Leo 03, 04 / Jun 19, 20 02:03 UTC
Happy Unity Day
I Know We've All Been Forced To Make Difficult Decisions... ...To Save Our Planet And Human Civilization. But To Be Human Means To Care For Each Other... ...And Civilization Means To Work Together To Create A Better Life. But I Will Remind You That We Have Extremely Limited Time. I ...
Can 20, 04 / Jun 8, 20 01:32 UTC
Remember Alan Turing
66 Years Ago Mathematician, Cryptologist And Computer Scientist Alan Turing Died. He Was Only 41 Years Old. Tragic End For A Genius, Brilliant Man, Acted amazingly By Brillianter Man, Dear Benedict Cumberbatch Makes Me Cry Every Time Watch This Movie, Especially In The Last Scenes, When He Cried And Said...You ...
Can 20, 04 / Jun 8, 20 01:13 UTC
Our World
It Takes Many Colors To Paint Our World All As Important As One Another The Gradient Beauty Of Life Is The Seemless Blend Of All Colors. We Are The Human Race, We Are One. Love Over Everything Else, Let's Not Destroy This, 2020 Seems To Be The Year Of Perspective, ...
Can 20, 04 / Jun 8, 20 01:08 UTC
I Keep Saying To Myself ‘My God, What Is Happening?’. But In Truth, I’m Not Shocked. At All. If You’re Shocked, You Haven’t Been Paying Attention. Love Is Matter Kindness Is Matter All Lives Is Matter
Can 20, 04 / Jun 8, 20 01:03 UTC
We All Have Dreams We Plan Our Futures Like We're The Captain's Of Our Fates But... We're Passengers We Go Where Fate Takes Us 🌠
Can 20, 04 / Jun 8, 20 01:01 UTC
'Death's Still A Mystery. But Life, A Little Less So. Alone, We Walk The Earth Quiet. But Together? As A Team? Oh, We Can Do Something's Awfully Loud.'
Can 20, 04 / Jun 8, 20 00:58 UTC
It's Our Duty To Save The World
I used to want to save the world. This beautiful place. But I knew so little then. It is a land of magic and wonder. Worth cherishing in every way. But the closer you get, the more you see the great darkness shimmering within. And mankind? Mankind is another story ...
Pis 07, 04 / Feb 4, 20 00:30 UTC
Per Aspera AD Astra
The Near Future. A Time Of Both Hope And Conflict. Humanity Looks To The Stars For Intelligent Life And The Promise Of Progress. To The Stars AD Astra I Always Wanted To Become An Astronaut For The Future Of Mankind And All At Least That's What I Always Told Myself ...
Aqu 01, 04 / Jan 1, 20 00:03 UTC
Happy 0004Th Year Day & New Year 2020 Asgardia
HAPPY NEW YEAR To All You Wonderful Friends Wishing All Of You A Very Happy & Healthy Year 2020 - Take Care Of Eachother And Be There For Eachother 💗 Love & hugs, M 😊😉😘❤✌🍸
Sco 05, 03 / Sep 14, 19 00:02 UTC
50 years ago, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were sailing towards the moon.. Greatest accomplishment by mankind ever?
Sag 03, 03 / Nov 7, 19 06:57 UTC
I looked into the same problem, it's hard for beginners, there are many answers, it's very good. run 3
Sco 05, 03 / Sep 14, 19 00:01 UTC
'One small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind'. Artwork by @deluceart.
Sco 04, 03 / Sep 13, 19 23:59 UTC
This Is Elon
Be Like Elon
Sco 04, 03 / Sep 13, 19 23:57 UTC
Our Cosmic Address
Sco 04, 03 / Sep 13, 19 23:56 UTC
Sco 04, 03 / Sep 13, 19 23:52 UTC
6 Places In The Solar System Where Life Might Exist
Sco 04, 03 / Sep 13, 19 23:50 UTC
Carl Sagan
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