing the other night to myself. I think asgardia has something of potential to be a bright and abundant place. Even though it's just beginning with our economy and stuff I can see that potential, already:) I think the economy we've started even ...
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Gem 05, 03 / Apr 27, 19 03:34 UTC
Happy weekend my Asgardians friends
Reset...Relax...Reprogram your System... Its weekend..!
Gem 06, 03 / Apr 28, 19 09:10 UTC
Yeah its the true concept of science . Theories like teleportation, omnipresence are there and few others in astro physics proved this in few instances. I think..
Gem 06, 03 / Apr 28, 19 09:06 UTC
Yes, our brain is trapped inside our body, but our mind can travel true the whole universe.
Gem 03, 03 / Apr 25, 19 12:43 UTC
An earth away from earth going to guard earth as a guardian-"Asgardia"
Gem 02, 03 / Apr 24, 19 19:07 UTC
Lakhs of research and thousands of inventions ,every now and then , but who is the real fulcrum behind these research and inventions? Studies? All the knowledge that an invention can take already engraved somewhere. Before even the the birth of any physical or non physical invention . The result ...
Gem 03, 03 / Apr 25, 19 13:57 UTC
it has to be a combination of Money and Brains. However, people have built and designed things without a whole lot of money that have make great impacts upon the lives of people around them. So for very little one can possibly change the world.
Gem 03, 03 / Apr 25, 19 03:11 UTC
Yeah up to certain extent . but only with money or only with brain its difficult to balance the situation. At last even money is once an invention of human brain and child of life process. But we humans made it as life of human in long run. Now it ...
Gem 02, 03 / Apr 24, 19 19:24 UTC
I like what you have to say. However, I wouldnt' only say the Brain. I would add lack of money, lack of investment into some possible innovations. We can think of many ways to solve problems with our brain, but without funding and facilities those technologies may never be born, ...
Gem 00, 03 / Apr 22, 19 03:30 UTC
New week.. New thought... New possibilities!
Stay strong like none other, Pierce through the tough times like an burning astroid nullifying tough times around. Grasp even the invisible possibility like magnet. Think a way to come of temporary comfort as it destroys vision of opportunities for an wider permanent success
Gem 00, 03 / Apr 22, 19 16:06 UTC
Hi thanks for the upvotes asgardian friends...
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