Vir 26, 03 / Aug 10, 19 06:39 UTC
Confusion and Anger mixed with Happiness and Relief
My Citizen profile, this page CEASED TO EXIST for a number of hours, all my forum posts were deleted, now I'm magically restored. This project is a cluster fuck. I'm greatful to have my profile restored but this has taught me to not put all my space exploration eggs in ...
Lib 00, 03 / Aug 12, 19 14:52 UTC
Actually that was a moderation error and your account was shut down for spam posts. After secondary review you were restored. Apologies for that!
Vir 25, 03 / Aug 9, 19 08:20 UTC
I have been chatting with a human via twitter that gets telepathic messages from ET, they call themselves Sandia. Even if they aren't real they have made me more open to thinking about real ET visiting Earth now. How mind blowing that would be and such. They say Disclosure might ...
Vir 27, 03 / Aug 11, 19 07:41 UTC
I always wonder how they will exchange their knowledge with us, but that will be wonderful experience. Who knows some of them know our language.
Vir 25, 03 / Aug 9, 19 07:47 UTC
Hello I have been facinating with Cryonics for nearly 2 decades and I know a little about it but not a whole lot. Vitrification is often used to allow the body (your body is 70%ish Water) to endure the colder temperatures with less ice fracturing. Currently there is still a ...
Pis 04, 02 / Feb 1, 18 08:35 UTC
Official Cover Art Test Lol

Welcome to CryoKeen's Profile || Research Interests: #cryonics #deepspace #medicaltech #memeology #nanites #nanotech #ufos #uaps #earth #mars #venus #spacestations #antarctica #moonbase

Sco 01, 01 / Sep 10, 17 11:26 UTC
Cryogenic Cyborg

I help popularize our great nation of Asgardia and promote Space Science and Travel as well as emerging technologies such as cryonics, cubesats, cyberization and more!

Lib 22, 01 / Sep 3, 17 05:19 UTC
Introduction - Vote 4 CRYOkeen & help asgardia grow

Hi. I love Asgardia, the concept at least, and hope to continue to raise awareness about this ambitious amazing project. I think many people like myself would love to think and work seriously toward the goal of living in outer space.

Perhaps part our first steps would ...

Lib 19, 01 / Aug 31, 17 09:04 UTC
Haeley 'cryokeen' merrill-schroeppel

Cryogenics Advocate Cyborg Level Designer Futurist Astronomer Quantum Biology Meme

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