Asg 1, 03 / Jun 18, 19 14:47 UTC
Happy Unity Day and First Asgardian Baby
Happy unity day for all of us. I wanted to introduce you to "Lara", the first Asgardian baby. Since the day she was born, I have met family and spent time with them. Yes, she's a girl, and every time I looked at her, I felt like I was looking ...
May 25, 03 / May 17, 19 11:32 UTC

ENG: Hello to everyone. I wanted to be a member of this community to support art, which is one of the high-level areas of socialization. I am very happy to be on behalf of the government and to make a parliamentary "citizenship committee" for you. First of all, I'm ...

May 25, 03 / May 17, 19 15:33 UTC
Related to the art, I am interested in detailed description of UV-mapping in Blender 3D software. Do you prepare digital models before implementing them in material?
Feb 14, 03 / Feb 11, 19 12:51 UTC

TUR: Asgardia Uzay Ulusunun ihtiyacı olan vizyona sahibim diyorsan, hemen başvur.

Jan 22, 03 / Jan 22, 19 11:00 UTC

ENG: The Asgardia constitution states that the age of being a member of parliament is 40 years of age or older. That's right. So we have to be 40 or over.

TUR: Asgardia anayasası, milletvekili olma yaşının 40 yaş ve üstü olduğunu belirtiyor. Doğru. Öyleyse 40 yaş ...

Jan 23, 03 / Jan 23, 19 11:50 UTC
I came across this situation by chance and was very surprised. I'm going to do the necessary work on that.
Jan 23, 03 / Jan 23, 19 03:49 UTC
In my understanding, the official legal Constitution for all is the English version. It will indeed need to be changed for grammar and spelling mistakes at least. If you have issues with the Turkish translation that doesn't match the English (official) version of the Constitution, I'm afraid it will require ...
Jan 16, 03 / Jan 16, 19 15:23 UTC

ENG: I would like to thank committee chairman Ben Dell and all citizenship committee members for this meaningful letter.

TUR: Bu anlamlı mektup için komite başkanı Ben Dell'e ve tüm vatandaşlık komitesi üyelerine teşekkür etmek istiyorum.

Member of Parliament / Citizenship Committee


Jan 16, 03 / Jan 16, 19 18:20 UTC
Süper ve mükemmel!!!
Jan 16, 03 / Jan 16, 19 09:41 UTC

ENG: Dear citizens. When you enter the section where your profile icon is located, you will see the invitation section. Here you can send an invitation to the person you wish and you can invite them to the privileged citizenship of the Asgardia Space Nation. You just write the ...

Jan 13, 03 / Jan 13, 19 16:29 UTC

ENG: The second of the digital meeting was very successful and current and new decisions were made for the development of our nation for our citizens. As members of the citizenship committee, we have presented important files in these meetings as in all meetings. My dear committee chairman "Ben ...

Jan 16, 03 / Jan 16, 19 08:22 UTC
Jan 16, 03 / Jan 16, 19 01:25 UTC
Thank You for your commitment to Asgardia and the updates.
Dec 27, 02 / Dec 29, 18 14:57 UTC
And One Day ...

ENG: In the future, life on the moon surface will begin. You are the one who created and contributed to the Asgardia Space Nation. The idea of settling on the surface of the Moon, which is part of our 25-year plan, excited us all. The great visual ...

Dec 23, 02 / Dec 25, 18 08:57 UTC

TUR: Ruhunuzda yaşattığınız çocuklarımızın yeni yılı kutlu olsun 2018....2019

ENG: Happy Christmas to all the children in your soul 2018.....2019

Member of Parliament ...

Dec 9, 02 / Dec 11, 18 16:02 UTC

ENG: It's a beautiful movie with a lot of tips for the future. You should definitely watch

TUR: Gelecek için birçok ipucu olan güzel bir film. Kesinlikle izlemelisin.

Member of Parliament / Citizenship Committee

Uğur Aydın

Dec 10, 02 / Dec 12, 18 05:15 UTC
Nice movie, like it!
Dec 4, 02 / Dec 6, 18 16:05 UTC

ENG: I would like to inform the people of the respectable Asgardia Space Nation in relation to a subject. Do not share the certificate number received after the constitutional vote in social media and other areas. And do not share your digital ID number after paying the ...

Dec 4, 02 / Dec 6, 18 16:15 UTC
Of course. You're welcome.
Dec 4, 02 / Dec 6, 18 16:08 UTC
Thanks for the reminder!
Dec 2, 02 / Dec 4, 18 15:13 UTC


How do I receive an ID?

Upon joining Asgardia, one gets a certificate. Once they accept the Constitution and vote for the national symbols (the flag, the anthem and the coat of arms), they are entitled to receive an ID ...

Dec 5, 02 / Dec 7, 18 18:52 UTC
Hello there Ugur, Please allow me to clarify a few things. 1. Signing up for the website makes you a Follower, you get a certificate but nothing more. 2. filling in all the required fields, accepting the constitution and paying the citizenship fee makes you a Resident - this makes ...
Dec 3, 02 / Dec 5, 18 08:22 UTC
In fact, this information is not new. I'm just giving you directions to get the information. This information can give you an idea of ​​what will happen in the future. The message I'm writing is actually the main text of the FAQ page. The only missing, citizenship fee is not ...
Dec 2, 02 / Dec 4, 18 22:40 UTC
I understand that. I always ask for sources so that if someone is investigating, they can trace back sources for their research. It's always better than saying "someone said..." I just wanted to know if this was an announcement he heard (that maybe hasn't been published on the site yet) ...
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Nov 23, 02 / Nov 27, 18 11:17 UTC
Our nation continues to grow stronger.

Chairman of Asgardia’s Government Ana Mercedes Diaz announced the appointment of Floris Wuyts as the Acting Minister of Science...

Dear Mr. Floris Wuyts, We are looking forward to meeting and working with you.

Member of Parliament / Citizenship ...

Dec 19, 02 / Dec 21, 18 13:56 UTC
@MelihBlt uçuyorsun melih uçuyorsun :)
Nov 16, 02 / Nov 20, 18 17:03 UTC

Dünya Çocuk Hakları Günü Kutlu Olsun.

Member of Parliament / Citizenship Committee

Uğur Aydın.

Nov 16, 02 / Nov 20, 18 21:51 UTC
children dont exist
Nov 16, 02 / Nov 20, 18 15:38 UTC

ENG: I congratulate the first mayors of our nation and wish them success.

Mayors of Asgardia

Mayors of Asgardia represent their domestic fellow Argardians in conferences and official happenings, develop and support local community initiatives, organize city meetings and events, establish ...

Nov 10, 02 / Nov 14, 18 09:19 UTC

Precious Asgardia Space Nation ...

Tur: Vatandaşlık prosedürlerini öğrenmek için profil fotoğraflarının olduğu bölüme giriş yaparak belgelerim "My Documents" bölümüne bakabilirsiniz.

Eng: In order to question the citizenship procedures, you can access the section of the profile photos and examine the ...

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