Cap 11, 03 / Dec 13, 19 14:24 UTC
An interview with Riccardo Cangini
Riccardo Cangini is a well-known videogame author, as well as a programmer, designer and entrepreneur, active as a videogame developer since the mid-1980s. A good slice of "historical" italian videogame production has passed through his hands and by ARTEMATICA, his company, above all some adventures inspired by the world of ...
Cap 12, 03 / Dec 14, 19 14:10 UTC
Non posso che essere d'accordo con una simile proposta, che tra l'altro è ampiamente realizzabile dal punto di vista tecnico. L'unico e cruciale problema penso sia il budget per iniziative similari, al momento inesistente. -- I can only agree with such a proposal, which among other things is largely feasible ...
Cap 12, 03 / Dec 14, 19 10:09 UTC
Non ho idea dell'investimento, ma sarebbe carino fare un video game MMORPG tipo Star Trek online o qualcosa di simile basato pero' su tecnologie non troppo lontane da quelle attuali, con missioni per salvare la terra da tempeste solari, asteroidi, promuovere la pace nello spazio sedando conflitti terrestri (e non), ...
Cap 11, 03 / Dec 13, 19 23:19 UTC
You should ask to Luca (Sorriso-Valvo) about :-D
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Cap 06, 03 / Dec 8, 19 13:30 UTC
Football Manager 2020 (PC) - My review

Today, it was published online my review about Football Manager 2020 (PC) by Sports Interactive.

You can read it at thi URL: .

It's in italian.

Hope you all enjoy the reading :)

Cap 06, 03 / Dec 8, 19 13:53 UTC
You could copy paste the intro of the article here so that we can click on the translation button to read it in our own language and want to continue reading it on the site! :-)
Sag 06, 03 / Nov 10, 19 10:31 UTC
The King of Fighters: All Star (Android) - My review
Here you are my little review about this game for Android smartphones, that brings back to us iconic characters from the famous saga by SNK. -
Oph 19, 03 / Oct 26, 19 09:41 UTC
FIFA 20 - My review

In terms of graphic rendering, FIFA 20 appears as sumptuous as its predecessors, but, as far as the simulation of game mechanics is concerned, it is technically less powerful than this year's PES release. However, this is an unreachable blockbuster. Especially on games consoles. Here is my review, with ...

Oph 05, 03 / Oct 12, 19 17:24 UTC
Football Drama (PC) - My review

They published this review by me about this interesting football "simulation".

As always, I hope you will like the reading...

This is the direct link to the review => .

Sco 19, 03 / Sep 28, 19 08:27 UTC
...released Podcast Episode 8 from his Space Citizen News. For those who haven't listen to it yet, here's the direct link: - It contains a long interview with Maria Elena Aramendia Ruiz, Chair of Parliamentary PR Subcommittee, plus another interview with Erik Reimer, an Asgardian Mayoral Candidate. It also ...
Sco 12, 03 / Sep 21, 19 13:58 UTC
eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer [PES] 2020 (PC)

This is my review about eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer [PES] 2020, the last release by Konami from the famous PES brand.

Here is the link: .

As usual, it is written in italian.

Have a good reading.

Vir 27, 03 / Aug 11, 19 08:54 UTC
Hayat - my review
A theme so intense and cavernously intimate, as the one proposed by "Hayat", is difficult to deal with, and I was surprised that the lightness of a short story of only fifteen pages, which in any case belongs to the science-fiction genre (... and in a ...
Lib 02, 03 / Aug 14, 19 15:22 UTC
I have read this story in Turkish using google translate to English, and it's a very good short story. I like the writing style - very readable.
Vir 27, 03 / Aug 11, 19 14:04 UTC
Hooray! I have long dreamed of getting to know the Turkish language closer :) Thank you, dear Enrico.
Vir 27, 03 / Aug 11, 19 13:57 UTC
- you can find it at this link (press the red button under the cover-art of the story)
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Vir 14, 03 / Jul 29, 19 20:50 UTC
Sea of Solitude (PC) - My review

I would like you to try this PC game (Sea of Solitude), as it is really interesting.

Here you can find the review by me: .

As usual, it is written in italian language.

Have a ...

Vir 06, 03 / Jul 21, 19 21:24 UTC
OnRush (PS4)
This is a review by a friend of mine of the videogame OnRush for PS4 console: - . As usual, it is written in italian. Have a good reading :)
Tau 27, 03 / Apr 21, 19 09:06 UTC
PlayStation Now service is now active also in Italy (PS4 & PC)

From March 2019 the PlayStation Now service is active also in Italy.

Thanks to Gaikai technology, it adds a "cloudified" dimension to videogaming.

Here there is a little explanation about how it works and about its purposes: .

The ...

Ari 20, 03 / Mar 17, 19 16:02 UTC
Abyss Odyssey (PC) - An alternative review...

This URL links to an alternative review of Abyss Odyssey (PC): .

It is written in italian.

Hope you will enjoy the reading!

Ari 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 14:43 UTC
A review about Anthem (PS4)

This is a review about Anthem (PS4): .

It's written in italian. Enjoy the reading.

Aqu 25, 03 / Jan 25, 19 22:52 UTC
A review about Assassin's Creed Odyssey (PS4)

This is a review written by a friend of mine, about the last impressive release by Ubisoft, Assassin's Creed Odyssey:

It is written in italian.

Have a good reading,


Pis 02, 03 / Jan 30, 19 20:12 UTC
Personally, I prefer RDR2. But Assassin's Creed Odissey does not sucks. It depends mainly from what you are looking for in a game.
Pis 02, 03 / Jan 30, 19 20:00 UTC
Didnt hate it, didnt love it.
Pis 02, 03 / Jan 30, 19 19:54 UTC
Its ok
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Aqu 25, 03 / Jan 25, 19 22:28 UTC
Citizenship Committee: I'm in...

As my friend Nicola already anticipated ( ) my application to Parliamentary Citizenship Committee was accepted.

Hope to be of help in developing Asgardian Health System.

Pis 01, 03 / Jan 29, 19 08:05 UTC
Benvenuto! :D
Aqu 26, 03 / Jan 26, 19 08:19 UTC
Aqu 25, 03 / Jan 25, 19 22:21 UTC
Per chi era interessato, si è chiuso il primo iPAward...

Si è chiusa la prima edizione dell'iPAward, e con essa il contest collegato. Non so se il vincitore sia un player che frequenta il sito-web di Asgardia, ma sarebbe bello che fosse così...

- .

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