May 26, 03 / May 18, 19 15:01 UTC
I am so excited to be a part of Asgardia! I would love to meet more Asgardians! I have never traveled outside or my earth country and I would love to have the chance to do so!! Any suggestions on a great travel location?
Jun 8, 03 / May 28, 19 01:17 UTC
Egypt would be a great choice if you're interested in History and Love beaches 👌
Jun 2, 03 / May 22, 19 02:16 UTC
Last Summer, I went to Spain, Italy, and the Vatican, and I loved it! I feel anywhere though will be a new experience, and if you find you love traveling, just about anywhere you will find something you'll enjoy, and will love it. Just pick a country that you are ...
May 28, 03 / May 20, 19 20:02 UTC
Merci Nissem ! :-)
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