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Your opinion is very important to determine and analyze the possible system of Solar conversion in open currency markets and its ratio to the main fully convertible currencies chosen by Asgardians for this purpose.

Apr 21, 03 / Apr 15, 19 22:56 UTC
What Tech can we Expect from Asgardians
What kinds of Technology can we or do we expect out of Asgardia investments? Do you think, once Asgardia is fully operational with investments etc. that they will invest in us the individual engineer or scientist?
Apr 20, 03 / Apr 14, 19 15:51 UTC
On Paper Asgardia is a great dream to aspire to achieve. However, in reality, it is very difficult to bring together those of us that believe in it. With different languages being spoken, different values and morals, and different educational backgrounds. We also see many multi-billion dollar companies and multi-trillion ...
Apr 21, 03 / Apr 15, 19 12:51 UTC
Very much agreed on this. the solars will be used for Asgardian purposes once we have goods and or services available to use them on. At this time no one accepts them, i mean if i had them I could trade them with you or sell them to you or ...
Apr 21, 03 / Apr 15, 19 12:49 UTC
Yes I have read the budget and the Decree by Head of Nation. That much is understood.
Apr 20, 03 / Apr 14, 19 19:24 UTC
We can see it also the other way around, what others are doing now is what we do not have to do in the future, and it gives us the opportunity to invest our solars into more Asgardian specific goals. We should see it as a united world that is ...
Apr 18, 03 / Apr 12, 19 21:59 UTC
I would like to conduct a Poll. To see how many of us Asgardian's are Scientists and or Engineers. I myself, am an Aerospace Engineer with almost 20 years experience. I currently work as a Systems Engineer. But hold degrees in IT, Aerospace Engineering and I am currently working on ...
Apr 20, 03 / Apr 14, 19 21:16 UTC
Oh this is sad ! No active Asgardians in such a big city ! You have such a valuable experience, I am sure that many young Asgardians around the world would be interested to learn from you. Just a suggestion, you could offer mentoring for Asgardians students in your field ...
Apr 20, 03 / Apr 14, 19 15:42 UTC
almost all of the Asgardians in my area are inactive. They appear to have given up and moved on to bigger and better things. I have no mayor and no on in the Los Angeles, CA area is voting for the three mayors that are running. So my area is ...
Apr 19, 03 / Apr 13, 19 22:23 UTC
Sure, I hope that too but I guess that we will have to be patient. Isn't easy to set an international legal frame binding so many different people from around the world all wanting to benefit rights and to participate in the decision making. This is incomparable to a business. ...
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Apr 18, 03 / Apr 12, 19 16:02 UTC
So the theory goes if you post something you get Solar for it. Is this true? What can i buy with 1 solar? with 100 Solar?
Apr 18, 03 / Apr 12, 19 21:51 UTC
I think someone who knows about the new website should post what different things mean. for example, why the levels? how we can get solars, upvotes and free upvotes etc.
Apr 18, 03 / Apr 12, 19 19:09 UTC
From what I understood, Solars could be obtained by doing things like blogging. As for the 100 Solars you saw in my post, I do not know where it came from. It appeared shortly after the new website went online. I assumed I received it because I write a lot ...
Apr 18, 03 / Apr 12, 19 17:38 UTC
So, how were you able to get 100 Solar? You have 100. Did all the MPs get solar? Again, the people will want to be able to get Solar and when available, be able to spend it on goods and or services. but you seem to already have some? Does ...
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Apr 14, 03 / Apr 8, 19 13:17 UTC

Or the same old stuff...Procreation in Space is a main goal of Asgardia. How sad. I mean as I have said before, having a baby in space is going to happen, but not by Asgardia. Why? Asgardia has nothing and no one in space but a cubesat. NASA, Russia, ...

