Lib 16, 03 / Aug 28, 19 01:00 UTC
Asgardia Inspiring Quotes
Lib 16, 03 / Aug 28, 19 00:55 UTC
Asgardia News
Minister Yana Smeliansky Gave a presentation on #AsgardiaSpaceNation at the Moscow #UnityDay2019 celebration وزیر یانا اسمیلانسکی سخنرانی راجع به کشور فضایی آسگاردیا در مسکو در جشن روز وحدت ارائه کردند ___ Asgardia’s Parliament members share their memories about this unique event اعضای پارلمان آسگاردیا خاطرات خود را در مورد این ...
Lib 16, 03 / Aug 28, 19 00:53 UTC
Asgardia News
Asgardian representatives signed both an academic and a scientific agreement with University of Bologna نمایندگان آسگاردیایی هر دو موافقت نامه آکادمیک و علمی با دانشگاه بولونیا امضا کردند ___ This week, we celebrate Asgardia and the Space Nation's Constitution, accepted alongside Asgardia's Declaration of Unity on June 18, two ...
Lib 16, 03 / Aug 28, 19 00:51 UTC
Asgardia's Unity Day - 2019
Unity Day 2019: Moscow, Russia We value every Asgardian's individuality: The biggest gathering of the Asgardian population in Russia at the #SociumFriends event in Moscow. Watch the video! Read more: ___ روز وحدت 2019: مسکو، روسیه "ما به شخصیت تمام آسگاردیایی ها ارزش قائلیم": بزرگترین گردهمایی آسگاردیایی ها ...
Lib 16, 03 / Aug 28, 19 00:48 UTC
Asgardia News
Decree 33
Lib 16, 03 / Aug 28, 19 00:47 UTC
Asgardia News
Read the interview of the biggest Star Trek fan of all Asgardians مصاحبه بزرگترین طرفدار استار ترک از تمام آسگاردیایی ها را بخوانید ___ Submit proposals and supplement Asgardia's main body of law پیشنهادات خود را ارسال و ضمیمه ی بخش اصلی قانون آسگاردیا کنید ___ The event ...
Lib 16, 03 / Aug 28, 19 00:43 UTC
Asgardia News
Decree 34 & 35
Lib 16, 03 / Aug 28, 19 00:42 UTC
Asgardia News
Digital Democracy’s Cosmic Steps Two new ‘firsts’ for Asgardian Parliament's Summer Sitting: its digital format and the introduction of ‘Parliamentary Proposals’ گام های کیهانی دموکراسی دیجیتالی دو "اولین" برای نشست تابستانی پارلمان آسگاردیا: فرمت دیجیتالی و معرفی "پیشنهادات پارلمانی ___ Asgardia’s Minister of Citizenship went to Georgia to learn ...
Lib 16, 03 / Aug 28, 19 00:40 UTC
Solar Eclipse
A story of Asgardians who traveled to the city of Coquimbo to see the solar eclipse داستانی از آسگاردیایی ها که به شهر Coquimbo سفر کرده‌اند تا خورشید گرفتگی را تماشا کنند
Lib 16, 03 / Aug 28, 19 00:39 UTC
Why Asgardia?
Many of those who attended the art exhibit, who believe it’s time to colonize the Solar System, have joined The First Space Nation چرا آسگاردیا؟ بسیاری از کسانی که در نمایشگاه هنر حضور داشتند، و بر این باورند که وقت آن است که منظومه شمسی را قابل سکونت سازند، به ...
Lib 16, 03 / Aug 28, 19 00:37 UTC
Asgardia News
Attend Asgardia's first Space, Science and Investment Congress at the European Space Operations Center - Darmstadt, Germany - taking place October 14 - 16 2019! در اولین کنگره فضایی، علمی و سرمایه گذاری آسگاردیا در مرکز عملیات فضایی اروپا - دارمشتات آلمان - که از 14 تا 16 اکتبر 2019 ...
Lib 16, 03 / Aug 28, 19 00:35 UTC
Asgardia News
The Parliament’s Digital Platform Is Being Improved Read the interview of Asgardian MP, Alexander Melnikov پلتفرم دیجیتالی پارلمان رو به پیشرفت است مصاحبه نماینده پارلمان آسگاردیا، الکساندر ملنیکوف را بخوانید ___ Chairman of Parliament of the First Space Nation, believes NASA is now in a right position to resume ...
Lib 16, 03 / Aug 28, 19 00:34 UTC
Asgardia News
Minister of Information and Communication explains Asgardia to the Daily Express. وزیر اطلاعات و ارتباطات درباره آسگاردیا به روزنامه اکسپرس توضیح دادند. ___ More on the latest calendar update: the names of the months have been changed! بیشتر در آخرین بروز رسانی تقویم آسگاردیا: نام ماه ها تغییر کرد! ...
Lib 16, 03 / Aug 28, 19 00:27 UTC
Asgardias Beautiful Women's
Why Russia's Most Beautiful Women Choose Asgardia - in Moscow, Russia.
Lib 15, 03 / Aug 27, 19 00:36 UTC
What is the purpose of Mars?
Mars is suspected to have had liquid water on its surface, but it lost its magnetic field, most of its atmosphere and cooled down to what we see today. Some water is in frozen form, some evaporated. Our another planet", but bring life to it, so that it can fulfil ...
Lib 15, 03 / Aug 27, 19 06:07 UTC
A backup-place for earth.
Lib 15, 03 / Aug 27, 19 00:25 UTC
Mining asteroids
Mining asteroids can provide us with new opportunities for technological advancement, and an abundance of some materials that are scarce on Earth. This shift in supply and demand will make some people and companies ridiculously rich! Mars is important, because it is further out in the solar system, and has ...
Lib 15, 03 / Aug 27, 19 06:08 UTC
Not going for the money but instead going for exchange of resources.
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