Sag 12, 03 / Nov 16, 19 17:05 UTC
As humans rise to their full potential there is a phase in wich she revolt against the rules and inherited systems. We brake free and marvel in our freedom, taking great pleasure in hedonism. But as one by one of the temporary pleasures subsides and is replaced with angst, there's ...
Sag 12, 03 / Nov 16, 19 16:42 UTC
I dance
Ecstatic meditation to psy-trance music, a form of high-tech tai-chi
Sag 12, 03 / Nov 16, 19 16:26 UTC
Isaac Arthur's Science & Futurism
This well read man is covering space civilization and many other hypothetical subjects in a highly entertaining way. Enjoy
Sco 04, 03 / Sep 13, 19 13:07 UTC
The search for dark-matter have come up empty-handed and other explanations is well needed. Ben at Suspicious0bservers makes the case for the plasma universe. Take a look ot the links below and tell me what you think or just take the poll. Suspicios0bserver's infovideo: Suspicios0bservers homepage; Information on ...
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