Apr 16, 03 / Apr 10, 19 13:15 UTC
This is exactly why i say that our main goal should not be the first birth of a baby in space, but the research and development of medical equipment to be safely used in space for the delivery of a healthy baby in space. Asgardia made a fool of themselves ...
Apr 15, 03 / Apr 9, 19 20:02 UTC
We could do a protection from the outside to the inside. Like for example metal or concrete, then colored glass or plastic, then a fluid of special water or something else, then gas layer of some kind and then our atmosphere inside.
Apr 15, 03 / Apr 9, 19 13:16 UTC
Thats not the point. no one has delivered a baby in space or got pregnant in space before (at least that is what the space nations are telling us). Medical technology has not been created in order to deal with a pregnancy in space let alone to deliver the baby. ...
Apr 3, 03 / Mar 28, 19 19:22 UTC

I got a new computer today and come to the website and log in. It displays my blog. when i go to my profile it says that I have paid the Citizenship Fee (I'm one of the first 100,000 people to register), but it also ...

Apr 7, 03 / Apr 1, 19 12:49 UTC
Well i did get a new computer and did not import my Favorites correctly. anyway, my mistake and its working correctly now.
Apr 4, 03 / Mar 29, 19 19:06 UTC
Old cookies versus new cookies.
Apr 4, 03 / Mar 29, 19 18:46 UTC
I just realized that Ivan, You are correct. everything is good now. But i find it interesting that the .com site has me as Paid for the Mayor Elections, the .space does not.
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Feb 25, 03 / Feb 22, 19 22:54 UTC

I just had a conversation with a MP of Asgardia, He had posted something on the Facebook page in regards to building a new nation and doing so "Without Pay". However, according to the 2019 Asgardia Budget, Members of Parliament should be receiving a monthly compensation of 500 Euros. ...

Mar 4, 03 / Mar 1, 19 19:27 UTC
I have been asking for accountability, auditing and transparency for the past two months now and nothing has happened. This is why i will not invest 1000 euros nor 100 euros citizenship fee. Nothing is happening that we can get our hands onto. No projects that I can work on ...
Mar 4, 03 / Mar 1, 19 16:53 UTC
I had Paid CF when requested. I'm having concerns of really what is taking place behind everything. But It's a risk I took investing in this idea and adventure. Will see over the next 7 months if I will do reinvestment into this venture and ideas and project. Time will ...
Feb 27, 03 / Feb 24, 19 17:36 UTC
Usually when a government, company or other institution are planning their budget for the next year, they are using an estimate based on the revenue of the previous year. However, in case of new projects such approach isn't possible, so an estimation of future income is taking place. This is ...
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Feb 22, 03 / Feb 19, 19 14:40 UTC

Will Asgardia add its own news to the site or continue to copy other news agencies articles?

We demand and deserve our very own news service that will report in there own way the news happenings of the day, week, month, year etc. etc.

I ...

Mar 4, 03 / Mar 1, 19 19:30 UTC
I dont have access to ROOM as I wont pay for it. However, with nothing coming out of Asgardia other than Decree's and other things the MPs put out, there is really no news. I agree that we should have some sort of internal news that showcases Asgardian People and ...
Mar 4, 03 / Mar 1, 19 17:10 UTC
Yes I agree we should have More focus on Asgardia own news and projects and research being done to further Asgardia and what our own citizens are working on and accomplishing. Out side stories are great for being informative. But as Asgardia Citizen Residents we need to see more of ...
Feb 23, 03 / Feb 20, 19 14:12 UTC
I'm not a journalist, nor do I have time to run a new agency. But I have thought about starting one in the past. so maybe, just maybe I will start one. I just dont have the experience running or owning one.
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Jan 21, 03 / Jan 21, 19 14:18 UTC

I feel that things need to change for the better before people regain trust in Asgardia and in Asgardian officials. How can we do this?

First lets just say that with recent scandels such as the Citizenship Fee and now the National Symbols (if you dont know ...

Jan 28, 03 / Jan 28, 19 00:45 UTC
Vwry much agreed.
Jan 26, 03 / Jan 26, 19 08:11 UTC
Transparency is DEFINITELY a must for any modern nation, especially one that hopes to rise from people's good intentions. Many modern governments publicise their government's meetings, and often you can even observe the meetings in person by just showing up. Similar transparency needs to be present with Asgardia, if not ...
Jan 23, 03 / Jan 23, 19 15:39 UTC
I would like to see an App created as well. It would help. The one other thing I see as confusing is the translations may or may not be 100% correct. So if i say something, someone else may not correctly understand what i am saying and vise versa. The ...
Jan 17, 03 / Jan 17, 19 19:09 UTC

Asgardia, thus far has not been recognized by any Nation. However, it has been noticed by many. One such Nation is the tiny Nation of Seychelles. This is (in my opinion) a very important first step. I feel as if Asgardia sends Representatives to various small Nations around the ...

