Sco 09, 01 / Sep 18, 17 10:22 UTC

I come from Shenzhen, China. I am working for one of the biggest accounting firms for several years, having auditing experience about lots of companies in different industries and IPO experience in capital market. That is the reason why I am familiar with finance, accounting and economy. In order ...

Sag 07, 02 / Nov 11, 18 12:43 UTC
приглашаю посетить мою тему паралельный мир в разделе Наука и техника . Оставьте свое сообщение . https://asgardia.космос / ru / форум / форум / наука и техника-176
Tau 13, 02 / Apr 7, 18 16:44 UTC
I voted for you right now. A simple leaf falling from a tree suffices for a major change at the universal level. While a certain man watched a leaf fall from a tree, I had the inspiration to create a particular martial art. This martial art, which came from the ...
Tau 08, 02 / Apr 2, 18 00:21 UTC
Hi, Lawrence! I am Lucio Garcia da Costa, Bachelor in Social Sciences, Federal Public Employee and resident in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil and I am a candidate for the Government of Asgardia. I'm not here to ask for your vote. I will be happy, simply if you read ...
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