Vir 23, 02 / Aug 7, 18 18:36 UTC

I'd like to see an Asgardian news outlet.

It would bring unbiased news from around the world, well outside of the influence of any local government but freely available to all the populace.

It some ways I'm basing this on the BBC, which ...

Lib 18, 02 / Aug 30, 18 06:55 UTC
If you dig deep enough the bbc is biased. It also ignores any important events it deems unworthy even if you ask them why they are not covering said events. (personal experience) So I would love to see a news outlet with unbiased news as possible:D
Vir 24, 02 / Aug 8, 18 11:28 UTC
All news! (But Space News is always great to hear!)
Vir 23, 02 / Aug 7, 18 19:20 UTC
News from space, Space News, News made in Space, ...
Pis 03, 02 / Jan 31, 18 13:33 UTC
Hello. Nín hǎo. Hola. Namaste.


Hello Asgardians. I'm surprised with the lack of communication here, so I thought I'd start a conversation by saying hello and introducing myself.


I'm Matthew, I live near Oxford, England. I work at the University of Oxford as a Research Software Engineer (aka "Code ...

Lib 04, 02 / Aug 16, 18 16:52 UTC
Cool! And welcome. What kind of reptiles do you own? (But I don't think we can register pets in Asgardia yet)
Lib 04, 02 / Aug 16, 18 15:55 UTC
Just joined Asgardia - my name is Jodie and I live in Stroud, Gloucestershire! Currently working within the Telecoms industry - however outside of work, my partner and I keep and breed reptiles. We currently have around 15 different species! I was intrigued by the Asgardia nation and wanted to ...
Pis 08, 02 / Feb 5, 18 18:03 UTC
Hi. I'm interested in your insane contraptions. Could we see a blog on them perhaps?!
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