Jan 21, 03 / Jan 21, 19 13:45 UTC
Yes that is the only one, but they do not formally recognize Asgardia at this time. Our Ministers went to Seychelles and held some discussions. However, this does not equate to formal recognition by Seychelles. Its a start though.
Jan 19, 03 / Jan 19, 19 00:41 UTC
Jan 10, 03 / Jan 10, 19 14:25 UTC

Well they are at it for the next couple of days, discussing the future of Asgardia. They need to discuss the Citizenship fee, and transparency and auditing and accountability. Oh and they need to televise this by live streaming on Twitch or Youtube or Facebook live. Nothing should be ...

Jan 10, 03 / Jan 10, 19 15:36 UTC
I do not think citizenship is on the agenda for this session. It should be because it is a very hot topic on Facebook and here in the Forums.
Jan 10, 03 / Jan 10, 19 14:44 UTC
I you put forward a decent reason to pay your fee in blocks as a working member then that should be no problem i guess. On the other hand lots of people are complaining about the fee while no one is working for Asgardia and they are certainly not obliged ...
Jan 5, 03 / Jan 5, 19 21:48 UTC
2019 Plans for ASGARDIA

I guess this is the plan for 2019 for Asgardia. Its an interesting read. Let me know what you think by commenting.

Jan 1, 03 / Jan 1, 19 20:37 UTC
Who Controls the Fee?

So I'm trying to get the answers to these questions, but no one seems to know anything about it. As I understand it, the fee goes to help with the creation of the government offices, Parliament (MPs), Mayors etc. But who really controls the money? Does it sit in ...

Jan 23, 03 / Jan 23, 19 15:44 UTC
I have read this, however, most Asgardians are not paying the 100 Euro Citizenship fee, I really do not see them paying 1000 Euros. Maybe people will want to invest in Asgardia at some point when we have some sort of Economy up and running and projects that are viable. ...
Jan 22, 03 / Jan 22, 19 23:22 UTC
This might help to explain fees going to Asgardia AG Caspian Week Conference: Day Two, part 2 (Davos, 2019) (Time -1:05:00 - 55:00) Now Economic plan..?? Leon Shpilsky speaks and I Quote "Share ownership privileges of Second Level will be assigned to the first 7 million citizens of Asgardia ...
Jan 5, 03 / Jan 5, 19 21:16 UTC
In order to get my questions actually answered and change effected, I was told to create a petition. None of the petitions I have seen got the needed 1000 votes. I am not sure I want to go this route.
Jan 1, 03 / Jan 1, 19 00:57 UTC

I will accept all Friend Requests from my fellow Asgardians. I want to make this new Space Kingdom a success. I hope to get to know many of you and that one day we may meet.

It is my hope that we can work together to bring ...

Dec 26, 02 / Dec 28, 18 17:45 UTC

I am member 17515 if I am reading my ID Card correctly. I have always believed in the concept of Asgardia, The First Space Nation. As an Aerospace Engineer and Programmer I wanted to help develop Asgardia Space station/plateform. However, I now know that will not happen as I ...

Dec 25, 02 / Dec 27, 18 17:35 UTC


Many people have stated the Fee for citizenship is too much. 100 Euros is high but not that high. I can afford to pay it. However, I am one of the first 17000 citizens to join from the beginning, and thus do not have to pay ...

Dec 26, 02 / Dec 28, 18 19:55 UTC
Hopefully we will
Dec 26, 02 / Dec 28, 18 19:42 UTC
I guess we will know more after the next parliamentarian meeting in mid January.
Dec 26, 02 / Dec 28, 18 16:57 UTC
That is understood, but who controls the money? We do not have a bank of Asgardia set up yet. These are questions that should be asked by all before we send any money to them.
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