Asg 25, 03 / Jul 12, 19 14:19 UTC
Biometrics By: David Shahal Systems Engineer 07/13/2019 What is Biometrics? Good question. Biometrics is the term for measurements and calculations for the body. Temperature, heart rate etc. It is also used to Identify a person and for gaining access to a building, office, lab etc.. We often use it on ...
Jul 15, 03 / Jul 30, 19 12:58 UTC
Well the tech is there, but how about Security with that Tech? or the governments ability to shut one out because one became outspoken against some policies or if you had a run in with the law. Your ability to gain services or a job or access to your bank ...
Jul 12, 03 / Jul 27, 19 12:57 UTC
Reading your opinion is it will take ages to get the right tech for implementation as an eg. of an IC engine vs an electric motor with a battery. It took many long years to implement it. It is more leaner and meaner. Tech was there but demand was ...
Jul 4, 03 / Jul 19, 19 04:03 UTC
That is why I write what I have, so you dont have to look it up, if you choose not to
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Asg 16, 03 / Jul 3, 19 13:09 UTC
As the title states, Every Human can make a difference. I know inside each of us is the ability to change and the ability to create change. Ideas are born out of necessity. So, what can you bring to the table? What would you like to change? What would you ...
Asg 17, 03 / Jul 4, 19 07:01 UTC
I think we need to take urgent action on garbage and waste. The world is littered with millions of tons of garbage that poisons water, soil, air, plants, animals and ourselves. Many types of waste will continue to poison us for centuries. The plastic is penetrated 2/3 of the food ...
Asg 16, 03 / Jul 3, 19 18:11 UTC
will they be amending the constitution or passing laws? I'm more interested in how as a Citizen or resident of Asgardia how I can help out more with the goals of Asgardia (minus the birth of the first baby, which is a bad main goal for us in my opinion), ...
Asg 16, 03 / Jul 3, 19 16:36 UTC
I have forwarded an example proposition for our constitution that fits this post. It is time to forward our strongest wishes so that maybe they are at least partially accepted in our updated constitution.
Asg 9, 03 / Jun 26, 19 14:53 UTC
The Engineering Process
The Engineering Process By David Shahal Systems Engineer 06/26/2019 I will attempt to explain some of the basics of The Engineering Process as it pertains to Systems Engineering. First, I must tell you all I have been a Systems Engineer for the past 15 years in the Aerospace Industry. Second, ...
Asg 11, 03 / Jun 28, 19 14:36 UTC
Yes, this process could be used in almost any field. Its the very basic process we currently use at my company.
Asg 11, 03 / Jun 28, 19 14:35 UTC
That is very true. its the basic process we use at my company. but it could be used in just about any company out there.
Asg 11, 03 / Jun 28, 19 07:59 UTC
This process could apply to many other fields
Asg 1, 03 / Jun 18, 19 13:56 UTC
Happy Unity Day 2019! How are you celebrating? For me, I'm at engineers job is never done. I would rather be in space though. Lets make this happen.
Asg 1, 03 / Jun 18, 19 18:40 UTC
Happy Unity Day to you as well!
Asg 1, 03 / Jun 18, 19 18:40 UTC
Celebrating with family is always important. Happy Unity Day!
Asg 1, 03 / Jun 18, 19 18:40 UTC
Happy Unity Day to you and yours.
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Jun 13, 03 / Jun 2, 19 19:07 UTC
I changed the name of the group from Engineering-Asgardia to Engineering and Science-Asgardia. I hope to foster a good discussion on Science and Engineering to better understand the world around us.
Jun 11, 03 / May 31, 19 15:24 UTC
Communication Satellites - Does Asgardia Need Them?
Communication Satellites - Does Asgardia Need Them? By David Shahal Systems Engineer May 31, 2019 SpaceX just launched its Starlink Satellites into orbit. Deploying around 60 of them. Many people have seen the trail in the nights sky around the world and have posted videos and photos of this amazing ...
Asg 8, 03 / Jun 25, 19 23:57 UTC
If asgardia wants to build a space basement like in the movie Elysium it would be a real problem with all those satellites orbiting out there.
Asg 1, 03 / Jun 18, 19 13:45 UTC
nothing gets done without money.
Jun 28, 03 / Jun 17, 19 23:46 UTC
Well, it's just my humble opinion, leave Earth and go 1 step forward change goal to cover Moon, then Mars.
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May 28, 03 / May 20, 19 19:55 UTC
Please forgive the editing. I was trying to get this out to you today by 1 PM PST. Radiation Shielding for Space Travel and Space Living By: David Shahal – Systems Engineer Date: 05/20/2019 When we think of Radiation we often think of going to the Dentist Office and getting ...
Aug 7, 03 / Aug 19, 19 15:38 UTC
Our Space-Arks must be combination of passive and active shielding. Clay, Hydrogen-Rich material, Water are passive systems. In order to reduce the cosmic radiation about 50% a superconducting magnetic field designed like LHC ATLAS low-temperature superconducting racetrack toroid can be used. With present technology a 23Tm magnetic field can ...
May 21, 03 / May 13, 19 18:03 UTC
Here are some of the basics of Spacecraft Propulsion Systems either in use or in theory. While some may seem like a Science Fiction TV show or Movie others are already in use today or are in development. Types of Propulsion Systems for Spacecraft By: David Shahal - Systems Engineer ...
May 25, 03 / May 17, 19 16:22 UTC
yes the EM Drive is a theory that is being currently being investigated. I'm not sure what happened with the Peer Reviewed Paper on the EM Drive, or at what stage it is at. But yes it would be a game changer in Space travel.
May 25, 03 / May 17, 19 14:28 UTC
The EM Drive is still a theory and needs more research and validation testing. If Proven true, this will be a game changer as Spacecraft will not need to carry any fuel onboard, saving weight and space. It could also send humans to the moon within 2 days, Mars in ...
May 21, 03 / May 13, 19 12:59 UTC
Just want to put this out there. Who are all of the Members of Parliament and whom do they represent? Some Background: In the United States I have Member of the House of Representatives that represent me, I also have two state senators who also represent me in Government. So, ...
Jun 4, 03 / May 24, 19 22:06 UTC
I do believe there is a list on our Asgardian website that lists all the MPs. I am a MP. I am from the United States, Texas. I also work on our Science and Technology Committee within Parliament. My background is in Environmental Sciences. I welcome all ideas and thoughts ...
May 23, 03 / May 15, 19 21:27 UTC
You are right, I want so much that the hopes of many who believed in Asgardia should be justified. Let it be a performance, but with a happy ending.
May 22, 03 / May 14, 19 13:24 UTC
What we should see is not only the list of MPs, but the areas they represent, the people in their areas that they represent and how to contact them. For example, i'm from the United States. I know whom my US House of Representative is and my two U.S. Senators ...
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May 8, 03 / Apr 30, 19 13:41 UTC
Do any of you members have any questions comments or concerns? I see you liking the posts, but no one is commenting on them or has any questions. its okay if you dont. What topics in Engineering would you like to see?
May 14, 03 / May 6, 19 13:04 UTC
a very good idea, would really be needed
May 14, 03 / May 6, 19 12:58 UTC
I have asked the Asgardia Tech Support to include some sort of Translation software to this site so we can get a better translation. Facebook does this, its not 100% but you get it translated pretty quickly and do not have to copy and paste it to another site.
May 14, 03 / May 6, 19 12:56 UTC
does not work well does not work well
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May 3, 03 / Apr 25, 19 14:17 UTC
Something a bit different. Lets talk about LAWS of MOTION. These are used for all types of engineering. But especially for building and understanding Rockets and aircraft/spacecraft. Its Physics Baby! Sir Isaac Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion 1. First Law of Motion – Every object in a state of uniform ...
May 1, 03 / Apr 23, 19 13:56 UTC
Expanding on the last post, of a basic DC Circuit. This photo shows you what a Closed Circuit is and what an open circuit is. The Closed circuit (with highlights in Yellow) displays the light bulb being illuminated. The Open circuit is just that, OPEN. Notice at the top of ...
May 1, 03 / Apr 23, 19 13:44 UTC
Basic DC Circuit
This is a picture of a basic DC Circuit. Its a Battery, a switch and two lamps. when you flip the switch one way, its RED Light turns on, the other way and the GREEN Light turns on. Does this remind you of anything? How about a FLASHLIGHT (TORCH)? if ...
Apr 28, 03 / Apr 22, 19 13:52 UTC
More Electronic Circuit Symbols
Here is a better Listing of Basic Electronic Circuit Symbols you will see in Schematic Drawings.
Apr 28, 03 / Apr 22, 19 12:57 UTC
Electronic Circuit Symbols
The attached photo is a picture of some basic electronics Circuit Symbols, by far this is not the end of the list. There are many more symbols, but these are the very basic symbols you will see.
Apr 26, 03 / Apr 20, 19 16:28 UTC
What Engineering is to me? Simple to answer its the ability to change lives or to make them better, safer, more fun and to solve Earths problems through Technical expertise. With saying that, lets look at Bridges, Buildings, homes, cars, Aeroplanes, Rockets etc. without Engineers you wouldnt have these in ...
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